Christmas Wrapping

(There is no rhyme or reason for this song title, except for the lyrics ‘get this winter over with!’ as we are looking forward to baseball, and baseball news.  That, and I like it.)

“Calendar picture. Frozen landscape,
Chill this room for twenty-four days.
Evergreens. Sparkling snow.
Get this winter over with!”

~The Waitresses


All is quiet on the baseball front it seems.Nothing going on anywhere on the Hot Stove in all of baseball. Maybe things are winding down for the holidays.Maybe the front office will surprise us with a big move that no one saw coming. In the meantime, let’s catch up on things that have been going on in the world of the Dodgers.

My piece on Brian Dozier generated a lot of comments, and not everyone was on board. It seems as though the talks between the Dodgers and the Twins has cooled. The Dodgers still remains the favorites, but the Twins dont seem too eager to move their star second baseman along.

The price may never be higher for Dozier, and the Twins would be wise to move him now, should they feel so inclined. The San Francisco Giants were also said to be interested, but unwilling to pay the price it would take to acquire Dozier. Many commenters did not want to give up the number of prospects that would be needed to acquire a high caliber second baseman. There is always the option to re-sign Chase Utley and use the in-house options to piece together second base. But the division and National League are only getting better, and to get through the Giants and Cubs, the team needs to be as good as it can be at all positions. The Dodgers were so close last year, and with most of the team coming back, it makes sense to give up a small piece of the future to make that breakthrough now. I have a feeling the deal gets done, but LA will wait out Minnesota for the best deal.

Justin Turner showed what a wonderful member of the Los Angeles community he is this past weekend when he gave away 2,000 bicycles at the LA Dream Center. Through his Justin Turner Foundation, he and his girlfriend Kourtney also handed out thousands of toys to needy children. Well done, Justin.

Kenta Maeda dressed up as an old man to surprise some young fans. He completely threw himself into the part, complete with cane, hobble, grey hair and all. You can watch his shenanigans here:

Adrian Gonzalez and manager Dave Roberts spent some time last week in Dubai, to help promote little league baseball there. The Dodgers are sponsoring the Dubai Little League divisional teams, and Roberts and Gonzalez were the team’s ambassadors for the event. The pair helped inaugurate the event, helped with drills for the little leaguers, and signed autographs.

News may be quiet for awhile, I suppose, and we can all speculate on who will be on the roster next year. But I’m hoping the Dodgers give us one more present before the holidays, so we have something to discuss around the dinner table.

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