Just When I Needed You Most 

“‘Cause I need you more than I needed before
And now where I’ll find comfort, God knows
‘Cause you left me just when I needed you most
Left me just when I needed you most.”

~Randy VanWarmer


What is there to say. I’m seething with the ineptitude. And I don’t get this way. The Dodgers came out before the game, saying they were going to run and dance and try to make Jon Lester uneasy all night. And then what. One stolen base. Six or seven huge leads, and one stolen base. So many chances, lost for what. Afraid the third out might be made? Does it matter when you don’t score anyway?

And what a time for the bullpen to let us down. Not going to call them out, but pitchers that have been lights out all season fail to be when the light shines brightest. That just helps the Cubs, who spent the first three games not really able to hit anything, giving them all the confidence in the world. Weak hits, BABIP, what have you. Runners get on , Cubs capitalize. Dodgers do not.

And now, here we are back in familiar territory. The whole season rests on the back of one Clayton Kershaw. He, the man who has laid it all on the line for the team this postseason, again has to, because his team cannot seem to muster what they need to when he doesn’t pitch. The Dodgers have one win when Kershaw doesn’t pitch this postseason. One. That alone should bury the Kershaw postseason narrative. And props to Rich Hill for being that pitcher.

So many instances of where the Dodgers could have gotten it right and didn’t. Didn’t run. Weren’t aggressive. Didn’t step into the tag. It’s beyond frustrating because the Dodgers had the Cubs where they wanted them and couldn’t get it together enough to step on their throats.

I also can’t help but feel that the blown call at home, where Adrian Gonzalez was clearly safe, but called out wasn’t the turning point of this series. I honestly felt a palpable shift in the series. Maybe one run would not have made a huge difference, but momentum does. The Cubs took off from there and as of yet, the Dodgers have not yet been able to get their act together and reclaim that momentum.

To the Dodgers — you have done your best all season when your backs are against the wall. You came back from eight games down, without Kershaw, to win the West. I will admit I did not believe in you when you were down 2-1 to the Washington Nationals in the NLDS, and you proved me wrong. So, I put it forth to you to do it again. My heart does not like the stress, but if that happens, it will completely be worth it. The last two games have been crap. Do not go down without a fight. Be there for me, us, all of your fans, just when we need you the most.

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