Keeping an Eye on National League Cy Young Award Race

(Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images)

For just about every player on a contending team, the goal of clinching a playoff spot is the highest priority, superseding even the most decorated individual awards. However, the individual honors are important in their own way, as they often dictate the fame a player achieves in their place among the storied greats, plus a heavy bonus on their end-of-year paycheck.

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Several Very Interesting Steamer Projections for 2020

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Not only are projection systems useful tools for the fantasy player, but they are also commonly used by baseball executives when trying to evaluate players across the majors with little information at hand. Some front offices have their own separate rating systems which use complex formulas and logarithms. Andrew Friedman of the Dodgers is believed to have one of the most extensive.

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