Farewell and Thank You to Our Wild Horse

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The Dodgers upset and disappointed quite a few fans recently when they traded Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Kyle Farmer and Alex Wood to Cincinnati. Most Dodger fans love the Wild Horse, but many other fans across the league despise him. His teammates grew to love him, too, from all reports. This is particularly impressive when you consider how thoroughly disliked he was as recently as 2016. Back then, he annoyed the hell out of me and I wanted him gone. He was a lazy, spoiled prima donna. Or so I thought.

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Weeping, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

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Things are looking downright grim in Dodgertown. One of the best teams in baseball history, the 2017 Dodgers, seemed poised to follow up a truly magical year with continued dominance. It would be amazing like last year, except this time, they would win one more game—they would win four contests in the World Series and bring home the crown.

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Some Reasons Why Baseball Is Important & A Few Rules for Being a Good Fan

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There’s a lot of panic on Dodger Twitter right now. Understandably so, because the Dodgers are struggling and have been since opening day. Slow starts, April games, too early to be meaningful—all true. But it’s not much fun for Dodgers fans.

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2017 World Series: Josh Reddick’s Not-So-Finest Moment

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After the Astros won the ACLS, former Dodgers‘ outfielder Josh Reddick said he was looking forward to winning World Series games at Dodger Stadium because fans booed him during his brief tenure wearing the Blue. Not surprisingly, his comments were not well-received by many of the fan base, at least those commenting on Dodgers Twitter.

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