Dodgers Set to Face Padres in NLDS

The Los Angeles Dodgers have been awaiting the outcome of the Wild Card game on their side of the bracket, and now know their opponents in the NLDS – the San Diego Padres.

The Padres defeated the New York Mets on Sunday night to take the best of three series 2-1. The Mets/Padres series was the only one of the Wild Card series to go the full three games.

Being division rivals, the Dodger and the Padres are very familiar with each other. They had also met in the 2020 NLDS, with the Dodgers winning three straight games to take that series on the way to their World Series win.

In the 19 games played this season between the Dodgers and the Padres, the Dodgers bested the Friars 14 times.

But, as Freddie Freeman says, none of that matters now.

““First tournament’s over,” Freeman said on Friday. “Now, the big tournament starts. No one cares what your numbers were or how many wins you you have starting Tuesday. So it’s first to 11.”

On Monday, Freeman reiterated that winning 111 games and having success against the Padres in the regular season doesn’t mean anything moving forward.

However, Freeman also had this to say about the Padres – “They’re hot, and we’ve been hot for seven months”.

The Padres may indeed have some momentum coming into L.A., as they have been fighting for their playoff lives and the Dodgers have not played a real game since last Wednesday. The team has been playing some sim games at Dodger Stadium to keep loose and ready, but that is not the same as playing meaningful games.

While the full playoff rosters have not yet been announced, there are a few updates.

Chris Taylor will most likely be on the NLDS roster. He had been dealing with a neck issue for the last week of the regular season. Manager Dave Roberts said he was a “full participant” in Monday’s workout, and is expected to be on the roster on Tuesday.

The starters for the first two games at Dodgers Stadium were also announced. Julio Urías will start Game 1, and Clayton Kershaw will get the ball in Game 2.

Urías said that he has known since the first team practice on Friday that he would be the Game 1 starter.

“Obviously, a lot has gone into this. A lot of things from my teammates, from my coaches, from the training staff,” Urías said. “Everybody that has put in this work for me, it’s another opportunity for me to go out there and pitch in a moment like this.”

“We thought about it and kicked around a lot of different scenarios,” Dave Roberts said Monday. “We just felt having Julio for Game 1 and potentially for Game 5 on regular rest made the most sense. Hopefully we can get through this series, and then Clayton would be even more prominent in the next series.”

Roberts also went on to say how the team thinks they are better off in the bullpen area this season, also. “It’s the most talented ‘pen that we’ve had, or just kind of arms to prevent runs. The way it’s going to show itself in a shorter series, or even in a longer seven-game series, we’ll just have different options. You don’t have to run the same cast of characters out there.”

As for the Padres, Mike Clevinger will start Game 1, and Yu Darvish will start Game 2. Clevinger has not pitched yet this postseason, and Darvish dominated the Mets Friday in the Wild Card opener.

Game times have also been announced. Tuesday night’s game will be at 6:37 PT, and Wednesday’s game will be at 5:37 PT.

11 thoughts on “Dodgers Set to Face Padres in NLDS

  1. Hard to think any game is important when playing the pads, but maybe game one is important. Need a win because you never know when Kershaw is pitching in the post season. Down 2-0 could be tough, even against a team like the pads because they do have a few good pitchers. Naw. That’s silly. But our rotation looks beatable, but maybe not against the padres. I’m waiting for some silly predictions but I guess not on this site.

      1. Don’t remember you ever writing silly predictions Andy. I was thinking of Jeff. Howeverrrr. The guardians?

      2. I just think if any team that’s ripe to be picked off of the best four is the Yankees. They can go cold pretty easily and Cole is beatable, and the Guardians have nothing to lose

      3. I think the Yanks are overrated and if Judge can be contained, their offense is nothing special. The Guardians are very young, so subject to going cold suddenly but I like their pitching.

        I am, however, a huge Nestor Cortes fan. If you haven’t ever seen the video of him diving head first into first base to beat a runner, you should hunt for it online. I’d love to see him in Dodger blue some day.

    1. OK Gordon, you asked for it.


      I think all the regulars here (including Andy, Dennis and Jose) should submit their predictions and then Andy can award the winner a Hershey bar (being from Pa. and all).

      1. I’m going

        I think the Dodgers have to go through all the top teams. It’s gonna suck but they’re gonna do it and my liver will be worse for the wear by the end but it will be worth it

      2. Oh good. I finally got a silly prediction.
        No confidence in dodgers but don’t see how padres could beat anyone 3 out of 5, especially the dodgers. We got a huge break here. Think Cleveland is too young and yanks who I thought were done, have played very well the last month. Besides yanks always wait for astros before losing in the post season. Some interesting matchups here. I may even watch a few games. Maybe braves and houstan. Nah.

      3. Boy, are you tempting the baseball gods Gordon.
        Why don’t you just say the Dodgers will win in 3 straight with all the games being no-hitters.

  2. I will go against the odds. While I hope the Dodgers win it all I have doubts. Padres, Braves, Guardians, Astros. Padres are hot and need to make a statement. Bell and Profar look better at the plate. Their problem is of course pitching. Snell was not able to find his release point against the Mets. If he is on he gives the Dodgers fits. Kershaw makes me nervous. Melvin has won manager of the year 3 times. He is a very good strategist. In a 5 game series a team can get hot, luck is a factor. I agree the Yankees are Judge and not much else for offense. Guardians look good. Braves are very sound. Astros are the Astros.

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