Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman Lead Offense in Diamondbacks Route

After getting shutout in a 1-0 loss to the Washington Nationals, the Los Angeles Dodgers countered by scoring 14 runs and recording 24 hits in a 14-1 win against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Thursday. The game broke open quickly as a Freddie Freeman three run homer put the Dodgers up 6-0.

The win also made the Dodgers the first NL team to reach 30 wins, as they now post a record of 30-14. Since dropping a three game series to Arizona in late April, the Dodgers have won five straight against Arizona since then and haven’t shown any mercy against them.

Just two batters into the game, the Dodgers put up a run. Mookie Betts, who after a struggling month of April, continued his great play for the month of May.

Betts in May has a .355 batting average, along with nine homers and 24 RBI. He currently has an average of .299 and leads the MLB in runs scored with 47. At this point, it appears that Betts scores a run every time he’s on base, as he’s scored a run in his last 13 starts. His 12 homers also lead the team and are tied for first in the National League.

It is still very early in the season as we are barely entering June, but Betts has to be one of frontrunners for MVP at this point. Not only is he scoring runs nearly every game, but his glove and cannon of an arm are also crazy advantages to have. It seems like every Dodger game there is at least one highlight play from Betts.

Freeman also has been one of the most consistent players for the team, leading in batting average at .312 and in OBP at .973. The 2020 NL MVP belted his fourth homer of the year Thursday and his first since late April.

The top of the lineup really seems insane when you look at it on paper. If you’re a pitcher, you’d have to pitch to Betts, Freeman and then Trea Turner. Just between those three, you have four World Series rings, two MVPs, and last year’s leader in batting average.

Even though the Dodgers are the first team to win 30 games this season, they still aren’t relatively close to full strength. Clayton Kershaw and Andrew Heaney, who had spectacular starts to the season, remain on the injured list. However, they both seem to be progressing.

Heaney pitched a 50 pitch bullpen session recently, while Kershaw was said to be progressing towards a possible bullpen of his own.

In other news, Max Muncy, who has been struggling at the plate, may be headed towards a stint on the injured list with an arm issue.

The Dodgers look to make it six straight wins against Arizona Friday when they face veteran left hander Madison Bumgarner. The veteran has posted a 2.76 ERA so far this year and last pitched against the Dodgers on May 16, allowing three runs over five hits.

Ryan Pepiot will get the start for the Dodgers, as the rookie will be making his third start of his career. Pepiot’s last start was against Arizona back on May 17 when he went four innings, allowing three runs.

First pitch for Friday is scheduled at 6:40 p.m. Pacific.

10 thoughts on “Mookie Betts and Freddie Freeman Lead Offense in Diamondbacks Route

  1. If the Dodgers are going to put Max on the IL and activate Pillar, this would be the day to do it. Another righty bat against Madbum would be useful.

    I believe he can opt out of his minor league contract on Wednesday so if he isn’t added this weekend, I’m guessing he’s gone.

    1. Hey Jeff… We’re doing a site migration this weekend, so if you don’t see me writing or if you see some weird graphics happening, you’ll know why. Apparently, we have some options to customize the comment section, so maybe we can finally get it equipped with all the features you guys want — like being able to edit your comments. It just might take a little while to work out the bugs.

      1. Good luck with all of that Dennis. It’s a job I’m very happy not to have.

      2. That would be appreciated. I have stopped using my iPhone to comment as with fat fingers and cataracts its hard to see. Getting cataracts done in a few weeks… So hopefully that will help.

      3. Good luck with the cataract surgery.
        What are you gonna do about the fingers? 🙂

      4. Not much LOL But hey if I can see the error I can hopefully correct it// Thanks I am sure we all know people that have had cataract surgery it is reportedly one of the safest surgeries done. We shall see. I hope! Thankfully it is outpatient. I remember when my Mom had it. They put sandbags around her head and wanted her to stay still for a day. Now you walk out I am told…
        Rios hit a 3 run homer. Thankfully that idiot Roberts is giving the kid some at-bats.
        Pepiot has a shutout after 2 innings but has thrown 44 pitches. He walked two in the 2nd but struck out two. ..Kid has some swing and miss stuff just needs to get some control. I am sure it will come.

  2. Glad Roberts has got his head out and has not been playing Muncy. As I stated before you cannot tell me that Muncy is better right now than several guys at OKC. If you are hurt and it is effecting your play you hurt the team to continue to play not to mention the manager is not doing his job because he will not make the unpopular or hard decision.
    Glad Pepiot is getting more chances. Let’s see what he has. I was not impressed with White’s outing despite that he shut them out. He didn’t really show us anything more than just a run of the mill end of rotation guy for a poor team. White needs to throw strikes he struggled last night throwing his out pitch for a strike. Hopefully Pepiot gets some control this stint. Pepiot has swing and miss stuff but needs to control the at bat by getting ahead.
    Pillar has been great at OKC hopefully he gets a shot. Pillar is a very accomplished defensive outfielder. Bellinger had a great night lets hope he is figuring it out. Bellinger has such a strange batting stance and attack. He doesn’t move until the pitcher releases the ball, he has no timing mechanism or rhythm. maybe that is why he is so streaky. I am sure the Dodgers have been trying to get him to change and he obviously has done a little change but still a strange stance and swing.
    The line up is starting to heat up! Let’s hope they stay that way.

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