Lockout Cancels First Two Series of 2022 Season, Other Dodger Notes

It seems like all we can hear about is the lockout no matter where we turn our ears; and unfortunately, it is true that after many fans had hoped ta deal would strike at the last moment, it wasn’t the case. In turn, MLB announced that they would be pushing back Opening Day.

The first two series for the Dodgers were road series against the Colorado Rockies and Minnesota Twins. It is really unfortunate that MLB saw this coming and still could not come to an agreement.

With the lockout being the only thing really going and depriving us of any Dodger baseball-related content, it has been tough for fans to follow the game, as all the Dodger offseasons plans have been halted.

However, with MLB activities frozen, the Dodgers have still continued with minor league camp. Some of the top prospects in the Dodger organization have taken part in activities such as Ryan Pepiot who is the top pitching prospect in the organization.

Top Dodger prospects like Pepiot, along with Landon Knack and Bobby Miller were among the players featured recently at camp. In a sense, since MLB can not get together to resume the majors, they should at least let the minor league games take center stage, as the camps or put more of an emphasis on the upcoming prospects.

In other Dodger news, old friends Hyun Jin Ryu and Yasiel Puig reunited in South Korea. As you probably heard, Puig is now playing professionally with the Kiwoom Heroes of the Korean Baseball League and Ryu of course is a native of Korea.

Over the past couple of seasons, Dodger Stadium has been renovated, all in hopes of hosting an All-Star Game which was postponed in 2020 to this 2022 season, which now is also up in the air; so who knows at this point.

However, another upgrade to the grass on the field has been made and new turf has been added. So whenever Opening Day is, the grass will look a bit greener.

Now in some owner news, one Dodger co-owner may own a new team soon. Dodger co-owner Todd Boehly is planning a joint bid to purchase Chelsea Football Club in London.

Who knows when this lockout will be over, hopefully sooner rather than later. But the MLB should be negotiating this heavily every day, even though it seems that is not the case.

So let’s hope no more games get canceled and a so-called “shortened season” brings another championship to Los Angeles.

18 thoughts on “Lockout Cancels First Two Series of 2022 Season, Other Dodger Notes

  1. Players have put the word out to the owners that they are willing to consider a 14-team playoff. This would put more money in the owners’ pockets and the union is hoping that might make them loosen up on other sticking points which are more important to the MLBPA, most of all the CBT.

  2. Spring games postponed until at least March 18th. Could the players be ready to go in three weeks? Since the first two series have already been cancelled. That hurts the Dodgers a lot more than other teams since those games were against two NL West patsy’s, the Rocks and D-Backs. One report says the Dodgers are the favorite to sign Freeman when the lockout ends. Unlike some, I say do it. He is a ballplayers ballplayer.

    1. Until AF knows a) what the CBT limits will be, b) what the penalties will be for exceeding the limit, c) if he’s going to be paying Bauer for all or part or none of 2022, and d) if he’s going to be paying Clayton, I don’t see how anyone can say we’re the favorites to sign Freeman.

      1. I get it, but I doubt they bring back Kersh. The big hang up is Bauer. Bauer just filed a defamation suit also. Being able to sign Freeman is iffy for sure, but most of the posts I have read say LA is the clear front runner.

      2. Bauer’s lawsuit is against Deadspin for comments they made about him and the case. Nothing to do with the Dodgers, so won’t have any bearing on whether he comes back or they have to pay him his salary.

        Muncy was interviewed last night and said he’d be thrilled if the Dodgers signed Freddie. Said he actually prefers playing second base to first base. That was a shocker to me but if he feels that way, all the better.
        Max said he expected to be ready for opening day but commented that it would have been better if he could have been in touch with the Dodgers med staff while rehabbing.

      3. Bauer’s lawsuit claims that Deadspin managing editor Chris Baud’s articles were written “with the purpose of humiliating him and ruining his baseball career.”

        I think maybe your own behaviors have something to do with why those stories were written Trevor. He’s suing for $75,000. Really? Lunch money for him.

        Methinks the black eyes baseball has given itself might take a while to heal. Not a whole lot to like about MLB at the moment.

  3. Dodgers signed RH reliver Jose Adames to a minor league deal Originally drafted and signed by the Miami Marlins. Has had two TJ surgery’s.

    1. Pretty sad that we are talking about jose adames in March. I thought we’d be seeing baseball in June. Now I’m wondering. I think the last offer to the players is as good as it is gojng to get. Next move is up to the players Jose nit the owners.

      1. MLBPA has agreed to discuss a 14 team playoff. One of the things the owners really want. I would think mid April is a wash, early May, maybe.

  4. Looks like the two sides have a meeting set up for tomorrow in NY. Not even waiting until Monday. I read that as a good sign. Of course, the meeting might only last 10 minutes, but I’m taking the glass half full approach here.

    A deal will be in place by next weekend.

    By the end of March, Bauer will have been cleared to play this year and AF will announce he is taking him back. Most players will announce they have no problem with that.

    Also, by the end of the month, Freeman will be a Dodger as will one of Castillo, Gray, Montas, Mahle, Manaea or Bassitt.

    Clayton Kershaw will be a Ranger, not because he didn’t want to come back here but because AF explained to him that he couldn’t possibly match what Texas was willing to pay him (both $ and years).

    We will sign a right handed hitting utility guy (someone like Harrison or Solano) and either Rios or McKinstry will be part of the deal to get the pitcher we bring in from the A’s or Reds.

    And to cap off this day of wonderful baseball news (if only in my imagination) is the fact that long lost prospect Yadier Alvarez is in Dodger minor league camp and threw a bullpen session today. He’ll still only be 26 this year, even though it seems like he’s been in the organization for years. From what I’ve read, he’s finally got his head on straight so if he can stay healthy, he may still have a career (glass completely overflowing instead of only half full).

      1. Done with absolutely no outside stimulation whatsoever.
        Scary, isn’t it, to think my brain could come up with that all on its own.

      2. No outside stimulation? None?

        I find myself stimulated by the idea of millionaires being the underdog in this battle. Really? I should care about any of these a$$holes?

        I feel motivated to back the many 40 hour a week fans who support a boycott. Currently there are many people in Arizona and Florida who are losing jobs they can’t afford to lose while these elites, all of whom are already set for life, bicker over millions. Soon that untenable situation will move to cities and towns all over the country. It’s a microcosm of the microcosm. Those paid by the hour get the shaft.

        All that said, there is a problem with a boycott. Those thousands of hourly workers who make their livings in the many service industries that support stadiums every day will suffer. The only winners in this battle are both sides doing the fighting.

        Meanwhile Ukraine burns. What a world.

      3. I almost feel guilty even thinking about the baseball situation when I watch what’s happening in Ukraine.
        Eventually baseball will recover from this lockout. Ukraine will never recover.

        For those who prefer no mention of politics here (and I’m one of them), I apologize. Although I don’t consider my statement a political one, I consider it a comment about humanity, and I wonder how one human being could possibly be so demented as to want to treat others so badly.

    1. Man you had me so happy until the last paragraph. I might no longer believe everything you say.

      1. You doubt me Gordon? Hah!
        They didn’t believe me when I said that Zach Lee would win a Cy Young………………………..oh, wait a minute.

  5. It’s psychological.

    Pathological narcissism. “It’s method is to distort the viewpoint, to present everything out of proportion, making itself the center of the world. It will bray like an ass and imagine it is singing opera. Vanity will put a crown on its own head and expect all men to rush to acknowledge it king. It sees nothing but itself, therefore never seeing its own imperfections. It establishes creeds, appoints its own priesthood and builds up organizations (armies) to propagate its own dogmas. It assumes that out of its own superior wisdom it has selected the only perfect system of truth. It is not capable of acknowledging any mistakes. It can defy the whole world demanding unqualified support for its declared dictums.”

    Sound familiar?

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