Which Free Agent’s Exit Would Be Most Detrimental to Dodgers?

Every day it seems more likely that a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will not be agreed upon by December 1, which means we are probably headed for a lockout.

Today, a report by ESPN’s Jeff Passan stated that the signings of several highly-coveted free agents, such as Corey Seager and Marcus Semien could possibly go down before December 1.

The free agency market is expected to rapidly speed up as opposed to other past offseason periods in which highly coveted free agents signed well into Spring Training.

As we all know, the Dodgers have multiple free agents, so perhaps we could see a lot of signing in the next couple of weeks. The Dodgers kind of got the ball rolling when they nabbed left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney on a one-year deal worth $8.5 million.

The Dodgers are expected to have several competitors for their free agents such as Seager, Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Chris Taylor, and Kenley Jansen

We’ll examine which free agent would be the most detrimental if the Dodgers lost, and we’ll take a short look at the situation and Plan B the Dodgers can take.

Perhaps the most emotional goodbye would be to Kershaw, the best pitcher of his generation. He’s forever ingrained in Dodger folklore. He obviously isn’t what he was once but still effective, even though he’s struggled with injuries. Losing Kershaw would be detrimental not just to the organization but to the fanbase.

Kershaw and Jansen are in a bit of the same situation. As the longest-tenured Dodgers, their relationship with the fan base and the city is more than just baseball. Jansen has the most saves in Dodger history, and it is also hard to envision him in another jersey. While the relationship between the fanbase and Jansen has been rocky, it would also be weird seeing him on another team.

Scherzer was the key acquisition at the deadline, and throughout the regular season he was outstanding. However, towards the end of the season, it seemed the wear and tear got to him, as he couldn’t pitch effectively due to the fatigue on his arm. Scherzer is towards the end of his career, but still a great pitcher. Losing would him would sting, but at his age, I do not think it is highly detrimental.

Seager is also a big fan favorite. But in my mind, he is the most likely to leave, just a gut feeling at this point. The Rangers and Yankees are rumored to be after him heavily, plus the Dodgers do have Trea Turner which is more than enough for a backup plan. Don’t get me wrong, losing Seager is going to leave a huge hole in the lineup. He was an NLCS MVP and World Series MVP for a reason.

Taylor had his best season yet, was an All-Star for the first time, and probably drove his stock up higher in the process, which is going to be difficult for the Dodgers to match. Taylor is so versatile defensively that he can play all around the field. However, that is also what drives his stock up, so the Dodgers will have some big decisions to make when making him an offer.

To the point of the article, losing in any of these guys would have its ill effects, but ultimately the Dodgers have the depth and farm system to try to piece something together and still contend. Personally, the most detrimental loss in my eyes would be Kershaw, as it would be bigger than baseball at this point.

We will have to wait and see what occurs in the offseason period, as this one may be a memorable one for Dodger fans.

70 thoughts on “Which Free Agent’s Exit Would Be Most Detrimental to Dodgers?

  1. Interesting question to pose, Jose.

    I don’t think the most detrimental loss would be Kershaw because we’re going to lose him at some point anyway. He’s been injury prone the last few years and although still quite effective, I think we can find someone to replace him. It might be the hardest loss emotionally but in my mind, not the most detrimental.

    I actually think the most detrimental loss would be CT3 because it would take more than one player to replace him. Even with him here last year, look at how awful the bench was with our having to depend on Raley, Reks, Neuse, McKinney, Souza and others, very few of whom contributed anything at all. Just think what that picture would have looked like if we didn’t have Taylor playing every day, filling in wherever needed and contributing quite a bit to the offense.

    So that’s my vote. I’m sure others will disagree. Talk amongst yourselves.

    1. Nailed that Jeff. Kersh is a middle of the rotation pitcher at best now. Replaceable. Taylor is not Replaceable. Even if Taylor is resigned we have an awful big hole on the bench. And rios fits my ” 28 year old career minor leaguer ” slot. Lot of little holes to fill.

    2. I completely agree. In addition to the usual reasons given to keep Chris Taylor, there is the potential second base problem. Many think that it is time to give Lux the job fulltime. But Lux has never shown at the ML level the ability to hit LH pitchers. If he continues to be an automatic out versus lefties, Taylor could be the necessary platoon partner.

      1. Good point Waldo. There is no way we can possibly know what Lux could contribute over a full season at second base. Hopefully he’ll be All Star material, but he could also be in OKC by June.

        Maybe AF is already talking to others like Solano, Harrison, etc. who could play a variety of infield positions, but I’d love to have either of them PLUS CT3. Would sure be an improvement over last year.

  2. I will go with Taylor also. He has been our Swiss Army knife player and is very valuable. I think despite Seager’s comments he will sign with an East Coast club. Trea Turner will slide over to SS and Lux to second.
    With Seager gone and Lux probably playing second the bench is shorter than before and it was not good. Rios should be back which will help. But if they lose Seager they need Taylor as most are not sure about McKinstry. Souza, McKinney, Raley, et all did not impress.
    The Bauer situation needs to get resolved so the Dodgers know what part of their budget they have to spend. They do not know if they have the money for Scherzer/

  3. I see Andrew gave CT3 the QO,if he is willing to spend 18 mil+- next season for Taylor, I think they will find a way to get a deal done, so I don’t think Taylor is going anywhere. My vote would be Kersh, even if he’s not the pitcher he was a few years ago (and few players in history have ever been as good as KC was a few years ago) he’s still the heart and soul of this team, if Kershaw leaves, there is no way to fill the hole he would leave, especially on the leadership side.

    1. Hey Keith. Long time no see. Glad to see you back here.

      Although I think AF would pay CT3 that 18 mil this year, I’m guessing he figures the odds that Taylor accepts the QO are about 10-1 against, so it was a fairly safe strategy. I think he’ll wind up with a 4 year deal from someone (hopefully us) at about 13-14 mil per year. If he doesn’t sign here I’ve heard that Seattle would like to have him back but I think a dark horse might by Philly. They need a shortstop and outfielders. He’d fit perfectly.

  4. I thought it was real classy that AF did not put the QO on Clayton. Now Clayton can decide what he wants to do, or where he may want to go, without any undue pressure. Good job Andrew

  5. My pick is Seager due to his age and what he brings to an inconsistent lineup. When he is healthy, he is the best bat in the lineup. I don’t think he is injury prone either, but unlucky this year with the wrist injury from a bad pitch. If he resigns the Dodgers lineup should have three .300 plus batters in Seager, T. Turner and a healthy Betts. To some extent, Lux could replace Taylor as the IF and OF first man up. Then the next year, if Trea Turner wants to resign, Seager moves to 3B as JT is either done, a DH or bench player. Back to Lux, I think he is ready to blossom, I really liked the way he was driving the ball to the left side late in the year.
    Kershaw would break our hearts leaving, but not the most consequential as he hasn’t made 30 starts since 2015, and seems to be fragile.
    I also want Jansen back, he was truly exceptional August thru October as he mixed his new pitches in and found new velocity as well
    CT3, sure would like to have him back. He provides good offense and defense as the 4th OF and IF back up and we are surely short on the bench as far as RH options. Puljols was a nice story, but the guy can’t run. I’d rather see an upgrade on the bench from the right side. Will take to if CT3 leaves.
    Scherzer’s potential signing really concerns me. For a guy who “wants the ball”, arm fatigue or not he should have given it a try IMO. So I worry about given a pitcher his age, with so much mileage on his arm another $100M.

    1. “Back to Lux, … I really liked the way he was driving the ball to the left side late in the year.

      That is something I was trying to research last night. To Lux’s credit, he had a .455 OBP against LH pitchers the last month of the season. I was trying to find some evidence how he accomplished that. My guess was that he was going the opposite way against the shift, but had no luck finding a spray chart of his hits to see how many were to LF. So, your observation provides some confirmation.

      1. I liked the way Lux had changed his sitting strategy when he got back from OKC. Like Bellinger finally, did he started to go with the pitch and not attempt to pull everything. Lux was a wunderkind in the Minors and most that are as successful as he ended up hitting well in the majors eventually. If the Dodgers get the last part of the season Lux and playoffs Bellinger they will be in a good place offensively.
        I continue to believe Seager is gone.

  6. Emotionally it would be Kershaw hands down. He is an icon and the face of the franchise for more than a decade. On the field, production wise, it has to be Seager. As good as CT3 is, he is still a replaceable piece. Yeah, it might take a few guys to do it, but Seager is an offensive force. More so than CT3. CT3 is streaky and strikes out WAY TO MUCH.

  7. Yes Waldo, I agree, Lux did seem to finally figure it out, and I think he will have a productive season next year, he won’t replace the stats we will lose with Seager, but I think he will be a steady contributor at second base.

  8. Thanks Jeff, going to try to get back in the habit of checking in here a couple of times a day, the hot stove season is one of my favorites. Dennis, Andy, and Jose, always have good info, and insights, during this time of year, plus I figured you would need some help with the bear, he can get cranky during his winter hibernation.😀
    Seriously, I hope things are going good for you bear, look forward to catching up with you, and the rest of the guys.

      1. I find that you tend to exhibit an equal amount of crankiness whether or not you’re in hibernation.
        For example, if I were to bring up trading Bellinger in order to avoid his 16 mil salary, you would get very cranky. Not that I’m endorsing that, mind you, but that subject does tend to set you off.

      2. The reason for that is simple Jeff. It is an asinine idea, and ludicrous to even think they have discussed it. That being said, stranger things have happened. And if I am cranky, it is because I care.

      3. One other point Jeff, why would they trade Bellinger when his value as a trade chip is at it’s lowest point in his career?? Makes little sense to me.

      4. I do not think they trade Bellinger or any Dodger that is rated low. Freidman sells high and buys low. Besides Bellinger finally changed his stance and approach and started to go with the pitch and tried to meet the ball instead of hitting it into the next county. If Bellinger continues that approach I think he will be an All-Star next year. I never doubted his talent but continue to be very skeptical of his baseball smarts…No matter a player’s talent they must continue to adapt as the pitchers adapt. If you don’t you end having a very bad year.

      5. Be truthful now T. How hard headed were you at that age? I was as stubborn as they come at 25. Thought I knew it all, and I definitely did not.

      6. Hell Bear, it’s almost 50 years later and you’re still a stubborn ol’ cuss. 🙂

      7. I just made that original comment earlier to get you riled up. I would be as totally shocked as you if they traded him this winter.

      8. I get it. Poking the Bear is fun. And you have the added safety of not being within reach. Poking Bear’s can be fatal! LOL>>

      9. If Seager signs elsewhere I think it is 80-20 Taylor stays with the Dodgers.
        If they do not charge Bauer and Manfred acts as I think he will then Bauer is in the Dodgers lap with $45 million on the line he pitches for the Dodgers next year. So Bauer, Kershaw, Urias, Buehler, Gonsolin and ?.
        If Bauer stays Scherzer is gone.
        If the Dodgers do trade for Carrillo then they probably get Moose and as he plays 3rd he can play 1st or DH occasionally. Or do they trade for someone else or bring up Miller, Jackson, Grove, Pepiot, or? Reading blogs Miller, Grove, and Pepiot are all highly thought of.
        We all get to guess but I think it’s fun to hear the rumors and guess what is going on. What do the rest of you think?
        I like Rios but can he come back from the Shoulder injury? I am also with Jeff a member of the Vargas fan club. Vargas may be a year away.

      10. No way I take Moustakas as part of a Castillo trade, unless I can immediately move him somewhere else for anything I could get for him. He’s been on a downhill slope for the past couple of years and at his age, he isn’t likely to reverse that. Eugenio Suarez is another guy they might be willing to include (instead of Moose) but there again, the last couple of years have been horrific.

        I think we might see White and/or Jackson on the roster at some point next year. They both had moments of excellence last year along with performances I’m sure they’d like to forget. That said, I think they both have promise or, for that matter, might appeal to another team as part of a trade package.

        With regard to Pepiot, Miller, Knack, Beeter and Grove, they all might be part of the rotation some day, but I don’t think we’ll see any of them next year unless it’s very late in the year. I just don’t think any of them are anywhere close to being ready yet.

      11. I agree the young pitchers look like they may be very good are a year away. Jackson and White showed flashes of talent. Jackson is a converted player and White has been hurt neither has had a lot of experience so they hopefully took their time in the MLB as a learning experience and will come back having significantly progressed.
        Agreed taking Moose would be not great as he is on a downward slide for sure. But how bad do the Reds want to be rid of him? What is the value to them? Same with Suarez? That is where the Dodger money has leverage. Reds are a small market team I am sure they want to get out from under a bad deal or two. Dodgers only have one more year with the Price contract.

      12. Unless rosters are expanded to 28 under the new CBA, I just wouldn’t be willing to take up a roster spot with either of those guys considering that Moustakas would be paid about 17 mil over each of the next 2 years and Suarez about 12 mil over each of the next 3 years.

        Too much money for too little contribution unless you could find a way to offload them to a team who had use for them. On the other hand, Castillo is so relatively inexpensive that you could just dump the other guy and consider his salary as part of the cost of having Castillo on the roster. There……………….now I feel better.

      13. If Seager leaves Lux plays 2B and Taylor is still the Swiss Army knife. I think Lux is about to turn the corner in a big way. The Reds pitcher is Castillo not Carillo.
        I think Grove has been a major disappointment and could be left available for the draft.

      14. Grove had a high K rate and didn’t walk a ton of batters, but his WHIP, BAA, ERA and HR rate per 9 innings were plain awful and he is almost 25. Maybe not too late to turn it around but they now have many ranked ahead of him. So as was said he may either be traded or exposed to the Rule 5 draft. I don’t think he makes the 40 man roster.

  9. I agree that CT3 would be the most detrimental loss, I love Seager too but he is a East Coast guy who grew up a Yankee fan, and I think they will sign him to a boat load contract. After CT3, we should resign Scherzer, Kershaw and Jansen in that order.

    1. The Qualifying Offer to Taylor was to let every team in baseball know the Dodgers would fight for Taylor. I think they sign Taylor.
      The big question for the Dodgers is still what about Bauer?

      1. Bauer’s fate is out of the Dodgers hands. It is square in the milieu of Mr. Commissioner. And we all know what a class individual he is.

      2. Exactly Bear I do not trust Manfred to deal with it. I think he throws it back at the Dodgers. Bauert had a restraining order from a woman in Ohio for something like the same thing. And reportedly there were other cases. If you are going to spend over $100 million on someone you damn well better vet the heck out of them. If a person gets off on beating someone up they have severe anger issues and it comes out in different ways. Kasten attempted to trivialize it initially and once he received a tsunami of push back he stopped making stupid comments. I don’t think they realized what a hot button issue it is. We all have mothers, sisters, daughters nieces cousins, etc and if someone abuses them it is an issue. Someone beating up on women is a coward.

      3. That restraining order was not made public until after the case this year. We do not know what Bauer did. He is accused of hitting the woman when she was unconscious. Did he do it? Most likely. But she really had no proof. She waited a couple of weeks before she even said anything. You have no clue how much investigation the Dodgers did into his background, so I think you are barking up the wrong tree. If he had stuff like that against him that was common knowledge around MLB, the Dodgers would have found that out. All of that content came out after this case came to light. As for Manfred, if he throws it back to the Dodgers, they are going to pay the man and let him play. They really have no other option except to try and trade him.

      4. The QO to Taylor was covering their butt. They know he is going to get an offer they are not going to be inclined to exceed. Taylor is as gone as a Thanksgiving turkey. They will get a draft choice for his departure.

      5. Thanksgiving isn’t here yet Bear so the Thanksgiving turkey is still here. I think there’s a decent chance CT is back, especially if Seager leaves.

        It’s mind boggling to think, though, that if he signs at the low end of the predictions, he would be getting umpteen times more than Kike signed for.

        If Bauer is suspended for a year, or even half a year. If Kershaw’s arm won’t permit him to return, at least not in 2022. If Kenley and Kneble leave. If they decide that 100 mil over 3 years to Max is just too great a risk, that leaves a lot of money in the budget.

      6. Just a little under two weeks Jeff. I expect better of you. You of all people should know how to spell Knebel. Taylor is gone dude. So is Corey. Read between the lines!

      7. I was using the East German spelling I guess. It didn’t look right when I typed it, but my mind wanders easily and I forgot to change it.

        Seager – 90% gone
        CT3 – 50/50 – I would have thought that last winter would have taught you not too argue to strenuously with me Bear. Never doubt the opinion of a Shlemming (non-German spelling).

      8. Most things I would not argue with you about. I am just completely convinced the Dodgers are not going to pay a utility player those kinds of salaries. I think they might have to use two players to replace him, but they might feel those two are already on the roster and they expect better things. The two players? McKinstry and Neuse.

      9. I agree that paying that kind of money for a “utility” player is probably over the top.

        Question is, what is your definition of utility? To me a utility player is a guy who can play 2-4 positions and is going to see around 250-300 at bats every year.

        Taylor plays more often and gets more at bats than most of the guys you call regulars. He can play 5 or 6 positions at an average or better than average skill level. If they just said Chris Taylor will be our every day second baseman, I’m sure you’d have no problem paying him 12-14 mil per year over 3 or 4 years. And that’s why I think he’s worth the money. The fact that he doesn’t have an “assigned position” makes him even more valuable, not less.

      10. I get it I really do. But to me, unless he plays one position consistently and for more than 100 games, he is a reserve. Granted, Chris gets a lot of at bats. He also plays multiple positions well. But, he strikes out WAY TOO MUCH for his type of player, is very streaky and just does not qualify as a regular if players are not injured. Hell spare outfielders get that many at bats too. And they are considered platoon players at best.

      11. Serious question Bear. Please name me a “spare outfielder” who got 500 at bats last year.

      12. You said 200-300, so that is what I based it on. Beaty, who is listed as a utility player got 234. Oh, by the way, on baseball referrence, Taylor is listed as a UTILITY PLAYER….case closed!

      13. You take Baseball Reference’s definitions over mine? Hogwash! Poppycock!
        “Utility” is the US Government’s stipulation for the lowest grade of beef.
        It’s an insult to the greatness that is Chris Taylor.
        Only 79 players in all of MLB had more at bats than CT3 last year. Call him what you will, he’s worth what he’s going to get paid, even though I’ll agree with you that he strikes out too much. His other attributes more than make up for that, however.
        OK, I’ll agree with your pronouncement of “case closed”. Neither of us will convince the other. On to the next topic.

      14. Yeah I do. My definitive go to source for useful baseball info and stats. Oh yeah, Joc Pederson never has had more than 500 AB’s in any season, he us usually in the 400 plus range, and he is the ultimate 4th outfielder.

      15. Exactly, Taylor had more plate appearances than every player this last year except JT and Muncy. The season before that he was in the top 7 and still had over 400.
        That is not a sub. or a reserve. It is someone that plays full-time at various positions. It makes him more valuable not less.

      16. The combination of McKinstry and Neuse couldn’t replace CT3 either offensively or defensively and are these two of the NLB ready players you would trade for Gray or Castillo? I’m not sure we have any MLB ready players That would entice that trade.

      17. No one knows what those two are capable of doing. They have not had enough experience to even evaluate what they bring to the table. They both are very good AAA guys. Taylor wasn’t even that when he came to LA. NLB, what is that? No, I do not think either of them would entice the Reds one bit. But they are on the roster, Taylor is not, and unless LA pony’s up a lot of cash, he won’t be. McKinstry was doing pretty well until he got injured. Neuse played 3 different positions at AAA. McKinstry is much more of a contact hitter than Taylor is. Taylor was a .300 hitter in the minors but has not shown that at the major league level. McKinstry certainly has the tools to be that Swiss army knife kind of player. Has he reached that level yet? Maybe not, but until he gets his shot we have no clue how he will fit in. Neuse played 1st, 2nd, 3rd and the two corner outfield positions at AAA. He hit .293. He has some pop, and they both are 5 years younger than Taylor. Cost wise, they will be well under what ever Taylor gets.

      18. NLB is obviously a typo for MLB. Neuse will be 27 in December and McKinstry 27 in April. Not really prospects and maybe or maybe not MLB players. What are you talking about Taylor not being a good AAA player when he came to the Dodgers? He hit over .300 every year in the minors including AAA. He was strictly an IF and of course fast. It’s true he didn’t hit for power, but he was a very good minor league IF. Now he is a very good OF, probably better than as an IF. Yes, McKinstry started off hot in spring training and that carried over until he was hurt., but neither he nor Neuse will ever be able to play CF. They are both barely avg defensively at any position, and both strikeout at rates close to CT3. Now if he leaves and our starters stay healthy, they would be acceptable, maybe.

      19. Your opinion. Mariners did not think much of him since they basically traded him for zilch. Yes, he hit a little over .300 as a minor leaguer. Neither Neuse or McKinstry can replace Taylor as a CF, but they are adequate at the other spots, and the Dodgers really do not need another CF, both Mookie and Pollock can play there also. But like you say, McKinstry and Neuse are unknown factors. As far as age goes, Taylor was 26 before he under went a complete rework of his swing. It brought power to his game, but it also brought along with it a penchant for a lot of strikeouts. Most of his good seasons came in the Mariners organization. His first MLB experiences were not all that great. He hit .207 in his first action with LA with 1 HR. But his value comes as a super utility player because that is what he is. LA had two, him and Kike. Both struck out too much. Even with all he did this season, he struck out 167 times, second only to 2018 when he struck out 178 times. He hit a little over .250 both years and has not come close to his .288 average from 2017. Taylor is going to get paid a lot of money. More than LA is going to want to pay a 31 year old utility guy no matter how many positions he played. Oh and in the minors, he played more than 100 games in a season once. 2013. Most of the time he was in the 75-90 game range. Unless you have inside info as to how Neuse and McKinstry are going to perform, which none of us have, you cannot say whether they will be able replacements.

      20. I know all the stats. To include he didn’t play over 100 games in the minors because he spent time in the majors each of those years after 2013.
        I think we have the same opinion of Taylor. I’ve screamed at the TV countless times with him striking out and also cheered at his clutch hitting and defense. IMO other teams will also look at him as a super utility player and his actual opportunity to play won’t be any greater anywhere else than staying put. So time will tell

      21. CT 3 to me is a non entity unless he resigns. I work with what they have, not what they do not. If he truly is gone, they have to use what they have available.

      22. And comparing their K rates in the majors is not feasible since McKinstry barely has 170 at bats. His minor league K rate though is around 20 pct. Which is not that bad. Taylor struck out close to 33% of the time this season.

      23. K rate was 28.7% for Taylor last year and 27.5% for his MLB career. K rate is measured per PA not AB.
        And yes that is still too high.

      24. We will not agree on this, so going back and forth is really a waste of time. Goodnight.

  10. Tmax, I read a couple of days ago Bauer does not intend to opt of his contract for next year, so the Dodgers will have to pay him, unless mlb suspends him. I read about two months ago that there is enough evidence for a suspension according to the domestic violence clause in the bargaining agreement. The bargaining agreement has different rules than the court of law, so my guess is he gets suspended for a year with no pay, but does it happen in time for the dodgers to be able to spend that money elsewhere, that’s the big question. That 48 mil would sure be nice to throw at Scherzer, but I don’t think mlb is going to give a final ruling for a long time.

    1. The last thing I read on Bauer is that he will not be interviewed by the MLB inspectors until either the Pasadena DA drops the case or they decide to prosecute. Being interviewed by the MLB is part of the process in the labor agreement.
      The labor agreement is no longer in effect after December 1st.
      Does that mean there will not be a decision until there is a labor contract? I do not know…
      As both sides have staked out terms for the labor contract that appear to be far apart as we all suspected there will be a lockout and a long bitter strike.
      This is why I had guessed a week ago that Bauer would get time served on the suspension, give a ton of money to a Women’s charity for battered women and possibly find inner peace with religion or enroll in anger management courses and be forgiven.
      I suspect despite everything we thought would happen Bauer pitches for the Dodgers in 2022.
      I think Bauer has severe anger issues and the Dodgers were not diligent in their background checks before they signed him to a record-setting contract. That is on Kasten and Friedman. I would be fine if he never wears a Dodger uniform again but I am now doubting that is what will happen. The problem for the Dodgers is that is a lot of money on their bottom line for 2022 & 2023.

  11. The only way Bauer is not getting paid is if he is suspended without pay, which is immediately going to trigger a ton of legal moves, by Bauer’s attorneys and the MLBPA. The MLBPA and MLB are as far apart so far in their negotiations as you might think. Last proposal by MLB was paying players based on their WAR numbers. Not going to fly. MLB is already in trouble with it’s minor league system which wants more perks for it’s players, including housing. The per diem those guys get to eat on would not feed a tit mouse for long. The Dodgers were very diligent T. There was nothing that showed up that indicated this kind of behavior. Most people who are into that kind of sex do not advertise it in the newspaper, and there were no prior incidents reported until AFTER this one. The one thing every team knew about Bauer was that he was a bit of a rebel training wise and he marched to his own drummer in that respect. 2023 is only for 17 million. This season it is 45. He can opt out after 2022. But they are only on the hook for 17 mil if he does not. Cano came off of his PED suspension and is playing in the winter league.

    1. Enough on Bauer what do you think of the Heaney pick-up and the rumors about Dodger’s interest in Carrillo and possibly Grey? I think as we have guessed Seager is gone and as they offered him a QO Taylor will be signed what are people’s thoughts on that? Carrillo might cost them some talent.

      1. I think they see something in Heaney they feel they can fix. He obviously is excited to be joining the team. One of the people he spoke to on the phone was pitching coach Mark Prior. I believe if they do put together a trade for Castillo and Gray, it will include Moustakas since the Reds want to unload his salary. The Dodgers have made a deal like that with the Reds before. I think it would take maybe two MLB ready players and a couple of lower level prospects. Most I have spoken to think Taylor is not coming back. He is going to get at least a 4 year deal in excess of say 12 mil a year. I doubt the Dodgers would even match that kind of contract.

  12. My personal belief, being stubborn and all, is that if they do not resign Kersh or Scherzer, the Dodgers will indeed trade for what they need. It is the line of least resistance.

  13. Tmax, you bring up an interesting point about possibly trading for Castillo or Gray.
    I’m a big Castillo fan but the Trea/Max trade used up some good prospect capital and I’m not sure we have enough left (that AF would be willing to get rid of) to get Castillo.
    So here’s an exercise for you guys.
    Five pitchers who will definitely be available in trade from the Reds or A’s. Pick a pitcher and tell us who you would include in a trade for him.
    Luis Castillo – 2 years of control
    Sonny Gray – 2 years
    Sean Manaea – 1 year
    Chris Basitt – 1 year
    Frankie Montas – 2 years

    1. Bear mentioned it before the Dodgers have been willing to take a bad contract in the past. Maybe Castillo and Moose for a couple of the highly-rated pitchers like Pepiot and Beeter or Knack. I do not think they will get rid of Miller or Grove. And a second-tier player or two? Perhaps Gonsolin in the deal and perhaps a guy that can hit like Matt Beaty? Or would they take an emerging player coming off of injury like Rios? Dodgers have some trade chips just depends on how they are valued. I have a feeling Miller and Grove are going to be special. Grove needs another year or so but I think he is wow good.

      1. Grove is no longer a kid. I would trade him in a minute and before Beeter or Pepiot. If they are going to throw in a bad contract, I suggest we ask for Suarez.

      2. One list I saw had Grove eligible for the Rule 5 if not protected this winter. Not sure if that was correct, but if so, we’ll know how highly the team values him shortly. If they weren’t planning to protect him they need to trade him before they lose him for nothing because I think he would probably be taken in the draft.

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