Offseason Question: Will Dodgers Bring Back Clayton Kershaw , Max Scherzer or Both ?

The Dodgers won their latest game Tuesday against the Padres by a score of 2-1, keeping pace two games behind the San Francisco Giants. Currently, Los Angeles is still etched into that Wild Card against the Cardinals, who have won 17 straight games.

But for now, we will take a little look into the offseason and some very important pending free agents the Dodgers have. Yes, I know Seager is the biggest question, but we actually are taking a look at two pitchers. In fact, two former Cy Young Award winners in Max Scherzer and Clayton Kershaw.

Scherzer may very well take home another Cy Young after this season, while Kershaw had lingering injury problems that limited him this year.

Kershaw wraps up a three-year $33 million contract, while the biggest acquisition at the trade deadline Max Scherzer is also set to be a free agent. In 10 starts with the Dodgers, Scherzer has been incredible 7-0 with a 1.43 ERA. Both are future Hall of Famers.

Currently, Scherzer is 37 years old and still at the top of his game, while Kershaw is 33 and still remains a great pitcher.

As a lifelong Dodger fan, the thought of Kershaw pitching in another uniform is something I cannot put together. I mean, he’s been the face of the Dodgers for well over a decade now. There has always been talk about him possibly joining his hometown Texas Rangers; but personally, I’d think he’d like to win more championships, and the Rangers are in the lower tier of baseball.

Then there’s Scherzer, who had to waive his no-trade clause to join the Dodgers, while it hasn’t really given any insight to where his mind might be this offseason. It can very much mean that Scherzer could come back or not; no one really knows.

Earlier, I had written an article that the Dodgers should do everything in their power to re-sign with the Dodgers.

I certainly think the Dodgers bring back at least one of them, but the question is do they bring back both.

Both are very great pitchers, and it seemed like the Dodgers just had an unlimited influx of pitchers in their farm system, although that depth was tested throughout the season due to their injuries.

Ultimately, this season may still determine what occurs. Again, this all speculation on my part, but if the Dodgers get bounced in the Wildcard game, it can very well be the end of an era. But, if the Dodgers make a late postseason run, in whatever happens they can ultimately run it back .

Ultimately, I think both of these pitchers just want to win at the end of the day in this stage of their careers, and Los Angeles can very well be the place to do so. You have players like Mookie Betts, Max Muncy, Walker Buehler and Trea Turner locked in for next season, and if former MVP Cody Bellinger can somehow regain his mojo, the Dodgers are still a top squad.

Ultimately, I think the Dodgers bring both back on short deals about two to three years, but Corey Seager may be another big question mark.

Scherzer will get ready for his next start Wednesday for the Dodgers when they take on the Padres for the second game of this three game series. Scherzer will oppose San Diego left hander Ryan Weathers who is 4-7 with a 5.01 ERA.

First pitch is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. Pacific.

11 thoughts on “Offseason Question: Will Dodgers Bring Back Clayton Kershaw , Max Scherzer or Both ?

  1. Clayton is a favorite of mine and I sure don’t want to see him leave to pitch elsewhere. Clayton has not had an injury free season since 2015, I believe when he made 33 starts, And I think he has been making $30+M a year since then or before, If he wants to stay and try to win in LA again, he needs to give a big discount to the Dodgers and sign for somewhere between $10-$15M per year. He has made a fortune and should show some loyalty in taking a big pay cut.
    Scherzer has seldom missed a start since 2010 and deserves a big contract despite his age.
    I am also a big Seager fan, and he needs to be resigned , especially if the NL has the DH starting next year. They also need to extend Trea Turner. Under the best scenario, this would be the IF lineup
    1B Muncy
    2B Lux
    3B Seager
    SS Trea Turner
    DH JT

    1. Assuming that Kershaw doesn’t need surgery this winter, I don’t see him pitching for much less than 18-20 mil per year. No, he’s may not be worth it but he has other interests and might just walk away. I don’t see him pitching for the Rangers under any circumstances, but I could see the Giants, Padres, Yankees, Red Sox and Angels giving him 18-20 million for a year or two. Whether he would choose to go to any of those teams I have no idea. I’m going to say we re-sign him for 2 years at $35 million, but a lot of that will be determined by whether we have to pay Bauer next year and whether we can bring Scherzer back, because he will probably get something like 3/100 and the same teams I mentioned above will almost certainly be in on the bidding.

      I don’t see Seager coming back if he isn’t guaranteed that he’ll be the shortstop. If he is then Trea will leave after next year. It’s all about supply and demand. Both those guys will have plenty of offers to play shortstop for other teams and neither of them wants to move off the position. They can’t exist on the same team going forward. If AF prefers Trea, he needs to make every attempt to extend him this winter. If not, he runs the risk of having neither of them come winter 2022.

      1. Good points. Has Trea Turner ever explicitly said that he only wants to play shortstop and doesn’t want to play second?

      2. Valid question. I believe he has stated that he wants to play shortstop, but I couldn’t actually say that I’ve heard it with my own ears. I believe I heard that with someone else’s ears so I supposed it’s possible that he goes to AF and says “I want to stay here long term. Go re-sign Corey and I’ll play second”.

        I have assumed for quite awhile that he has made it known that he wants to play shortstop and seem to remember having read that a number of times but just because I assume it doesn’t make it true. I supposed I’d make a lousy lawyer. I don’t know that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      3. I believe Turner prefers shortstop. I’d like to see him there from Day 1 so he can focus on it and get better. I’ve never really liked Seager at short. I’d like to see him at third but I doubt that happens. Our defense is mediocre at best. It doesn’t look to me like the team spends nearly as much time on defense as they do working on offense.

        Scherzer needs a rest.

  2. “if the Dodgers get bounced in the Wildcard game, it can very well be the end of an era.” That is a stupid statement! Why would the result of one game determine anything about the future except the playoffs?

    1. Well Bob the end of an Era means no shortstop, no second base, no 3rd base, no center fielder, no max, no Kershaw. We already have no farm system. All could happen. What would you have then? Oh yea. no Era. Gonna be a tough off season for management. The people we have to sign will be difficult.

  3. Well, Max sure not looking Cy Young worthy in last two outings including tonight. Hope he’s not worn out.
    He better get better in a hurry with the WC coming.

  4. Ok sports fans, the tough questions have to be asked. Does this look like a team ready to make a deep run in the playoffs?

    Yeah, comeback win. But in a pennant race with our ace on the mound we made 2 more errors, 3 if you count Lux’s drop before he dove face first into a wall, and gave up 8 earned runs. Not exactly how you want your team to look a few days before playing the best teams in the league.

    Scherzer looks like he needs some spa time. The other guys often look like they’d rather be somewhere else. Well, unless a miracle happens, they will be somewhere else – sleeping in hotel rooms on the road.

    1. I’ve always looked at the season as two seasons, the first 162, then the playoffs. To me, the team that can amass the best record over the grueling 162 games is the best team. That’s why I’m always happy with the Dodgers. They have been doing the 162 game part well. The only problem with this year is the Giants are having their season for the ages.

      Once the playoffs begin it’s a complete crapshoot based on who’s healthy, who’s hot, and some luck. So I never get stressed like some do during the playoffs. I’m just happy if my team is there because they had a good enough season. Now that I think about it, during the regular season, I’m a Dodgers fan, but during the playoffs I’m a baseball fan. They’re something to be enjoyed for memorable games from all the teams.

      1. Very good take. Let’s just enjoy the baseball dodger fans. There’s always next year#!!

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