Dodgers Begin Most Critical Regular-Season Series

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The Dodgers are set to begin their most crucial series in the regular season against none other than their most hated rivals the San Francisco Giants.

The two teams are tied for first place in the National League West Division at 85-49, which is also the best record in the Majors. This series can ultimately decide who becomes the NL West division winner.

Both sides have been neck and neck this season through 16 meetings, as they’ve split, with each winning eight. The runs scored are at 68-68, it doesn’t get much closer than that.

Most of the baseball world will have eyes on this series as two heavyweights collide for what could be the last time this year.

For any neutral baseball fans, it will be a great series to watch, but for any Dodger or Giant fans, it will surely be quite a nerve-racking series. You can say every fastball will be another to our nervous system.

The Dodgers in their last ten games are 7-3 and are coming off a sweep of the NL East first-place Braves. Earlier in the season, the Dodgers’ kryptonite seemed to be one-run games, but they have now won eight straight one-run games.

The Giants avoided being swept by the surging Milwaukee Brewers, as they won the last game of a four-game series. San Francisco is 5-5 in their last ten games.

With only 28 games left in the season, whichever team wins the season series will receive a nice boost to end the season. For the Dodgers, it won’t be easy after they face the Giants, as they will visit the Cardinals and host the Padres, who are both in the playoff hunt.

The Blue Crew also visits the Reds and plays host to the Padres and Brewers who are also in contention. The Giants appear to have an easier schedule.

For the weekend, the Dodgers have their rotation set. It will go to David Price, Julio Urias, and Walker Buehler. The Giants have not announced all their starters, but right-hander Anthony DeSclafani is scheduled to start Friday. He is 0-3 with a 9.43 ERA in five starts against the Dodgers this year.

Giants manager Gabe Kapler has said that he “doesn’t anticipate a rotation per se” this weekend against the Dodgers.

The Giants could possibly go with a bullpen game or start left-hander Jose Quintana, who they picked up on waivers recently.

It will be quite the series, but personally, I am quite confident the Dodgers can at least take two out of three. They will have the league leader in wins in Urias and the league’s lowest ERA in Buehler both pitching this weekend.

Veteran left-hander David Price will get the first start. He is 4-2 and has posted a 3.88 ERA this year. His last start came last weekend against the Rockies when he threw 3 ⅔ innings, allowing two runs.

The first pitch for Friday’s opener is scheduled for 6:45 p.m. Pacific.

6 thoughts on “Dodgers Begin Most Critical Regular-Season Series

  1. We should be able to take 2 of 3 this weekend since we’re the healthiest we’ve been in a while and the Giants are the least healthy they’ve been all year, espcially in the pitching department. We’re very lucky to be missing Webb, who has been excellent.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the division champ may very well be decided by the Padres who have lots of games left against both LA and SF. This should be an exciting weekend. I hope we’re happy when things are finished on Sunday.

  2. Giants are now experiencing what the Dodgers have been fighting through, a lack of starters. The Giants have wood and Cueto on the IL. The Dodgers are reportedly getting both Kershaw and Gonsolin back this month.
    I like the Dodger’s chances to win 2 out of 3 with the pitching match-up. It will depend on the line-up producing some runs. Hopefully, Roberts has a clue and sits both Bellinger and McKinney as neither has shown they can make contact in critical RISP situations.
    Read an article today that Bellinger since August 2019 is hitting 209 and striking out 25% of the time and he has hit only 105 the last month. Bench him! He is an easy out.

    1. The strike out percentage of 25% isn’t particularly worrisome for a guy with his power.
      The rest of his stats are.

      1. I was quoting Doug from Dodger Nation on the stats. Bellinger is constantly striking out, popping up, or continually attempting to hit through the shift. It is maddening to watch him.
        I fault Roberts the hitting coaches and the rest of the Dodger organization letting him thrash around like this. It hurts the team but also can mess with Bellinger’s mind.
        Is Bellinger just too stubborn to change? And if so why do they keep playing him? As the stats show since August of 2019 he has been terrible! Do they think all of a sudden he will find his Glory Days swing? The pitchers figured him out and he can’t or won’t adjust. Listen to any of the commentators that have been great hitters like Big Poppi, A-Rod, or the Dodgers commentator Nomar. They all say he has to change his swing and approach.
        Bellingerhitting right now is the definition of insanity…

  3. I think he’s getting it together. Last game he had a nice pop up into the stands and almost hit the ball on his last strikeout. We just need to have some patience. Just ask roberts.

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