Thoughts on Trevor Bauer: August Edition

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While it seems much longer, the last time Trevor Bauer pitched for the Dodgers was June 28 against the Giants in Los Angeles. Having gone six full innings and surrendering two runs, Bauer wasn’t fantastic by his typical standards, but he threw well enough to earn his team the victory. When MLB closed for the day, the Dodgers found themselves with a 48-31 record, trailing San Francisco by 2-1/2 games in the NL West division.

Almost seven weeks later, it feels like Bauer isn’t connected to the team at all.

The 30-year-old Bauer has been accused by a woman of choking her until she lost consciousness on multiple occasions, punching her in several areas of her body and leaving her with injuries that required hospitalization, according to a domestic violence restraining order that was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court earlier this year.

The accusations have prompted the MLB to place Bauer on administrative leave until its own investigations, along with those of the Pasadena Police Department, have concluded.

The Second-Place Dodgers

Since Bauer began his administrative leave, Los Angeles has gone 22-15, remaining in steady control of second place in the division. The team made a huge splash at the summer trade deadline in late July, but it still cannot overcome a wave of injuries that have hampered its performance from the early days of the season, particularly in the forms of Mookie Betts and Clayton Kershaw.

Front-office boss Andrew Friedman was brilliant in his maneuvering to score Max Scherzer and Trea Turner. A secondary consequence of the deal seemingly had a huge public relations effect on the landscape of the team, as a significant amount of attention was pulled away from Bauer and steered more towards the club’s prospective 2021 playoff run.

The Rumors

As with any scandalous story, unwarranted rumors continue to attach themselves to Bauer’s absence. Three weeks ago, Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times wrote a story in which he stated, “a majority of players do not want Bauer back under any circumstances.” On Saturday, the Washington Post published a feature outlining an alleged affair Bauer had with a Cincinnati woman who filed a protection order against him last summer.

According to sealed court records and other documentation obtained by the Post, the woman says Bauer punched and choked her without her consent while they were having sex.

Either way, the team has remained quiet about Bauer from the beginning of the saga, although some of his teammates have gone as far as unfollowing him on social media.

The Outlook

On Friday, the MLB extended Bauer’s administrative leave for a fifth consecutive time. Normally, a period of MLB administrative leave lasts seven days, but both the league and players union have consented to the extensions since the accusations against Bauer are still under investigation.

A preliminary hearing will take place Monday to determine whether a restraining order filed by a Pasadena woman will be upheld. The original hearing was scheduled for July 23, but Bauer’s team of attorneys was granted a continuance after claiming it needed more time to prepare for a surprise witness.

At the rate things have been transpiring, the entire ordeal could carry on for a long time, as there have not been any charges filed, which makes everything seem crazy from a chronological perspective.

In the meantime, Bauer continues to collect his salary. He is signed through 2023, which might complicate things for the team down the road, depending on how court proceedings go.

The Opinions

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ve always been a person who tries to reserve judgement until all the facts are presented. Still, as much as we attempt to stay neutral, we sometimes can’t control how our gut and instincts speak to us. Even if everything Bauer did stands up in court as consensual relations, the idea of how he conducted himself will not sit pretty with many fans of the game, perhaps even labelling him as a villain for life.

No doubt, if Bauer ever does take the hill again at Dodger Stadium, the amount of controversy will be huge. From the beginning, there have been heated political divisions among Los Angeles fans over Bauer’s plight, which is most unfortunate. As it stands, some fans still think that Bauer could return for a potential 2021 playoff run.

However, at the rate the situation is progressing, I feel the chances of Bauer coming back this year are about zero. I think Friedman knew this long ago, hence the deal for Scherzer.

Depending on how things transpire in court, Bauer’s playing days in Los Angeles might be over, as could his pitching career in the MLB.

11 thoughts on “Thoughts on Trevor Bauer: August Edition

  1. I also believe in waiting until all the facts are in. And I also believe one is innocent until proven otherwise. But this has become a public relations disaster for the Dodgers. I think there is zero chance Bauer puts on a Dodger uniform this year or anytime after for that matter. To me, he is persona non grata. I do not even consider him on the team. I am more concerned about an inconsistent offense, mediocre defense and the lack of a true #5 starter at this point. Although I would be pretty comfortable with slipping White in there until Kersh is available. I dislike having a short bench, which they have gone with for the last several games. And I think the talent on the bench outside of Pujols is very thin. Lux needs to be back soon. He at least brings some speed and defense.

  2. There’s a month and a half to go in the season and SF holds a solid 5 game lead on us but am I the only person that’s not really worried? Even if we didn’t catch them and went in by wild card that’s fine but I think we are going to catch them. Our depth has been tested like no team in baseball and we still have won 70 games. If the Giants lose any one of Posey, Crawford or Bryant that’s a blow to their offense that they can’t replace at any level but it’s their pitching staff I think that will falter. All year their entire rotation has overachieved. I think the length of the season is eventually going to catch up to them AB their starters are going to come back to the level of pitchers that they have been for the majority of their careers and if one goes down they have issues. What do y’all think?

  3. White’s last outing was respectable. Talented rookies tend to become more effective as they learn to trust their stuff and throw strikes. White may show he has the talent to stick. That Uceta is other the guy up in the MLB instead of Pepiot or Jackson is concerning if the Dodgers think Peopiot is truly talented.
    I am much more concerned about the offense and the very think bench beyond Pujos. When you do not have a contact hitter to put up to bat down a run in the 9th inning with two on it’s is worrisome. McKinney may be a great guy but so far in his career a make contact guy he is not.

  4. Urias is on the IL due to calf contusion! They brought McKinstry back up. Now, do we see Pepiot or Jackson?
    I do not know what to think about the Bauer situation. His behavior with social media and now reported issue with a woman a year ago in Ohio is smoke of a possible fire. Is it possible he does not get convicted of anything and loses his MLB contract? I do not know. Do the Dodgers get stuck on the hook for a huge contract because they didn’t do their due diligence? This is going to be decided by the MLB, Players Union, the Dodger organization, and the court system. I do not think he will pitch for the Dodgers this year. But ???

    1. One other thing buddy, I hate them having a short bench and carrying 14 pitchers means they do. Right now they have 13 of each and that to me is better. They want to add pitchers wait until the roster expands on the 1st of September. Also, I think putting your faith in a kid who has one game at AAA is misplaced. Pepiot might well be the real deal. In the middle of a tight race like this, I do not believe he can thrive.

  5. Excuse my French but screw Bauer. In my eyes he is no longer part of this team. Pepiot may have talent, but he lacks experience. He got lit up pretty good in his first start. Urias is going to miss exactly one start. McKinstry was already with the team on the taxi squad and he did not have to go far to join the team. As for Bauer’s contract, nothing is going to be done immediately. And getting out of that deal is going to be a chore. Now, if they find him guilty, and he has not even been charged yet, then he might have violated the morals clause that is always in those contracts. But, this is not a domestic abuse case, this is sexual assault. Ozuna has been out longer than Bauer and his contract is structured different than Bauer’s. He has an opt out after this season. But here in lies the problem. The MLBPA is not going to take them just voiding his deal sitting down. He is a member of the union and like all unions, they are going to fight for their member. Unless MLB can show just cause for a suspension, he is merely on admin leave right now, they are going to have to go to an arbitrator to settle and disputes between the MLBPA and MLB. Manfred cannot keep handing down extensions on the leave forever. Right now it is in force until the 20th of the month. Another thing, I do not think he is going to be just welcomed back with open arms. I think a lot of his team mates do not want him back. Unless he is charged, and convicted, MLB does not really have a leg to stand on as to voiding his deal. It is a quagmire. Add to that the fact that the new CBA has to be negotiated, and neither side is too happy with the other right now, this is exactly the wrong time for something like this to transpire. But I would guess, the Dodgers legal division is looking for ways to void the deal if possible. And Tom, it is Pujols not Pujos.

    1. Welcome to the bearone48 column. I said a couple of weeks ago there is no way out of this mess for the dodgers. They eat the contract or welcome him back. Their only way out is a legal conviction and the way this high profile case us dragging I’m starting to think there won’t even be charges. I think the league is waiting for the legal system right now because their hands are also tied. If there are no charges than the legal system will be on bauers side. The league may have problems even suspending him. And they probably consider domestic abuse more serious than sexual assault. And someone will have to define ” moral clause” without charges or conviction. As you pointed out the mlbpa will jump in with bothfeet. This is going to be a real mess

  6. Pepiot went 4/1 innings tonight against Round Rock, gave up 4 runs on 5 hits and 3 walks. And he struck out 7. They lost, 7-3 with Raley hitting a 3 run jack in the 9th. Lux was the DH and went 1-4. Giants lost to the Rockies 4-1, Padres no hit by a rookie making his first start for AZ, 7-0. Padres lost Drew Pomeranz to season ending surgery and JT is back.

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