What Will Dodgers Do at 2021 Trade Deadline?

We are just a little over a month away from the 2021 summer trade deadline when some teams look to trade players as they gear up for potential playoff runs. The Dodgers obviously will be one of the contenders, but will they add anyone or stay pat?

As we all know, Dodgers President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman could have something up his sleeve, as the Albert Pujols signing earlier came out of the blue. But also it wouldn’t be surprising if the Dodgers stay conservative.

If you look at what the Dodgers need, the first answer that comes to mind is simply getting healthy. The team hasn’t been healthy all season, it’s been an injury carousel. Once the team is close to full strength, there aren’t many weak points.

The Dodgers should get Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager, and Max Muncy in the coming days and weeks back in the lineup. The Dodgers have been chasing the Giants for quite some time now, so they will look to get over that edge once they return to full strength.

Possibly, the team can look to add an extra outfielder or a bench bat with a proven track record in case of another injury. Another place where the Dodgers could add someone is the bullpen.

Where the Dodgers can certainly improve is in extra innings. So far, they are 1-7 in extra-inning games. Overall, the bullpen hasn’t been horrible as Kenley Jansen has posted quite a nice resume this year. Left-hander Victor Gonzalez and right-hander Blake Treinen have been quite effective as set-up relievers. However, the next tier of relivers has been mediocre at best.

Several names that can be in the running as trade candidates are Kendall Graveman from the Seattle Mariners or Richard Rodriguez from the Pittsburgh Pirates, both who are solid options out of the bullpen. The right-hander Graveman has posted a 1.31 ERA in 20 ⅔ innings this year. Rodriguez, who’s been closing games for the Pirates, has posted a 1.91 ERA in 28 ⅓ innings. Both teams figure to be out of contention this year, so they can very much be sellers.

Another option could be getting another starter, although this may be a less popular choice. Should the team be full strength for the playoffs, the Dodgers could move Julio Urias to the bullpen as they have in the past couple of postseasons. We saw how effective he was out of the bullpen last year.

One name that surely stands out is Max Scherzer. The veteran is in the last year of his deal and can be a difference-maker for any team. I personally believe the chances for the Dodgers to pull a deal off for Scherzer are slim, but it would not surprise me if they added another starter in some shape or form.

Ultimately, I think the Dodgers stay a bit conservative this trade deadline, perhaps adding a marginal player or two at the last minute, while hoping to stay healthy into the stretch run of the season.

After Monday’s tough loss to the Padres, the Dodgers look to rebound in the middle game. Clayton Kershaw will start for the Dodgers against fellow lefty Blake Snell. Kershaw this season is 8-6 with a 3.36 ERA while Blake Snell is 2-3 with a 5.72 ERA.

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. Pacific.

13 thoughts on “What Will Dodgers Do at 2021 Trade Deadline?

  1. Make a splash, be different for once….oh yeah, he played that card a couple of times with mediocre results. Darvish and Machado the menace. I think he will definitely do something that has something to do with PITCHING>

  2. I don’t know about the rest of you but I keep telling myself we’ll be fine once we get our injured guys back.

    Problem is there is no rule that says nobody gets injured after July 1st. We can try to guess what AF will do at the deadline but that could be completely turned upside down by new injuries during July.

    We know that Andrew always has umpteen plans depending upon how things play out. I’d sure like to know what he’s thinking/planning today and how it all plays out between now and the deadline.

    Scherzer would be a great addition but someone else will bid higher. We need to find another starter somewhere. Gonsolin’s shoulder can’t be counted on and Julio has already pitched more innings than in any other season and we still have more than half of this season to play.

    1. And it might look different in a month.

      I like the idea of strengthening the bullpen. I think we all like the idea of an innings eating starter. What would I do? Both of course.

  3. Where is everyone?

    Nick Robertson, Justin Bruihl, Kevin Quackenbush. One or more of these guys will get some innings.

    All three relievers who followed Kershaw have a better ERA than he does. I found that oddly paradoxical but encouraging.

    The Padres just look like they want it more against us. I think that will change going forward.

    1. I think the Pads will “want it more” all year. We won it all last year. They’ve been the stepchild forever. They’re just simply going to want it more. In my mind, the question isn’t whether we will want it more, it’s whether our talent can eventually overcome theirs. That won’t only depend upon talent but also injuries.

      And, of course, we can’t forget about the Giants. I want to, but they won’t let me. I absolutely can’t believe they haven’t fallen apart already and I still think they are due for a major implosion, but the fact is we could actually finish third in our division this year under the right (or wrong) set of circumstances.

      I feel safe in saying we don’t have to worry about being beaten out by the Rox or Snakes.

  4. Until they win the big one, they are still the third place team. Another lovely day in Blue Heaven as Dodger fans go nuts over a loss in June. Padres have played 3 more games than the Dodgers and lost them all. They cannot get those back. I am not worried, yet. And I doubt I will because common sense tells me this is not last years team. Last year they did not depend on as many untested players as they are now. They knew what they had. And they did not have the kinds of injuries they have had to deal with this year. And none of the other teams in the west were playing like they wanted to win except SD, and they owned the Pads last year. Every year is different, there is still time for them to get it going. If not, they will miss the playoffs for the first time in 8 years. Expectations for this team have been so high, that just maybe we expected too much.

    1. I think considering the injuries this team has played well. We are on pace for 97 wins. We have concerns, but I think the second half will take care of itself. This group knows how to get it done. The Padres are good, but they aren’t there yet. And I sure don’t see the giants winning 104.

      1. neither do I and I think when they get back to 100% or something close to it, things will be different. I also think AF is not going to stand pat.

      2. I agree about AF. I considered that when I said things will work out in the second half.

        I hear a lot of negative things about the Padres but with the exception of The Smirk, I like that team. I don’t mind the celebrations. They’ve got that obnoxious overblown bling thing, we had the banana. I wish we had Tatis. That guy is amazing. If it’s their time, so be it. They’ve been the junior varsity a very long time.

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