Should Dodgers Be Inquiring About Luis Castillo?

A name that has been in many trade rumors lately has been Reds pitcher Luis Castillo. There were rumblings recently that circulated through social media that he was on his way to the Yankees, but that rumor turned out to be false.

Many Dodger fans feel that the team should inquire about the former All-Star. However, with Trevor Bauer likely leaving for greener pastures, the Reds may ask for a larger return, especially as Cincinnati may be a contender in the NL Central in 2021.

Castillo was an All-Star in 2019, a season in which he posted a 3.40 ERA with a 15-8 record and 226 strikeouts. In 2020, he had a 3.21 ERA with 89 strikeouts in 70 innings. The 28-year-old right-hander made his debut back in 2017.

It was reported by Jon Heyman that the Reds were asking for Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres in a return package. The Reds are in need of a shortstop, so that may be the focal part of any deal, and obviously, the Dodgers won’t trade Corey Seager.

Another Reds player who has been linked to the Dodgers has been third baseman, Eugenio Suarez. A Suarez and Castillo deal may be the big move Dodger fans have been anticipating all offseason. The Reds and Dodgers have pulled off blockbuster trades before. What does a return look like for the Reds in this deal? Surely, they will have to get some Major League players accompanied by a couple of highly rated prospects.

Part of the reason that I think the Dodgers may inquire about Castillo is due to how aggressive the Padres have been so far this offseason. San Diego has added several arms including Yu Darvish, Blake Snell and on Monday added Joe Musgrove.

The Dodgers do have many viable arms already, and with David Price planning to come back for the new season, it may create a crowded space for only two to three spots.

Castillo is a great pitcher and has a lethal changeup that would add more heat to the Dodger rotation, but a deal is hard to envision without Suarez, barring a Justin Turner return. If Turner does re-sign, a Castillo deal may be harder to pull off. If the universal DH does in fact return in 2021, the Dodgers might be looking for another potent bat.

Personally, I think for now the Dodgers will stay patient; but depending on how the next several weeks pan out, I think it shouldn’t hurt to inquire. If the Reds continue to ask for any return similar to what they wanted from the Yankees, it isn’t quite worth it. But, if there’s a deal for Suarez along with Castillo, negotiating could get very interesting, and a deal might be pulled off at the right price.

A trade also doesn’t have to go down right now if the Reds feel they can win their division. Depending on how the year progresses, Cincinnati could hold on to Castillo and see what they can get for him at the trade deadline.

If the season started today, the Dodgers rotation would be among the best in the majors, but it also couldn’t hurt to add Castillio, as you never know with the ongoing pandemic and injuries causing emergency situations that call for more quality starting pitchers.

4 thoughts on “Should Dodgers Be Inquiring About Luis Castillo?

  1. The package required to get Castillo plus Suarez would be ridiculous and AF would never pay it.
    Castillo has lots of control remaining and isn’t getting paid all that much.
    Suarez has lots of control remaining and although he’s getting paid, the Reds can handle it.
    What they would love to get rid of are the contracts of Votto, Moustakas and probably Castellanos. Votto has a no trade clause so that eliminates him. If the DH is used this year, I suppose we might have some use for Castellanos.
    If we don’t bring back JT, we’ll need that righty bat to play third and Moustakas fits the bill, although he’s vastly overpaid for his skill level.
    Long story short, I don’t see any of this happening.
    There are other possibilities that make more sense, including not doing anything now and waiting for the trade deadline, as Jose mentioned above.

    1. Moustakas, he is a lefty, but agree he’s vastly overpaid for his skill level.

      I don’t see a trade fit here either, unless Cincinnati is desperate for money. How about one of Moustakas/Castellanos who both have three yrs remaining on their contracts at $16M/yr and buyouts in 2024 and Castillo for Jansen and his one yr at $20M and a tiny prospect package? It would payroll neutral in 2021. It’s the only kind of deal I see Friedman making.

  2. I’m ready to let JT walk. Have fun in Toronto or dirty DC. Kody Horse will be ready to roll next year and all Rios needs is at bats

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