Latest Dodgers Rumors: Chris Archer, Justin Turner, DJ LeMahieu, Kris Bryant and More

(Tony Dejak/Associated Press)

Rumors surrounding the Dodgers have picked up steam over the last several days, and there may be a possibility that a few are gaining credible momentum.

The newest buzz is that former Rays and Pirates pitcher Chris Archer was spotted throwing at a Dodgers facility, donning a blue hat which some Twitter users believe could be a Dodger hat.

Archer is 32 years old and is a two-time All-Star, with both appearances coming as a member of the Rays. Since getting traded to the Pirates in 2018, Archer has struggled with injuries, and his numbers on the mound haven’t been the same since his Tampa Bay heyday. However, he still has a career 3.86 ERA and a 3.65 FIP with seemingly some fuel left in the tank. Now a free agent, he may be in the market for a one-year prove-it deal.

According to some reports by the Los Angeles Times, Justin Turner and the Dodgers are years apart on a new contract. Turner is apparently seeking a four-year deal, while the Dodgers don’t want to commit to more than two years. Turner is now 36 years old, which would explain the reason why the Dodgers are hesitant to sign him to a contract of that length.

If the Dodgers are unable to come to an agreement with Turner, DJ LeMahieu may be the number one focus. The 32-year-old righty hitter came in third for the 2020 American League MVP and also posted a .364 batting average last season.

Andy talked briefly about the Turner contract news in her column on Monday.

There have also been whispers that the Dodgers could be exploring trades for Eugenio Suarez from the Cincinnati Reds or Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs secondary options to fill the void at third base.

Suarez is 29 years old and is a one-time All-Star. In 2018, the Reds signed him to a seven-year, $66 million contract. Consequently, Cincinnati may want a big haul of prospects if they’re going to part ways with the righty-hitting third baseman with four years left on his contract. Suarez enjoyed his best season in 2019, when he finished second in home runs in the National League with 49. He also posted a .271 batting average and 103 RBI that same season.

The Cubs seem to be entering a rebuilding phase and have been shopping their former MVP in Bryant. The three-time All-Star is now 29 years old, and Chicago may be looking at what they can get for Bryant since he is due to enter free agency after the 2021 season. He is also making $20 million in arbitration money this year. If Bryant does come to Los Angeles, it may very well be that he’s a one-year rental.

Conceivably, the Cubs would want a decent return for the righty-hitting Bryant, and the Dodgers would need to decide if one or more top prospects is worth the sacrifice.

Suarez is more of an interesting case, as he wouldn’t be a one-year rental and still has four years left on his contract. He struggled a bit this year, but he did have surgery in January on his right shoulder. The Reds and Dodgers have done business before—most recently in 2018 with the Yasiel Puig and Matt Kemp trade.

Ultimately, I hope Turner and the Dodgers do come to an agreement, but if they don’t, it looks like the Los Angeles front office might have a few backup plans in the works.

3 thoughts on “Latest Dodgers Rumors: Chris Archer, Justin Turner, DJ LeMahieu, Kris Bryant and More

  1. Saurez is a better hitters and makes a lot more sense if you are going to trade prospects. Younger, cheaper and and 4 years left on his contract. Sounds like turner is gone so let’s fill the spot. Like I said on a earlier post, we haven’t drafted a 1st, 2nd or 3rd baseman in 15 years and turner was a savior. Doubt any of our prospects are ever going to impact the major league roster so let’s solidify this position.

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