Dodgers Make Three-Team Trade, More Thoughts on Padres’ Moves

For much of the offseason, I have been refreshing my Twitter feed, hoping that roster moves would pick up. Over the past few days, moves did indeed pick up, but not in the way I thought. The Dodgers have remained overall quiet, making small transactions that I’ll get into a bit. But the Padres have made a flurry of moves, acquiring Yu Darvish, Blake Snell, and Korean Baseball League infielder Ha-Seong Kim.

First off, the Dodgers were involved in a three-team deal this morning, alongside the Phillies and the Rays. The Dodgers sent minor leaguer Dillon Paulson and a player to be named later or cash considerations to the Rays, while left-hander Jose Alvarado, the most known name to baseball fans, is headed to Philadelphia. The Dodgers received left-hander Garrett Cleavinger from the Phillies.

Cleavinger just made his Major League debut this season for a Phillies bullpen that has been quite bad. He pitched 0.2 innings with one strikeout last season. Over five minor league seasons, Cleavinger posted a 4.08 ERA in 220.1 innings. The 26-year old was selected in the 2015 draft out of the University of Oregon where he had posted a 1.94 ERA. As far as this deal goes, it isn’t those jaw-dropping deals, but it’s a deal the Dodgers tend to make. Adding depth can never hurt, especially when considering the number of fringe players used last season. Cleavinger will probably see more time in the minors than the majors for now, but who knows—Freidman and company have found these hidden gems that have turned out huge in the past.

The Dodgers also officially announced today that they’ve signed Tommy Kahnle to a two-year deal through the 2022 season. Kahnle underwent Tommy John surgery last year and will probably miss all of next season, so we won’t get to see him in Dodger blue until early 2022. He only appeared in one game last season before undergoing surgery. Back in 2019, he posted a 3.67 ERA in 61.1 innings along with 88 strikeouts.

So now I’ll give a few of my personal thoughts about the Padres moves, and how it affects the Dodgers. Andy recapped the moves on Monday before the Darvish deal went through on Tuesday.

In a sense, it reminds me of the offseason the Padres went through a couple of years ago when they added Justin and Melvin Upton alongside Matt Kemp, and we’re going for a new look.

But, obviously, this San Diego team is much better than that one. Darvish had a great bounce-back year after struggling with injuries since he left the Dodgers. Snell, a former Cy Young winner, seemed unhittable at times against the Dodgers in the World Series this year, and Seong Kim was highly touted out of Korea, where he hit .308

So how does this affect the Dodgers? The division won’t surely be a cakewalk in 2021, but the defending champs won’t go out easily. From a baseball fan standpoint, this is great for the game; it makes these divisional matchups between the Dodgers and Padres must watch games.

I’ve seen a couple of people suggesting that the Dodgers need to sign Trevor Bauer to keep up with San Diego. In reality, I do not think they do. Surely adding Bauer would be a bold comeback, but the Dodgers rotation as it is can compete with any major league starting crew out there.

It seems like the Padres are fed up with being the Dodgers little brother and are trying to close the gap. However, there is probably still more work to be done if San Diego truly wants to contend.

The Dodgers are the champions for a reason, as they have tremendous big league depth and talent, as well as a great farm system. For any fan worried about the Padres, I’d say until the Padres officially claim an NL West divisional title, Los Angeles will still be the top dog in the baseball world.

7 thoughts on “Dodgers Make Three-Team Trade, More Thoughts on Padres’ Moves

  1. I have posted many comments on staying content as th world series champions will be a big mistake. The JV team called the Padres are making moves to win! for us to do nothing is a BIG mistake!! I said “complacency is the killer of championships”. Let’s not be another example of that.

    1. Lots of time left before the season starts. Andrew is rarely the first guy to start changing up his roster during the winter. Give him some more time.

      That said, we just won a world championship with Pollock and JT pretty much having the kind of year we expected they would have, Seager and Smith being slightly better than we expected and Bellinger, Muncy and Lux being pretty awful. There is real hope for a vast improvement in our offense without even adding anyone, and I happen to think that AF will add someone.

      On the pitching side, Price our number three starter didn’t play all year. We expect him back, and May and Gonsolin will have the benefit of another year of experience wherever they are used (starter or bp). So our pitching should be improved in 2021 as well and AF probably isn’t done with bullpen additions yet.

      Garrett Cleavinger, the reliever we traded for today, might be an interesting pick up. Our assistant pitching coach Connor McGuiness was his pitching coach in the Az winter instructional league in 2017 so we do have some knowledge about his potential. If he makes the roster it will be an added bonus, but it wasn’t a total shot in the dark.

  2. The Padres have traded a lot of players in the last couple of days, I’m curious to see how it affects their rankings for their farm system. A front end of Snell, Darvish, and Lamet is pretty impressive, especially if Darvish, and Lamet pitch like they did last year.

    Agree with terry,somewhat If the Dodgers do nothing it could give the Padres the opportunity to catch up, and possibly steal away the division.

  3. Relax Terry and Keith. The offseason has barely begun. Look at this list of free agents still available. Friedman could build a team better than the Padres with just these guys.

    Friedman shops like my wife, she waits for sales and bargains. Me, and probably both of you, just go to the store and get what you want and ignore the price. As Jeff D laid out, Dodgers are in a wonderful position, enjoy the run to our ninth consecutive division title and second consecutive world championship! Trust in Friedman, he’s earned it.

  4. Okay boxout I’ll step back from the ledge, you’re right, I know this is a good season to slow play the market, and end up with some very good bargains.😀

  5. Is everyone worried yet? You should be. There’s one player the Dodgers can get that would offset all these moves made by little brother down south and it’s not even a pitcher. From my very own alma mater, LSU’s pride and joy DJ LeMahieu. Stick him at 2B and bring Turner back on a 1 year deal to man 3rd one last year. With DJ added to our already potent lineup and with David Price back in the rotation we will once again make the Friars 2nd best in the west. Get it done Friedman.

    1. They are saying DJ wants to stay in NY and there are already two teams there who would probably like to sign him.
      AF is creative. Maybe he gives him the contract $ and years he wants and allows him to play his home games in NY.

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