NL West Sure to Tighten After Padres Trade for Blake Snell

The Los Angeles Dodgers have won the NL West the last eight consecutive years. With the exception of 2018 when it took a one game playoff with the Colorado Rockies to decide the winner, the Dodgers have usually won it pretty handily and look to do so again in 2021.

The team to the south of the Dodgers appears to have something to say about that. The San Diego Padres have been feeling like the Dodgers’ little brother for a while now. Dodger fans routinely take over Petco Park when the Dodgers are in town, and the Padres have come up short against the Dodgers time and time again. Just this past postseason, the Padres were swept in a three-game series in the NLDS by the Dodgers on their way to their first World Championship since 1988.

The Padres have been busy adding key players to their squad. They landed Manny Machado in the 2018-19 offseason. Phenom Fernando Tatís Jr was acquired in a trade with the Chicago White Sox while he was still a minor leaguer. The Padres traded for Mike Clevinger at the deadline in the 2020 season. And now, they have also traded for LHP Blake Snell.

In return for Snell, the Padres sent four minor league prospects to Tampa Bay—RHPs Luis Patino and Cole Wilcox, in addition to catchers Francisco Mejia and Blake Hunt.

The Dodgers last faced Snell in Game 6 of the 2020 World Series, when he shut them down for 5.1 innings before giving up a single to Austin Barnes, prompting Rays manager Kevin Cash to remove him from the game. Cash did not want Snell to face the Dodgers’ lineup the third time through the order, even though he had been cruising up until that point. The rest, as they say, is history.

In a very small sample size, Snell bas pitched well against the Dodgers. Over 12 innings, in both the regular and postseason, he has a 2.25 ERA, 0.67 WHIP, and 16.5 strikeout to walk ratio.

Snell will no doubt have a chip on his shoulder when facing the Dodgers from now on, seemingly on a mission to prove that he can handle the lineup the third time through.

On Monday, there came more rumors that the Padres are not yet done with their quest to build a team to take down the Dodgers. San Diego is said to be in talks with the Chicago Cubs about possibly trading for RHP Yu Darvish. According to Dennis Lin, a writer for The Athletic covering the Padres, several players from the Friars would be heading to the Cubs.

The Padres rotation will be stout, even though Clevinger will not be in the rotation for 2021 after undergoing Tommy John surgery earlier in the fall.

Also on Monday, the Padres reportedly reached an agreement with Ha-seong Kim. The 25-year-old infielder became a free agent earlier this year when his KBO team, the Kiwoom Heroes, posted him for bidding. Kim will probably play second base and fill a utility role for his new team.

Competition makes better teams, and the Padres being good will absolutely be great competition for the Dodgers. It should be fun to watch these two teams battle for superiority in the NL West.


19 thoughts on “NL West Sure to Tighten After Padres Trade for Blake Snell

  1. I wonder if all these moves by Preller make AF any more likely to do something big himself. Maybe if he was on the fence about trading for an Arenado, Bryant or Suarez, this makes him a little more likely to do it.


  2. I still don’t get this team. No pitching, a few prospects and Myers and Hosmer. It will take more than 1 top of the rotation pitcher to make this team a contender in my eyes. But I seem to be the only person that believes that. I just don’t believe in prospects until they’re not. Nobody ever built a team with prospects, except Chicago and Houston, kind of, although half the teams try every year. You have to be really, really lucky both in the draft and then trades or free agents. Lots of teams have drafted better than
    the dodgers but not been able to supplement the roster as efficiently. We’ll see i guess.


  3. Gorden, Look at Lamet, and Davies numbers for last season they both had really good years, Paddock, and Gore have a ton of upside, and are expected to be good also, add Snell to that mix and they should have one of the better staffs, not saying the best staff, but they will be able to match most teams night in and night out. I think Tatis is going to be one of the next great players, I think he has Acuna/Soto, type capabilities. Manny proved last season that he is back, and that’s not even considering what they will be like if they pull off this Darvish deal. I think the Dodgers can be better, but if They don’t take the Padres seriously they could be in for a real surprise.

    With the Padres putting on pressure like this, the Dodgers may have to step it up also. I don’t think having Rios take JTs spot, bringing in Lux to play second, and having Mckinstry fill in for the eminent departure of kike is going to do it. AF is going to have to improve this team now, or the Padres will be crawling up the Dodgers’ backside.

    The Padres are throwing down the gauntlet, now what are you going to do about it Andrew Friedman?


    1. I’ve been meeting with AF all afternoon Keith and this is what we plan to do.
      We’re going to get Arenado from the Rockies because they’re desperate to get rid of him and nobody else will take on that contract.
      We’re going to give them Hoese and make them take Pollock and Kelly to defray part of Arenado’s contract.
      Then we sign JT and move him to first.
      Then we move Muncy to second and Lux to left or just move Muncy to left which I’m sure he’d have no problem playing quite adequately.
      New lineup: Mookie, Seager, JT, Belli, Arenado, Muncy, Smith, Lux, pitcher.
      Bench: Barnes, Beaty, Rios, Taylor, McKinstry
      If we get the DH this year, JT, Rios and Taylor can all move in and out of that spot plus playing in the field.
      If Lux doesn’t cut it at the half way mark of the season, CT3 takes over for him.
      Then we try to sign Hendriks but if not successful we get Hand or Rosenthal.
      Then we trade Ruiz, Beeter, and Vargas for Hader.
      Rotation: Kershaw, Buehler, Price, Urias, May
      Bullpen: Hendriks/Hand/Rosenthal, Hader, Gonsolin, Graterol, VGon, Kenley, and two of Knebel/Morrow/Nelson/Floro/Kolarek/Alexander

      A lot of moving parts to this so it may not be done until Wednesday.


    2. Keith i actually think the padres are trying to duplicate what the dodgers have done. Take your top 3 farm system, determine the 2, possibly 3 who will be actual major leaguers and trade the rest before anybody else realizes that they are not top prospects. Then sign a few free agents and hope. Their problem is getting rid of Myers and Hosmer then replacing them when your farm is depleted and you have no more money. No question they have taken a step forward and it will be nice to see another team in this embarrassing division. And the dodgers have their own problems right now. 1st, 2nd and 3rd base, maybe catcher ann nobody has explained to me why we went through the post season basically with 2 starters.


    1. Thanks. He was a poster for years, not always under that handle. Can’t remember other names, but I think his real name was Art. He’s disappeared. Oh well, people come, and people go.


  4. Dodgers make a trade. They get Clevinger! Nope, not that one, Garrett from the Phillies in a 3 way deal with the Rays. Dodgers sending the ever intriguing PTBNL and a minor leaguer, Dillon Paulson to the Rays. Phils get hard throwing lefty reliever Jose Alvarado from the Rays.


  5. Now that the Padres have acquired Darvish, Jeff, since you and AF are working on multiple deals together, I have another one I want you to get Andrew working on. The Padres would never trade with us, so now that they’ve traded Zach Davies to the Cubs, I want you and Andrew to bring Davies from cubs to the Dodgers, I’m sure the cubs will trade anybody on their roster right now. He would be great insurance if Price struggles, or if price is on top of his game Urias, or May could work out of the bull pen, at least until someone gets hurt, because someone always gets hurt.


    1. Funny you should mention that Keith because I had the same though earlier today. I’d like to see a guy in the rotation who isn’t a flame thrower. Another guy I’m even higher on is Kyle Hendricks who has three years of control remaining at $14MM per year. He’s very underrated because he doesn’t strike out guys but he’s been very effective throughout his career. Davies would be much easier to get (only one year left on his contract) but I’d first try for Hendricks, although I’m sure the cost in prospects would be pretty outrageous.

      Just imagine the fun it would be to have Kyle Hendricks and Liam Hendriks on the roster at the same time.


  6. I’ve been a big Hendricks guy for a while myself. He doesn’t throw the cover off of the ball so he goes mostly unnoticed, but he has been put up good numbers, and pitches a good amount of innings. I think Davies is a little younger/newer model of Hendricks. I would be very happy to have either one of them on the staff. So if you can pull off the Hendricks deal without giving up the farm, be my guest. Let me know what Andrew says, Jeff.😁


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