Possible Third Base Options If Justin Turner Lands Elsewhere

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We’re almost at Christmas Day, and the baseball offseason period remains quiet. Maybe Christmas will bring some offseason joy to the Dodgers in terms of a big signing.

With the offseason being so stagnant, there have been quite a few rumors thrown around, but none have really gained any traction. We haven’t heard anything really about Dodger free agents negotiating any contracts. Here, I’ll be taking at a couple of third base options if Justin Turner ends up signing with another team.

Obviously, in an ideal situation, any Dodger fan would love to see Turner return. But in this case, if he decides to play elsewhere, it will leave the Dodgers with a big spot to fill an many different levels.

The third base free-agent class this year isn’t very plentiful. Turner is possibly the best option out there, and I’m not just saying that as a biased Dodger fan.

Other recognizable names out there are Todd Frazier, Renato Nunez, Marwin Gonzalez, and Pablo Sandoval. Since the third base class isn’t very strong, this could mean more teams in need heavily pursue Turner.

No one in this class will probably put up numbers like Turner, but the Dodgers could find themselves in a situation where they have to sign someone if Turner walks.

One option is signing someone to a short-term deal, while Kody Hoese continues to develop. The 23-year-old third base prospect is estimated to arrive at the Major League level in the 2022 season if he continues to progress.

Someone who could sign a short term deal is someone like Frazier, especially if the Dodgers decide to begin the season with Edwin Rios in the third base picture. Frazier definitely brings a veteran presence and qualties of leadership. The 34-year-old was most recently with the Mets, as he got traded in the middle of the shortened season from the Rangers.

While the two-time All-Star is not the same player he was once, he could somewhat fill the veteran role Turner would leave. You won’t get 162 games out of Frazier, but he is capable of platooning with another lefty hitter, in addition to providing starts whenever needed.

However, what would be the likelier scenario is a trade. Several names have been rumored this offseason such as Nolan Arenado and Kris Bryant.

Arenado would be a blockbuster trade and awesome addition to a stacked Dodgers lineup. But I think the Rockies are hesitant to trade him within the division—particularly to the team that they’ve been trying to catch for the last decade.

Bryant is an interesting case, as there have been rumors that the Cubs have been shopping him along with old friend Yu Darvish. The Cubs seem to be wanting to start a rebuild, and a deal with them may require to unload a good number of prospects.

There have also been trade rumors surrounding the Dodgers and Francisco Lindor. If this deal somehow happens, it could mean a position switch to the third base for either Lindor or Corey Seager.

Barring Turner landing with another club, these are the names I think would be linked with the Dodgers. Of course, we are hoping Turner returns, but we’ve seen crazier things happen when player contracts are involved.

6 thoughts on “Possible Third Base Options If Justin Turner Lands Elsewhere

  1. Other names out there include Eugenio Suarez of the Reds, Jose Ramirez of the Indians (unlikely unless we take back a large contract they want to dump or overwhelm them with great prospects) and Chapman if the A’s decide to do their “trade him before he gets too expensive” scenario.

    Only Andrew knows what the Dodgers think of Hoese’s potential to be an All Star third baseman. If they really think highly of him, they will probably be willing to wait another year or two for him and bring back JT or add one of the names Jose brought up. On the other hand, they could decide to do a higher profile option which might very well mean Hoese is included in the trade.


  2. Man, I wish they would have approved the DH for the NL, then this would be a no brainer about bringing JT back. But if we’re going to talk about replacements I’d like to see Cory at third and Lindor at short, I don’t think it will happen because Boros isn’t going to want to do anything to affect Cory’s value as a free agent next off season.

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    1. The DH has not been entirely ruled out. It is a bargaining chip Keith. The players want it, and MLB want’s expanded playoffs, which the players are not so sure about. I would think that no decision will be made until just before spring training. That is also when they will get some idea of how long the season will be, will there be fans etc.

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  3. Rios can do the job. Once he realizes he is the everyday third baseman. More reps, more experience, a hell of alot better player. Has Lux played any third?

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