Several Team Notes as Offseason Period Remains Quiet

(Kyusung Gong /AP photo)

Yet another week has gone by without baseball, and the offseason period remains quiet. Only speculation continues to swirl around the baseball world, as fans continue to refresh their Twitter feeds in hopes of finding the latest rumors.

Just a quick side note, if you haven’t watched the Dodgers World Series Documentary, it is a must-watch. It’s available on Blu-Ray, DVD or you may catch it on FS1 sometime. It is narrated by the one and only Vin Scully.

Well, back to the offseason.

The Dodgers made another minor league move today, per J.P. Hoornstra of the OC Register. The team signed infielder Elliot Soto to a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training.

The right-handed hitting Soto made his big league debut in 2020 and was an 11-year minor league veteran, playing mainly shortstops and second base as well as a little bit of third. Ironically, he made his MLB debut against the Dodgers. The 31-year-old went 2-for-6 with a double over his three major league appearances.

The Dodgers are also reported to have an interest in right-handed reliever Ryne Stanek. He spent the past season with the Marlins, but before that, he spent time with the Tampa Bay Rays.

Dodgers executive Andrew Friedman drafted Stanek back in 2013 with the 29th overall pick.

Last year, we saw Friedman sign one of his former players just before the season in Jake McGee, and that turned out quite well.

Stanek is known as a flamethrower and could be on the cheaper side of relievers. He was used regularly as an opener for the Rays and struggled in that role. Before that, he was quite a nice bullpen arm in the middle innings. He struggled heavily during the 2020 season and therefore may be a high-risk, high reward player this offseason, depending on his salary demands.

With the Dodgers already adding Corey Knebel, there may be limited spots in the bullpen. Old friend Brandon Morrow recently just signed a minor league deal as well.

However, a deal with Stanek would be what I call a classic Dodger deal, as Freidman and Company often find these hidden gems that turn out to be a key piece of the team.

As far as rumors go, there isn’t much else out there for the Dodgers with the market staying quite stagnant.

The Sunday Night Baseball schedule for the first half of the season was released Friday morning, and the Dodgers only have one game schedule on the ESPN late Sunday night slate when they will host the Padres in late April.

I’d personally think the defending champions would have more games scheduled, but it looks like East Coast teams will see more national coverage.

5 thoughts on “Several Team Notes as Offseason Period Remains Quiet

  1. I’d be a bit surprised to see AF offer Stanek anything more than a minor league contract. With all of our carry overs from last season plus the signings of Morrow, Nelson and Knebel (where he might need to make room for one or more of those guys) I just don’t see the room on the major league roster. On the other hand, Stanek should be able to get a major league deal from some team. I doubt we’ll see him in Dodger blue this year.

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  2. I seriously doubt there will be any major movement or signings of any of the big name free agents before the new year. And definitely not before Christmas. Reds are discussing a Suarez trade with the Nationals. Not sure what the price is, but he is a RH power hitter. Friedman want’s to give Price a ring. Something about he was some sort of de-facto coach for his team mates. I have no problem with it. I do not like the idea of limiting the DH. I have gotten used to not having to watch rally;s killed by bad hitting pitchers. I do not care about the strategy, most managers, including Roberts are not great strategist’s anyway. Is it just me or are there way more T J surgery’s than ever now? Another young pitcher, this time from the Tigers organization is due to get it soon.

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  3. No, it’s not you bear, it seems there are two kinds of pitchers now, those that “ have had “TJ surgery, and those that “will have “TJ surgery. I guess throwing 95 to 100 is just a little past the limit of what a pitchers elbow can take.
    When pitchers threw 90 mph not many had to have TJ surgery.

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