Could Nolan Arenado Be Heading to Dodgers?

The World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers look to get even stronger reportedly pursuing a trade for Colorado Rockies superstar third baseman Nolan Arenado

According to Jon Morosi of MLB Network, the Dodgers and Rockies have had talks about Arenado and a deal could be done quickly should the conversations turn productive.

On Friday morning, Jim Bowden of MLB Network Radio stated that there could be a chance that Arenado ends up with the Dodgers by Christmas.

Arenado, who is 29, can opt-out of his contract after the 2021 season. If he opts in, he’d be owed $164 million more until 2026. The Rockies can look to move the 29 year old just for that reason. Any trade in place would require Arenado to waive his no-trade clause, however. He did grow up in Los Angeles as a Dodger fan, so he could easily waive that for a contending Dodgers team.

This shortened season, Arenado struggled a bit, battling injuries. He put up a .253 average with eight homers and 23 RBI. In his career, Arenado holds a .293 batting average and has been selected to the All-Star game on five different occasions. Some may make the argument that his numbers have increased due to playing in the most friendly hitters park Coors Field. There is a bit of a significant difference, as .322 is Arenado’s batting average at home and his away average stands at .263. His slugging percentage at home is .609 at home and .471 on the road.

While Arenado’s bat is great, what may even be greater is his defense at the hot corner. He’s won the Gold Glove Award at third base seven consecutive years from 2013-2020, and the streak looks to continue. The third baseman has also been named the Wilson defensive player of the year three times in his career.

A strength for the Dodger team however has been at third base for the past couple of years in Justin Turner. Turner has been a leader for the Dodgers and one of the most consistent players during their multiple postseason runs. Turner figures to be a free agent this winter, so if the Dodgers decide to bring him back that may make the Arenado situation a bit more difficult. The Universal DH could make a big impact for the Dodgers if MLB decides to bring it back, possibly moving Turner to DH and Arenado taking third making the Dodger lineup even scarier.

Corey Seager can also impact the Dodgers possibly trading for Arenado, if the long-term plan is to move Seager to third base. Seager enters free agency after the 2021 season in a shortstop-studded free-agent class.

Of course, another option at third is bringing back Turner and continuing to develop prospect Kody Hoese. Hoese is currently ranked third on the Top 10 Dodger prospect list, according to several models. The Dodgers selected the third basemen in the first round of the 2019 MLB draft out of Tulane University. His estimated Major League arrival is around the 2022 season.

Ultimately, the Rockies could decide to keep Arenado, as they may be reluctant to trade him within the division. Reports indicate that Arenado will opt out of his contract if he remains with the Rockies, so they may unload to get something in return.

As of now, the Dodgers look to be the favorites as a trading partner for Arenado.

6 thoughts on “Could Nolan Arenado Be Heading to Dodgers?

  1. I don’t agree that we’re the favorites for Arenado. We may be so in the minds of Morosi and Bowden but that doesn’t make it so. I think the Rox would only trade him here as a last resort. I think AF would only make that trade if it was very one-sided in our favor.

    Yes, Arenado has a no-trade clause, but no way he doesn’t accept a trade to a good team with a good track record for playoff appearances on a regular basis or a young team with a bright future: Yankees, Cards, Blue Jays, Braves, Nats and now Mets are all possibilities I could see.


  2. For the love of baseball.. no, please no! He is an overrated hitter and we already have Rios and, hopefully, JT until Hoese is ready. This is good enough. If we’re talkin’ new blood, I would rather have a revitalized Bryant for a few years.


  3. Bryant?? KLD, he’s worst than Seager trying to stay healthy!! Jeff knows where I stand when it comes to trades that I feel make the team better. DO IT!!! Complacency is the death of all dynasty’s!! I’ve said it and I’ll keep saying it.


  4. I’m a little hesitant on Bryant also, he’d be a great player if he could stay healthy, but I don’t think he will.
    I think Arenado can perform outside of Colorado, look at what LeMahieu is doing since he left, but I’m not sure I would want to tie up 35 mil a year for him. I think I’d save the money for Seager, if we could get him to move to third, and try to add story, or Lindor to play short stop next season.


    1. Hey Keith. Good to see you back here. Haven’t seen much of you lately.
      I pretty much agree with all your points. I’d sure hate to see JT gone though. I really hope they bring back the DH for 2021 which would create one extra spot, even if we do get Arenado.


  5. Thanks Jeff, I’m going to make a better effort to be more active here, I’ve missed posting and reading you guys, I even missed bear 😀
    I used to hate the idea of the DH in the national league, but I’ve come to accept, its time has come. The AL is not going to drop it, (the union would never agree, even if the owners wanted to) and to not have the same rules in each league, puts the NL at a disadvantage.
    That being said, JT would make the perfect DH now at his age and track record of staying healthy all season.


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