More Thoughts Surrounding the 2020 Championship Season

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The Dodgers are the 2020 World Series champions.

For many fans, feelings of both joy and relief may take a while to sink in. Joy because there’s not a team more deserving. Relief because the 32-year-old curse has finally been lifted.

Whatever the case may be, you can bet the players are looking forward to a few weeks when they can finally unwind, relax, and revel in their fantastic accomplishment. In the blink of an eye, many will start conducting their respective offseason business, whether it be pursuing a new contract with a new team or starting a rigorous offseason training plan.

Right now, there’s so much to talk about—so many thoughts regarding the upcoming 2021 season and whether this might be the start of a bigger run for the Dodgers. It’s probably important for all those close to the team to embrace the moment and the revelry of the World Championship, as it’s one of those things some people might take for granted—sort of like watching future Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw compete for 13 years without truly appreciating the fact that he’s the best pitcher of his generation.

Anyway, one of the big stories that broke after the game was how infielder Justin Turner was pulled from Game 6 early without any initial explanation. Turner’s COVID-19 test on Monday came back inconclusive, which led to another test on Tuesday that resulted in a positive reading. Why it took so long into the evening to get the ball rolling on an action plan is anybody’s guess. Furthermore, one can only imagine what might have happened if the news would have broken before the game began—like a potential postponement or even a player quarantine.

Regardless, Turner appeared to be asymptomatic and in good spirits after the game. At first, he was absent from the postgame festivities, but he eventually joined his teammates on the field to celebrate the championship. Currently, there have not been any other reports of players being infected.

“Thanks to everyone reaching out!” Turner said through his Twitter account after the game. “I feel great, no symptoms at all. Just experienced every emotion you can possibly imagine. Can’t believe I couldn’t be out there to celebrate with my guys! So proud of this team and unbelievably happy for the City of Los Angeles.”


At the end of the night, Corey Seager walked away with the Most Valuable Player trophy. In the back of my own mind, I wouldn’t have been disappointed to see Julio Urias earn the award, but as far as consistency and the volume of contributions go, there was nobody more deserving than Seager.

The 26-year-old native of Charlotte became just the eighth player in MLB history to be named the MVP of the World Series and a League Championship Series in the same year. In the World Series, he went 8-for-20 with seven runs scored, six walks, two long balls, five RBI and a stolen base. In the NLCS, he went 9-for-29 with eight runs scored, two doubles, five homers and 11 RBI.

“It’s absolutely phenomenal,” Seager said about his team’s accomplishment in the postgame. “This team was incredible all throughout the year, all throughout the postseason, all throughout the quarantine. We never stopped. We were ready to go as soon as the bell sounded. And once it did, we kept rolling.”


Already, there is a certain group of people who are labelling the 2020 campaign as an otherwise disparate season, particularly because of the effects that the coronavirus had on the shortened, 60-game campaign. However, in the greater scope of things, this abbreviated year was perhaps more challenging than the normal 162-game season, specifically in the playoffs. There was less time to prepare in the second round of spring training; there were more teams competing in the postseason; and off days in the wild card rounds, league division series and the league championship series were non-existent, leading to quite a few unorthodox in-game strategies by coaches and managers.

Besides, if there were to be any use of an asterisk in the World Series record books, there should be one placed beside the name of the team who undeservedly earned the title in the 2017 World Series debacle.

In the meantime, the Dodgers issued a statement on Wednesday morning saying that the city plans to hold some sort of celebration at a later date.

“This season was everything we believed it could be. It was just missing one thing: The best fans in baseball. While the wait for a World Championship is finally over, a celebration worthy of our great fans and the City of Los Angeles will unfortunately have to wait until it is safe to do so. We can’t wait to celebrate together!”

Please be sure to check back with us over the course of the offseason, as we’ll continue to provide daily coverage, thoughts, and insights surrounding the team and its minor league affiliates.

Certainly, there will be plenty to talk about.

14 thoughts on “More Thoughts Surrounding the 2020 Championship Season

  1. If anything, this championship was harder to come by than one in a regular season, but if opposing fans want to put an asterisk on it that’s fine. We’ll just come back and win it again next year.

    Urias was absolutely phenomenal during the playoffs and he has certainly cemented himself as part of the rotation going forward. To think, he’s been around for about five years already and he’s still only 24.

    I’ll be fascinated to see if AF tries to sign Seager long-term this off season or if he would actually prefer to go after one of the other free agent shortstops next off season. Assuming he would like to try to extend him now, does Seager say “no thanks” thinking that prices this winter will be depressed. On the other hand he’ll have four other very good shortstops competing with him next winter. Should be interesting.

    1. So many things to talk about, man. Do the Dodgers pursue Turner? If not, can Rios become a reliable, everyday third baseman? What is the outlook for Gavin Lux in 2021? Who will be the closer? What happens with free agent Enrique Hernandez, being that Chris Taylor is already extended? After digesting his importance in the playoffs, will Austin Barnes be back?

      1. With both Kersh and Buehler obviously preferring to throw to him, I don’t think Barnes is going anywhere until he’s a free agent in winter 2023.

        I think AF wouldn’t mind bringing back Kike but I’m sure he’d like to be an every day player and someone should offer him that chance. It’s not like he’s going to be all that expensive to sign.

        Unless JT managed to infect the entire team by coming on to the field after the game, I don’t see any scenario under which he isn’t back.

        I think that Barnes’ play this season might just have made it more likely that Ruiz is included in a trade this winter. Maybe as part of a deal for Hader?

      2. It still hasn’t sunk in for me that there was zero minor league baseball this year. It’s always been a huge part of my perspective. If Ruiz stays, maybe they deal Cartaya. Here’s a thought: Maybe Zach McKinstry becomes the left-handed hitting version of Enrique after Hernandez departs.

      3. ZacMac probably makes more sense than bringing Kike back. It would certainly be cheaper. Also, based on how little action Beaty saw this year and how they seem to like Rios, I could easily see Beaty going somewhere this winter. Too bad because I really like him, but maybe he’ll have a chance to at least play somewhere else.

        What a feeling it must be for Andrew, knowing that they finally won a WS and knowing how little he’ll be losing off of that team for next year. The pitching staff (starters) will only be stronger with Price around and Urias, May and Gonsolin with another season of experience. Possibly Gray and White in addition, although one of those five young pitchers could be included in a trade. I would be very surprised on opening day next year if most pundits don’t say the Dodgers are a stronger team than the one who won in 2020.

  2. I’m not as mad as a lot of the media seem to be about Turner celebrating. He deserves the celebration most as much as anyone but Kershaw. Everyone makes mistakes and his emotions took over. Let’s move past it I say. As far as next year I think JOc, Kike and Baez probably find deals big enough to leave LA. I would live to have all 3 back but we have Rios to take Joc’s LH DH role and part time 3B/OF. Lux will be key, if they think he stats then Kike is gone and CT3 is your utility and 4th OF. Zack McKinstry would be a much cheaper optioning Dennis said. I said it yesterday and say it again. Barnes spit is cemented with our pitchers backing up Smith so it’s time to offset the loss of Baez and probably others. Josh Hader would be exciting but so would someone like Nick Anderson from the Rays. We must replace Kenley as closer as bad as I hate it and we have to make a serious call on who gets left from the rotation with Price coming back. People will call me nuts but we could kill 2 birds with one stone. Keep Kershaw, Buehler, Price, May and Gonsulin in the rotation and make Urias our closer.

    1. I’m sure your thought about making Urias the closer has already occurred to management Alex. I thought about it too. That said, they may prefer to use him in the rotation and it might be rejected immediately. You never know what their thought process will lead to, but it isn’t a totally crazy idea.

      We’ll need a platoon replacement for Joc, assuming he leaves, but I think the biggest question after the closer situation will be Lux. Will he play up to his potential? Will that happen starting next year or would he be helped by another year at OKC? Will there even be minor league ball next year or will Covid hang around long enough to kill off another minor league season. Lots of questions to be answered, but at least we’ll be dealing with those questions as WS champs.

  3. The Dodgers are a class act. They will wait to celebrate until they can share it with the fans. Classy. I do not blame Turner at all. I doubt seriously that him being on the field with his team mates after he had spent the entire game with them prior to being notified of the test that all of a sudden they were going to get the virus. That is like closing the barn door after the live stock have run away. There is enough bureaucracy in this country without it being expanded to sports. Muncy blasted Manfred after the presentation on Twitter for his comments about the trophy being a piece of metal. That also referred to him letting the Stros off of the hook with a slap on the wrist. I still believe their title should be stripped. Oh yeah, the team was cleared to fly home, which means no one tested positive. JT and his wife remained in Texas. Brad Hand was placed on release waivers by the Indians. Any team can claim him, but if they do they have the 10 million dollar option to pick up. The Indians do not want to pay that, but they are also hopeful that some one claims him so they do not have to pay the 1 million buy out either. George Springer does not want to return to the Astros. Imagine that.

      1. Do release waivers go in order even when the season is over? I do not remember that. I just figured he was fair game for all of the teams. Yanks need starters more than relievers.

      2. Yes, reverse order even after the season and in Hand’s case, all AL teams go before the NL teams. Yanks usually find it hard to pass on a really good reliever, even when they don’t need him.

      3. They just picked up Britton’s option. I do not think they will go for Hand now.

      4. Yeah, that might make a difference. On the other hand, the Phillies have money and they had major bullpen problems last year. Of course they might spend a lot of their “open to buy” funds on Realmuto but won’t know that outcome until after they would have to claim Hand.
        If no one ahead of us claims him, another factor that AF would have to deal with is bringing back Treinen. I doubt he’d spend money on both so it might become an either/or decision and Treinen’s asking price might have something to do with that.
        If it’s me and he’s available I claim him without even thinking about it. He’s still a very effective pitcher. Baez and Kike’s combined salaries would cover the 10 mil.

  4. Yeah I chance Hand makes it to us but if did they would be stupid not to pay the $10 million. AF should get creative and sweeten the pot with a low level kid with potential so they bring Hand off waivers and just trade him outright. I’d rather spend $10 million on Hand than $7-8 million on Baez. We need to remake the bullpen and trim the expensive fat because soon Seager and Buehler will cost a boatload. You may need to unload a couple prospects but I would do it if we could get from under Kenley and Kelly’s contracts. Victor Gonzalez and Graterol priced their worth in the future of this pen and I’d being Treinen back too. This is why I’m screaming to use Keibert Ruiz to get you at least one elite reliever.

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