Dodgers Activate Clayton Kershaw, Option Mitch White


The Dodgers on Sunday activated left-handed starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw from the injured list. To create space on the active roster, the team optioned right-handed pitcher Mitch White back to camp.

After being placed on the IL on Opening Day, the 32-year-old Kershaw will start the series finale in Arizona after missing the first nine games of the season with lower back soreness. The Texas native is entering his 13th season in the major leagues and is 169-74 with 2.44 ERA (617 ER/2274.2 IP) and 2464 strikeouts.

Last season, Kersh went 16-5 with a 3.03 ERA (60 ER/178.1 IP) and 189 strikeouts in 29 games (28 starts), while passing Sandy Koufax (2,397 strikeouts) for most strikeouts by a left-hander in franchise history and most wins (165) in Los Angeles Dodgers franchise history. He was originally drafted with the seventh overall selection in the 2006 MLB draft out of Highland Park High School.

White, 25, was recalled yesterday for the first time in his career. The San Jose, CA native has been with the Dodgers four seasons across five different levels, posting a 14-15 record with a 3.97 ERA (130 ER/294.2 IP) and 311 strikeouts.

Last season, White split the season between Double-A Tulsa and Triple-A Oklahoma City, going a combined 4-6 with a 5.09 ERA (53 ER/93.2 IP) and 105 strikeouts. The young righty was originally selected by the Dodgers in the second round of the 2016 MLB draft out of Santa Clara University.

White did not make an appearance during his one-game big league stay.

In other news, skipper Dave Roberts told reporters that Corey Seager is day to day after dealing with two different leg issues. The first involved the shortstop taking a foul ball off his calf in Friday’s contest, while the second has affected cramping in his quad, conceivably resulting from dehydration issues.

Roberts also said on Sunday that infielder Gavin Lux is “getting closer” to big league action.

Sunday’s lineup vs. righty Kelly:

  • Betts RF
  • Muncy 1B
  • Turner 3B
  • Bellinger CF
  • Taylor SS
  • Pollock LF
  • Pederson DH
  • Hernandez 2B
  • Barnes C
  • Kershaw P

First pitch is slated for 1:10 p.m. Los Angeles time.

(Juan Dorado furnished some information provided in this report)



16 thoughts on “Dodgers Activate Clayton Kershaw, Option Mitch White

  1. Glad to see Mookie hitting leadoff against a right hander, but that might have something to do with Seager sitting today. Hopefully it becomes permanent (Mookie, not Seager).

    Poor Mitchell White, never even got into a game. I hope they don’t use the Brock Stewart Plan with him.

    Glad to hear Lux is getting closer. I have no clue who would be sent out when he comes back. Maybe an extra pitcher. Or maybe a trade would clear some space. There again, no idea who might be moved to make room for him.


    1. I would think that Victor Gonzalez is near the top. I’m curious to see who goes down when they trim the roster to 28 this week, then 26 two weeks later. I’ll say right now that it will be a shame if they send Rios back to camp. Six home runs in 54 major league AB is ridiculous. Conceivably, Rios might be a tad higher than Beaty right now on the depth chart, I would hope.


      1. I’m a big Beaty supporter but if I had to choose right now, I think I’d have to pick Rios if only one could stay.
        I think there are ongoing talks to leave the 30-man roster intact all year long. Obviously, if they decide to do that, it will have to be decided soon.
        When Lux returns, if they decide to send down a pitcher instead of a position player, Victor seems like the logical choice. Of course, injuries, both real and imagined, always factor into those types of decisions.


  2. That was Cy Young Kersh our there today! Throwing 93 and locating all three pitches. Thank you driveline! A Belly and Betts day! Can you believe the era’s of our bullpen! But please bear how much longer do I have to endure Barnes? We have the Mendoza line at .200 and soon the Barnes line at .100! Can we dh for Barnes and let the pitchers hit? I can’t take It any more. At least May has some power and puts the ball in play.


      1. MLBPA has petitioned the league to keep the rosters at 30 all season long. Has not been ruled out yet, so we will find out after the 14th game I would guess. Nice win today, Belli and Betts homer in the same game for the first time. Belli made an awesome running catch to save a run and end the game. Judging on his closing speed, and how hard that ball was hit, I am of the mind he would have caught Walker’s drive the other night. 7-3 after 1/6th of the season. If they play that way the rest of the year they will end up 42-18. D-Backs now the worst team in the western division. My opinion of Barnes right now is that he would be better off stepping to the plate without a bat since he has totally forgotten that you need to hit the ball to get on base. I cede this one to you Rich. Either give Ruiz a shot, or trade for a catcher who can hit. The other choice is QUIT platooning and hand Smith the full time job. Betts hits a homer with a sore finger. Guy has some mad skills.


  3. Scott Alexander faced three batters today and struck out all of them, but that wasn’t even close to the best performance by a relief pitcher named Alexander today. Tyler Alexander of the Tigers struck out 9 in a row against the Reds today.
    Together those two were definitely Alexanders the Great.

    This should be a very interesting series against the Pads coming up. We need to win at least 2 of the 3. We don’t want them thinking they can keep up with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ok I’m prepared to take some fire because I’m going to stick up for Barnes a little here but here me out. This team us built to win it all no question. We are deep at every position and we have one of, if not the very best offense in baseball. Will Smith should absolutely be the starting catcher and catch 3 out of every 4 games but you can’t beat him up playing him into he ground he’s got to have a break. For a team with our offense and our elite pitching staff with championship or bust goals who do you want backing up Smith? Do you go with the untested Ruiz who has 10x Barnes talent with the bat but is also not experienced handling the staff, calling games or playing defense in general as Barnes? Or do you go with the guy every 4th day that is proven behind the plate defensively, knows all the pitchers and calls a good game? To me it’s a no brainer, you go with the veteran Barnes. Catcher is the one position where defense is still more important than offense and I can live with shortening the lineup once a series to know I have a quality guy behind the plate for my star pitchers. Ruiz time is coming, it’s just not this year with this crazy setup and short season.


  4. Ok Alex you’re on fire! Not even bear can defend Barnes any longer! He’s now encroaching on historic levels of offensive incompetence. It’s Ruiz’s time to show us what he’s got!


    1. Problem is this Rich, first off, he is CK’s personal catcher. Also, the FO really is not worried about offensive production from their catchers with the offense of this team as strong as it is. They can opt for the defense from them instead. And there is no guarantee Ruiz is going to be better. He has less than 30 games at AAA. His defensive skills are not nearly as refined as Barnes or Smith. And Ruiz at one time was their top prospect. Ruiz will get a shot, but probably not until next year unless there is an injury.


  5. A lot of fans are saying that AF should go after JT Realmuto. They forget, he also would have to learn the staff, and he is a free agent at the end of the year. I think they will be fine at the position. A couple of hits fall in for ol Barnsie, and he just might be ok.


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