Dodgers Updates: Walker Buehler, Charities, Social Justice, and More

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We’re down to only six days before the start of the abbreviated 2020 regular season, when the Los Angeles Dodgers square off against the San Francisco Giants. Clayton Kershaw will take the mound at Dodger Stadium, with Johnny Cueto doing the same for the Giants.

There still remain some issues with Covid-19 and its protocols. The Dodgers, along with the Washington Nationals, are one of only two teams that play in a city where it’s mandated that people quarantine for 14 days when they’ve come in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus, even if that person themself does not test positive. That could have a huge rippling effect through the whole team if that happens. The Nationals are exploring alternate sites to play. As of right now, the Dodgers are not.

While everyone has reported to camp who is going to, one player we haven’t heard much about it Walker Buehler. We’ve seen pretty much every other player take the mound during the intrasquad games, with the exception of AJ Ramos, who has thrown off the mound at Dodger Stadium just not yet in a game.

Buehler arrived at camp a tick behind his other pitching counterparts and has yet to build up innings. The righty threw a bullpen on Wednesday and is scheduled to throw two innings in Friday’s final intrasquad game. All expectations at this point, however, are that he will be ready for Opening Day. One would assume though that the bullpen will have to be ready to use a few arms in that second game of the season.

If you’re looking for some ways you can donate to the Los Angeles community, the Dodgers have recently announced two ways you can do so.

On Thursday, the Dodgers organization released a video featuring key players touting the importance of Black Lives Matter. Kershaw bookends the video, which features nine additional players in Buehler, Justin Turner, A.J. Pollock, Gavin Lux, Alex Wood, Kiké Hernandez, Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling, and Cody Bellinger.

Earlier this week, Kershaw, Pederson, Stripling and Turner joined the inspirational leaders of the Brotherhood Crusade, Children’s Defense Fund of California, Brothers, Son, Selves Coalition, and the Community Coalition, four of the 13 organizations in the CFBMOC. The organizations shared the history of racial and social inequalities in Los Angeles, and the players shared how they want to use their social media platforms and resources to amplify and support this important work. The listening session is meant to be just a start of many conversations between players and the community.

During practice today, players will be wearing “In This Together” t-shirts. These shirts are available at and proceeds will go to help all of these much needed organizations.

The Dodgers also announced Wednesday that they will be selling cutouts of fans to be placed in the stands during games. The cutouts are either $149 for placement in the Field or Loge Level, or $299 for placement in the Pavilion Home Run Seats or the Dugout Club. All proceeds will go to the Dodgers Foundation to help needs in the Los Angeles community.


8 thoughts on “Dodgers Updates: Walker Buehler, Charities, Social Justice, and More

  1. Well I read today that Tyler White is no longer a Dodger. I could not be happier. Lobaton signed with the Cubs.

  2. Wow bear, did Tyler a White shoot your dog or something? Why do you have it in so bad for him?

    1. He stunk up the joint that’s why. He did absolutely zip as a Dodger. Ron Negron was a better pick up than White. I was ecstatic when he was removed from the roster. He and Gyorko were the same guy basically, and one of those sets of trades AF makes that make no sense and no difference. Hey, you come to the team, contribute to winning, and do a decent job, I am ok with it. Be he and Gyorko did bupkis. Negron hit 2 homers, which is more than either of them combined and he was a defensive plus. You suck, you leave…makes me happy!

    2. Let me expound Rich.. Just because a player is a Dodger, does it mean I have to like him? There have been many players acquired over the years that I have not liked. And you know me, I march to the beat of my own drum. I especially do not like them if they do nothing. And sometimes, I dislike them even if they are big parts of the team. I despised Grandal. Not sure why, I just never liked the guy. I think his lack of hitting in the clutch had a lot to do with it, and his mediocre defense as far as blocking balls in the dirt. Cost us more than a couple of games doing that. He also was one of the biggest rally killers I have ever seen. Oh yeah, he had his moments, and hit some homers. But in 4 years as a Dodger, he had one game winning hit, never hit above .242, and never drove in more than 72 runs. His big skill was pitch framing. Whoopdeedooo. I never was a huge Don Sutton fan. Just something about that pompous windbag that galled me. Disliked him even more when he became a Braves broadcaster. The Dodgers have had a lot of players come over for short periods of time that were ineffective. Marichal was one. Boog Powell, Rocky Colovito, Wes Covington, Jim Thome, just to name a few. Even Dick Stuart, Dr Strangeglove spent some time in LA. Colovito played 40 games and was released, he hit 3 dingers in LA> Covington hit under .200, Powell played in 50 games, but hit no homers. Probably because he pinch hit most of the time. Stuart actually played in over 100 games as a Dodger, but he only hit 3 homers and had 9 RBI’s. Thome hit no homers, and played in 17 games, he was injured though, Colovito, Marichal, Covington, and Powell were in their last years of long careers. Stuart played one more season, Colovito finished that season as a Yankee, Thome moved on to the Twins and played 3 more seasons with 3 different teams including returning to his Cleveland roots. He hit double figure homers the 2 years after leaving the Dodgers before falling to 8 in his final season. There are 2 other players the Dodgers traded for that played 1 year in LA and left. And I really disliked both of them. Frank Robinson, and Richie Allen. I never had liked Robinson from when he was with the Reds. I respected him as a player, but just disliked him a lot. Allen, well he was just another one of those players who came across as a belligerent individual. I read much later how much Alston disliked both of them, and that was one of the major reasons both only spent a year in LA. Robinson did not have an exceptional year in LA and was much better when he returned to the AL the following season with the Angels. Allen actually had a decent season in LA, but the riff with Alston was enough for him to be traded to the Sox for Tommy John. So, I hope you get why I am this way, If not, hey what ever floats your boat. I am also not too keen when an Exe Giant joins the team.

  3. I did not like Kent, but at least he was a productive member of the team. He notably jumped all over Matt Kemp for some reason that escapes me now. My thing is this. Good players find a way to get the job done. White had a short run with the Stros where he was a valued member of the team. As a Dodger, sorry he did not measure up. Some say, well he did not cost us much. True, but he also did bupkis to earn his keep. Even scrubs have their day now and then. Look at Bucky Dent, he was the MVP in the 78 series, he and Brian Doyle teamed up to hit over .400 against the Dodgers. Sure, Reggie had a couple of homers and 8 ribbies, but Dent and Doyle played way above their heads. It has happened for the Dodgers too. Kike hitting 3 homers in the clinching game of the 17 NLCS. Do the job, and I am ok with it. Otherwise, get the hell off of my team.

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