Dodgers Announce Player Pool for 2020 Season

(Photo Credit: Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports)

The Dodgers on Sunday afternoon announced their player pool for the 2020 season, including 28 pitchers, five catchers, seven infielders, seven outfielders and four infielders/outfielders.

While up to 60 players could have been selected under MLB rules, the Dodgers chose to add 51 to their initial list, which needed to be submitted to the league by 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Additional players may be added at any point in time, so long the total does not exceed 60.

The group of 51 includes all players on the 40-man roster, seven players that attended Spring Training 1.0 as a non-roster invitees and four additional players within the organization.

Here is the entire player pool broken down by position:

Pitchers (28):

Catchers (5):

Infielders (7):

Outfielders (7):

Infielders/Outfielders (4):

Asterisks indicate players who are non-members of the team’s 40-man roster. All of these players will report to the team’s alternate training site.

According to the league’s adopted operating manual for 2020, all players on a 40-man roster “that the club anticipates participating” during the season will be part of this player pool, while the rest will be made up of non-40-man roster players under contract.

No team will be allowed to exceed the limit of 60 players in its player pool at any time during Spring Training 2.0 or the regular season.

(Juan Dorado furnished the majority of information provided in this report)

7 thoughts on “Dodgers Announce Player Pool for 2020 Season

  1. No real surprises so far, except for the absence of Terrence Gore. Would have thought he would be on the list, especially since they’ve only included 51 names so far. It will be interesting to see if draftees Miller, Knack or Beeter are included once/if they sign. Knack might be the most major league ready at this point.


    1. Doubt any of the draftees make the list even after signing. Team is too deep. 28 pitchers and 32 position players. No room really. Not surprised at all that Gore was left off the roster. He was not that impressive in spring training. Due to payments already received, neither Ross Stripling or Jimmy Nelson will be paid when they restart the season. What they received is more than they are due.


      1. Someone on The Athletic reported that both Miller and Knack are likely to be added. Remember, some of these guys will be added just so they can work out and get tutored. I think that guys who aren’t on the 60-man list are not allowed to work out with the team in either location. AF could also add other guys so long as he doesn’t go over 60.


  2. Mets signing some free agents including Melky Cabrerra. Old friend Trayce Thompson showed up on the D-Backs 60 man. Loved the guy when he first came up. Then he hurt his back and never has been the same.


  3. We’ve now signed Landon Knack for about $440k under slot.
    That leaves Beeter and Vogel left as unsigned and we have almost $930k to divide up between them, above their slot amounts. Shouldn’t be a problem signing both of them. I’m guessing Vogel gets more of that than Beeter.


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