Dodgers Reportedly Sign Alex Wood

(Los Angeles Times photo)

Almost exactly like we hypothesized a little over a week ago, the Dodgers reportedly signed Alex Wood to a one-year deal on Sunday, which coincidentally was Wood’s 29th birthday.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic was among the first to report the news.

The contract is apparently worth $4 million with incentives that can increase Wood’s 2020 salary to $10 million. Rosenthal also indicated that the southpaw’s physical is already complete and that the contract has been signed.

Indeed, Wood creates depth for a somewhat questionable Los Angeles rotation. Furthermore, Wood could conceivably be in a battle with newly signed Jimmy Nelson for the final spot in the starting five. If anything, it broadens the landscape of the pitching staff as the team prepares to begin spring camp.

Back in 2015, Wood came to Los Angeles for the first time in a cluster of a trade that involved players like  Jim JohnsonJose PerazaBronson ArroyoLuis AvilanHector Olivera and Paco Rodriguez, among several others. Last winter, the Dodgers traded Wood, Matt KempYasiel Puig and Kyle Farmer to the Reds for Homer BaileyJeter Downs, and Josiah Gray.

Sandwiched in between those deals were quite a few injuries. Still, while wearing Dodger Blue in 2017, Wood had one of the best years of his career, earning a selection to the NL All-Star squad while putting up a 16-3 record with a 2.72 ERA alongside 151 punchouts over 25 starts.

The Reds thought that they had a potential gem in the receiving end of the deal, but Wood landed on the injured list with a back injury just before Opening Day last year. He recovered in time to make seven starts in August, but the injury to his back returned, keeping him on the shelf for the remainder of the season.

Even if he ends up contributing in the relief department, Wood’s career numbers as a reliever are far better than those as a starter. Over 43 lifetime relief appearances, he has tallied a 2.70 ERA with 54 strikeouts over an even 50 innings pitched.

It might also be worth mentioning that Wood has no options remaining on his contract.

Right now, in theory, the front four of the Dodgers’ rotation might consist of Walker BuehlerClayton KershawKenta MaedaJulio Urias and one of either Wood, Nelson, Dustin MayTony Gonsolin or Ross Stripling as the fifth starter.


16 thoughts on “Dodgers Reportedly Sign Alex Wood

  1. You’ve just listed 9 pitchers, 7 of whom have already demonstrated they are comfortable pitching out of the bullpen. If none of these guys are shipped out in trades and all make the roster, that only leaves room for 4 more relievers (assuming a 13 man staff). Kenley, Baez, Kelly, Treinen? I would think that at least one of Ferguson or Alexander make the team. I guess May and Gonsolin will have to pitch extremely well in ST to avoid starting the year at OKC. On the other hand three or four of those nine starters could be injured on opening day.


    1. How many of the 13 will be peaking in October?

      Wood is a professional pitcher that I believe will be helpful. He’s a more experienced Ferguson. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s not great either. I sure hope he’s healed.


  2. Zerillo is an interesting read. They predict we win 96 with about a 10 day cushion. St Louis and Washington in Division dog fights to the end. Not sure what that might mean but it could suggest something. Like maybe winning the Division easily doesn’t tune us up for a playoff run? Or maybe resting key players in September will give us advantages? I don’t know. But I’ll take 96 wins, home field in the LCS and hope like hell the Yankees get bumped by the Wild Card. Hey, the Ravens lost. Stuff happens.


  3. I just read an article that addressed Cody Bellinger regarding the cheating scandal that has, I can’t say rocked baseball but has drawn some attention from the MLB. I ask myself, how do you attempt to make the penalty really sting the Astros and the Red Sux, you not only have to damage them with financial penalties but you have to go much further to sting the organizations. At this point, the only option really is to strip the two teams of those titles and award those to WS titles to the Dodgers. A fine really doesn’t hurt the fat cat owners severely enough, there has to be more of an emotional (and promotional) effect laid down on these cheaters, if in fact that the MLB doesn’t it to happen again, or at least happen again so easiliy. Some may argue that it would be a hollow victory for the Dodgers, maybe so (I don’t agree, the Dodgers got severely penalized by the cheating in each of those series), the point really is that the cheaters have to be severely damaged. Hell, Barry Bonds and others cheated and they are still feeling the effects of their cheating ways (no HOF, pariah treatment are two examples). Get off MLB and REALLY stick it to the Astros and Red Sux, the sooner the better.


    1. I don’t want to put words in your mouth IJDM, but can I assume from your comment that considering how the Astros and Red Sox have cheated us out of two WS titles, you think that Andrew Friedman is actually an excellent head of baseball ops and we’re extremely fortunate to have him? 🙂

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      1. You are free to assume anything you like Jeff. I am not saying that the Dodgers had a better team than both the Astros or the Sox, my premise is you have to punish cheaters and make it a real punishment, one that really stings and discourages cheating. Would I have loved to see those WS played without cheating, you bet. However those series were played with a severe breaking of rules, even if the Dodgers would have won those series, the cheaters should have been punished severely to discourage the cheating. IF the Dodgers had actually won those series, then there would have to be another remedy than the one I mentioned.

        Jeff, since you say you like to have discussions, I’m assuming, tell me what you think the MLB should do to the Astros and Sux. AF had no part in the cheating, thus the question of his excellent head of baseball skills is irrelevant to what I proposed.

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      2. I totally agree that the penalties need to be severe and I would have no problem if the teams’ title was taken from them. I don’t think you can just award the championship to the Dodgers, however, because other teams like the Yankees were beaten along the way and may have ultimately beaten the Dodgers. I read the other day that the players involved probably won’t be punished and I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. We’ll have to see the evidence, but it may well be that this whole thing was started by players (Cora, Beltran), so why shouldn’t they receive punishment. Even if they didn’t come up with the plan, some of them certainly participated. Everyone up the ladder who knew what was going on should receive a penalty. I don’t know that I would ban anyone permanently but a year or two suspension, depending on how much involvement, wouldn’t bother me at all.

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  4. I’m guessing a fine which won’t be big enough. Suspensions of coaches and executives which won’t be long enough. And loss of draft picks which won’t be enough of them.


  5. How about a 10 million dollar fine. A two year suspension for executives and coaches involved and the loss of an entire draft in 2020. What do you think? Does that getbother teams attention?


  6. I agree that the penalty’s should be severe. I also think that you take away the titles, and just declare no WS champion like they did in the strike year 1994. The league championship for the Dodgers means more that way. Just awarding them the title does not really solve anything. Now, for those involved the penalty should be severe. Cora and Beltran should be suspended as should the people who set the whole thing up. Problem with suspending Cora and Beltran is that they both are managers on different teams now. Beltran with the Mets, and Cora with the BoSox. The decision to suspend Cora would be easier since he was on both teams when the cheating occurred. Suspending Beltran hurts an organization that was not involved. Although if he is suspended, the Mets may just fire him anyway and hire a new guy. Taking away draft picks only hurts for a little while. This penalty, if the accusations are found to be valid, should be severe and make any organization think twice about using electronic devices to steal signs. Welcome back Alex. Hope this time you are healthy and ready to go. One other thing, his signing means someone has to go. The roster was sitting at 40, so who gets DFA’d?


  7. MLBTR is reporting that Luthnow and Hinch are being suspended for 1 year. The Stros are losing their 1&2 draft picks for the next 2 years. There are some fines coming too. 5 million dollars max because of an agreement. Cora said to be facing some stiff penalties too. More to come.


  8. Stros owner fires Luthnow and Hinch. Astros lose 4 draft picks and 5 million dollars. What a crock. Manfred is a woos. He should have dropped the hammer on these guys, instead he stubs their little toeseys. BS and horsemanure


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