Dodgers Non-Tender Garcia, Offer Contracts to Remaining Arb-Eligible Players


As the off-season keeps rumbling along, we’ve reached another milestone. Today at 5pm Pacific was the deadline for players to be offered a tendered contract for the 2020 season.

Yesterday, the Dodgers reached an agreement with relief pitcher Scott Alexander for one season at $875,000. As Dennis wrote on Saturday, Alexander spent most of the 2019 season on the injured list, due to various injuries. He was moved to the 60-day IL in August to make way for Dustin May‘s debut. Alexander ended up having surgery in September to fix a nerve issue in his left hand.

Many thought that Alexander might be one that the Dodgers would not extend a contract to, due to those injuries. But the Dodgers took care of him first, ahead of the eleven other players eligible on the roster. Alexander’s contract is fully guaranteed, which is not common for arbitration eligible players.

Although he was sent to Triple-A Oklahoma City last season in favor of Will Smith, the Dodgers are bringing back Austin Barnes. They signed the backstop for one season at 1.1M, avoiding arbitration. He has two more seasons of arbitration after 2020, and is out of options. Barnes seems to be set up to be the backup to Smith in the upcoming season.

Those awaiting a new contract are Pedro Baez, Julio Urías, Ross Stripling, Yimi Garcia, Cody Bellinger, Enrique Hernandez, Max Muncy, Joc Pederson, Corey Seager and Chris Taylor. They were all tended new contracts, with the exception of Garcia.

Garcia gave up the most home runs among all the Dodgers relievers, at 15. As Dennis stated, on a team that has limited roster space for pitchers, Garcia did not match up with the rest of the roster. He is now a free agent.

There were some notable players around the league that were non-tendered. Old friend Charlie Culberson of the Atlanta Braves, who will forever live in Dodger lore is looking for a new team. If the Dodgers did not already have Chris Taylor and Kiké Hernandez, I’d love to see Culberson back with the team as a utility player. Blake Treinen was also not re-signed by the Oakland Athletics. While his 2019 season was marred by injury, he finished sixth in Cy Young voting in 2018. The Athletes might not have had room for him with their low payroll. He was projected to command a $7.8M salary. The reliever could be a good candidate for the Dodgers’ pitching staff to get right again.

Look for more information to follow when it is released by the organization.

70 thoughts on “Dodgers Non-Tender Garcia, Offer Contracts to Remaining Arb-Eligible Players

  1. I keep,Garcia. He’s cheap and he’s still got some superior peripherals. He’s one small adjustment from good.

    Jimmy Nelson, Aaron Sanchez, Taijuan Walker, Ryan Buchner, Kevin Gausman, Tayron Guerrero (6’8” 104 mph fastball) and Alex Claudio will get a lot of interest. Olaf will be busy on the phones all week.

  2. I was surprised by the Barnes contract, I thought the team would go for a more experienced veteran for the back up catcher spot. Good for Barnsey hope he can get himself back on track, if not maybe Ruiz will be in LA sooner than expected, if he isn’t traded.

    1. Maybe they tired of his gopher ball record. 15 this year. Career 0.99 WHIP and an FIP over 5 makes no sense to me. 9.4 K/9, 5.5 SO/W, one of the highest spin rates in the league. He continues to miss his spots and hitters make him pay. There was a rumor he tips a pitch, I don’t know but the talent is there. If somebody can figure it out and get it fixed he will be good. I wish him well, just not in our Division please.

      1. I agree. I’ve always liked Garcia. Great stats, except for the HRs. I will help another team.

  3. We can do better than Homer Garcia, I hope. See ya Yimi, don’t let the bullpen gate hit you on the ass on your way out.

    Interesting signing of Barnes, is he there to stay or until the boys can find a better back-up. Personally if that’s all we got to choose from I’d rather have Martin as the back-up. My suspicion is Barnes gets a chance for a couple of months and if he is still stoning it, we see Ruiz up from AAA.

    1. Barnes is an asset on defense.

      Sports Info Solutions

      Top 3 catchers at getting extra strikes for their pitchers this season

      1. Austin Barnes
      2. Tyler Flowers
      3. Max Stassi
      4. John Ryan Murphy
      5. Tony Wolters

      1. And Barnes was last in “getting hits for his team”, or at least very close to that. Barnes did not keep his job because he was “getting extra strikes for his pitcher”, he lost his job because he couldn’t get hits for his team. Just to put some context to the Barnes equation.

      2. One more thing, always suspect a list that is labeld, “Top 3 catchers…” and then they list 5 catchers, lol.

      3. If it just doesn’t matter, why do you care so much?

        The point is, Barnes has value. And, maybe the pitchers like him. The fact you don’t like him just doesn’t matter now does it.

  4. The question is Scoop, why do you care so much? I thought this was a discussion group, not a I agree with Scoop group. I sense that you and I are going to have a problem from some of the snipes you have taken at me now and previously. If you are looking for a battle, you picked the right guy. So it’ s your choice, battle or discussion, I’m more than equipped for either one you choose, so knock yourself out.

    1. No battle. I’m just rattling your cage a bit. Sorry.

      We don’t agree on many things, but that doesn’t matter. We can agree to disagree.

      1. I do recognize passive aggressive behavior, I don’t think you were just rattling my cage, you know and I know it.
        You can disagree all you want with me, just drop your, for some strange reason, obsession with me. So we have cleared the air, now keep it clear, Scoop.

  5. Wow. A threat.

    Clearly it does matter.

    I was just rattling your cage. Your handle says it just doesn’t matter, and yet you seem pissed off a lot. What I will choose to do going forward is ignore your anger. I’ve seen enough of that to last a lifetime.

    I don’t much care who the backup catcher is. I would prefer to see Ruiz there as I am anxious to see what he can do. But Friedman wanted Barnes around for some reason. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what that reason is.

    1. Nice try, your passive aggressive attempts have no effect on me. I called you out for being an unprovoked asshole and you don’t like it. A threat, don’t flatter yourself, you don’t mean enough to me to provoke a threat.

      Way to keep the air clear. So I guess you have expressed your desires for conversation or battle.

      1. Guys, we’d like this to be an inclusive site where everyone’s comments are welcome. Let’s tone down the rhetoric on both sides before we become one of those ‘other’ sites (shudders).

      1. Well, the opinions on Friedman are varied so we need to hear from everybody. Your rants are usually based on stats. At least they originate there.

        Everybody is frustrated we can’t seem to close the deal, and every year there is a reason why. It sure feels like in critical situations in winnable games, and in must win games, it’s been the bullpen. It also feels like most believe adding that bat, the one that has proven it’s merit in the postseason will change everything. Ok Andrew, Hader and Rendon. But you better not trade Lux or Ruiz.

    1. It’s from a movie with Bill Murray. Has actually nothing to do with anything pertaining to me or this blog.

  6. Based on what is being reported, we may have one of those glorious Winter Meetings with lots of signings and trades. Even Boras’ clients seem to be farther ahead in negotiations than usual.
    Being reported that AF has or will shortly meet with Rendon and Strasburg. Not sure about Cole but I would guess there will be a meeting with him as well. Next couple of weeks should be fun (if the definition of fun is lots of activity and not dependent on whom we might sign or trade for since I’m guessing there won’t be universal agreement on that)

    1. According to reports, they have already met with Rendon and Strasburg. Did not see any blurbs about Cole though. Sorry IDJM< I have known Scoop a long time, and if he says he was just pulling your chain, it was the truth. He and I disagree a lot. But the man knows baseball a lot better than some on here, and what he had to say about Barnes is the truth. He had a lousy year at the plate. But pitchers love pitching to the guy, and the fact that he has some of the best framing skills in the game, makes him attractive to the analytics driven Front office, and Friedman in particular. It just doesn't matter is a bit from the movie Meatballs. On this site, everyone is pretty amiable. Not like another site I used to be on where there was a lot of name calling, challenging, and other nonsense. We don't need that here. So just take stuff with a grain of salt.

  7. A’s sign Diekman to a 2 year deal with an option. Some movement finally. I was surprised to see Souza Jr. had been non tendered too. But considering the fact that he was injured almost his entire time with AZ, not that surprised. Here is why I think the Dodgers will not trade for Betts period. He is insistent on testing the market after next season. So pretty much no mater what, he would be in blue for a year, and I am not willing to trade anyone for a one year rental.

    1. Love the Koufax photo. 1959 Topps, right? My first Dodger heroes, were Koufax, Drysdale, Snider And Hodges.

      1. Yep. 1959 Topps. I have the entire 1959 Topps Dodgers. Because he hit 2 homers in the World Series against the Sox, I also have a 1959 Chuck Essegian card in with them. He was obtained in trade at the deadline from the Cardinals, joining his former team mate Wally Moon. Moon’s card that year was in series 7 Hard to get and the LA was airbrushed onto a Cardinals hat. Looked a little weird. I thought I had the entire set, and then realized I was missing Johnny Klippstein. So I went on ebay and found one there. I also love the 59 Snider. Very clean looking card. Snider was my hero. I even copied his stance as a kid.

      2. I think the 59 Topps are my all time favorites. I use to try emulating Big Don on the mound as a LL. I once walked by him in the Airport in St. Louis when there on business, but was too polite to say anything to him. while I’m sure I was a fan before, the 1959 WS is my first real livid memory of being a Dodger fan. It’s been a 365 days a year ever since.

      3. Loved Big D. I went to a game at the coliseum and he was pitching against the Cardinals. Middle of the game he hit the Cards 1st baseman, Joe Cunningham with a pitch right in the ribs. Solly Hemus was the Cards skipper. He went out to see how Cunningham was. In those days, the visitors dugout was on the 3rd base side of the field. As Hemus cut across the infield to go back to the dugout, he said something to Bug D who immediately threw his glove down and grabbed Hemus in a headlock. Both benches emptied. A big brouhaha ensued. Hemus was like 5’5″ Really dumb to say something to a guy as big as Drysdale. I met Wes Parker and he got me my National Anthem singing gig. He came to a show I was doing at a club in Long Beach. I also met Duke Snider at a card convention. And when I was living in Highland Park, our neighbors were the Sherry brothers. They used to let us shag balls for them when they would practice at a park near where I lived before they went to Vero. I have been very lucky to have met some of the players. I met Rick Monday after a spring training game when I lived in Arizona. Got an autographed ball from him. 59 Topps probably my favorite too because that was not only a championship year, but the first year I seriously was collecting baseball cards.

    1. You are absolutely right Rich. I am the only person allowed to be angry! But name calling is unacceptable.

  8. Bob Nightengale reporting that the White Sox are going heavily after Wheeler and……………………………….Joc Pederson.
    If a trade happens, I’m assuming we’ll be getting relief pitching back.
    Things sure seem more active this year.

  9. I think Bummer is the guy we’re after. from Sox. The worst you ever called me was “bucco” bear. I can live with that! 😅

    1. I would think we would want a decent prospect in return also for a 36 Homer guy in Joc. Bummer was very good last year. High ground ball rate. I think I red 72% or something close to that.

  10. Have to believe this is the year AF makes some big moves. This team as is and now minus Ryu just hasn’t been good enough to go all the way. And he has the financial space to work with. If not now then when!

    1. We haven’t seen too many comments from you lately Rich so I’m not sure if you’ve been observing but we’ve been having a mild difference of opinion on whether AF will make at least one big move this winter.
      On one side we have the “No’s” (Bear and Scoop). On the other side we have the “Yes’s” (Keith/Gary/Jeff D.). I’m hereby asking you to officially cast your vote and join one of the two groups. From the sound of your comment, it looks as though you’re a “Yes”.

      1. Welcome to the “bright side” Andy. As one of the founders of TBPC your vote counts twice.
        As we’re building up votes here I’m sure we’ll be hearing from Bear momentarily.

      2. You sound like a recruiting sergeant. Filling the recruits heads with visions of sugar pops and candy. AF has never done it before, so if he does, it will surprise all of us. A major move? Doubtful, lots of little moves, more likely. Joc has been a trade candidate for a couple of years now, and being in his last arbitration eligible year, more likely to be dealt. But just what are you getting back for your 30 plus homer outfielder????? By himself, he could command a back end of the pen reliever. They do not really need any offense unless it hits RH and plays a lot of positions. Do the Sox have any starting pitchers that pique the Dodgers interest? I will believe it when I see it. I still think they strike out on signing a major free agent, Mookie Betts, and Lindor. Especially since everyone wants Lux and May. If they sign a free agent to a high dollar deal, I would be totally shocked. I expect them though to go after Ryu. He to me is the most likely free agent to sign with the Dodgers. Bidding for Wheeler is already over 100 million, he Strasburg and Cole are out of the price range that OLAF the terrible is willing to pay. Rendon? Forget it. Donaldson? Maybe. Quit dreaming and face reality. AF is not the genius he thinks he is.

      3. Right on schedule Bear. I knew we’d be hearing from you pretty quickly. Just because Olaf the Magnificent hasn’t done a major deal previously does not mean he won’t do one now. Conditions are different and the fans are more restless. By the way, can’t remember if we’ve determined this before, but is a Ryu signing considered a major move? I’m thinking I’ll let you get away with a “no” on that one. Did we say a free agent signing had to be over 80 mil to qualify? Of course Ryu might wind up with over 80, although I’m thinking probably not.
        Will definitely take a look at your Facebook page. I’m sure you’re a better musician than a baseball prognosticator. 🙂

      4. Sorry my friend, on this issue it’s black or white, yay or nay, positive or negative, Democrat or Republican (strike that last one). No maybe’s.

      5. Hmm. I’d prefer to be independent, and say the odd are 1 in 7.

        But if those are the rules I can abide.

        We don’t sign any of the top 3. If Wheeler is getting 9 figures, it could be from us (4 @ $25m) but my gut says no. And speaking of Wheeler, Friedman considers himself a wheeler and dealer. There will be moves involving good players, but not the big name free agents. Signing large contract free agents is just not in Olaf’s sweet spot.

  11. Did not want to disappoint you Jefe. Your post came on while I was typing my retort! If any of you has a facebook account, my new song, Don’t Look Down on Me, was posted on my page yesterday. I am pretty proud of it and my friend Gary did one hell of a job in producing it. I am on there as Michael N. Norris. So give it a listen if you like,……you too Jefe…..I know you must also be a music critic as well as baseball affectionado.

    1. Great song Bear and thanks for your service and a God Bless all Veterans! My brother Dan served two tours in Vietnam and over 20 years retiring as LTC. I was never active duty, but worked for the Army for 40 years. My office in the Pentagon was right by the Helo Pad where the plane hit on 911. Fortunately we had been moved out to an office building during the renovation. Timing is everything, as the saying goes.

      1. Glad you were safe, I missed Nam because of my MOS. Went to Korea and Germany, and spent 5 years at Ft Bliss in El Paso Texas. I used to go watch the Texas League team they had there. The Diablos. When I came home from Germany they were a Angels farm team. Saw some guys who later made it to the Angels, like Ron Jackson. Also saw Kurt Russell play. He was pretty good, but then injured his arm, and that was that. Norm Sherry was managing them then. He remembered coming to the home I was living at to open our new gym. He brought Tommy Davis with him. Proud of my service.

      2. Oh Tommy Davis, what a great hitter! The start of his career looked like HOF worthy, but then the injuries. Jeez, we haven’t had a Batting Champ since Tommy, right?

  12. Never claimed to be a prognosticator. but my gut feelings are usually pretty good. And my gut tells me OLAF is a woos. We said over 80 mil, and Ryu would not qualify because neither did Turner or Jansen. Just getting one of our own back. OLAF the magnificent? Ha., not even OLAF the very good. Yes, the natives are restless and it is a different vibe, but unfortunately for you yes folks, the rhetoric is the same, and that spells one thing. More dooo dooo than do.

    1. I’m checking out crow recipes as we speak. How do you like yours? Roasted, fried, baked, slow cooked in a crock pot? Wouldn’t life be dull if we agreed on everything?
      Tried to check out your Facebook page but couldn’t find anything when I searched under Michael N. Norris. Have they banned you already? 🙂

      1. Never mind. Found it. Great job! Beautifully written, played and sung. Thanks so much for sharing it.

      2. No, you have to probably put my location in there too. Canon City Colorado…but you can also find it on a friend of mines web site… When you get to the home page it says music, right click and it will say arroyo records. then right click and you will see bear tracks. thats my 2 songs that are on there.

  13. There is still room for you on the “yes” bandwagon bear, I couldn’t let Jeff have all the fun of getting you going today. Rich sounds like a “ yes” to me Jeff, and Dennis’ next post makes it sound like AF is being very aggressive this off season. I don’t have a clue of what AF is going to do, but he will do something, or else we will never hear the end of it from bear.

    Thanks Andy for keeping this a friendly place.

    1. Our side is really beginning to gather some votes here Keith. It’s looking pretty good for the Optimist Lemmings (or whatever we’re calling ourselves).
      I expect that when Bear loses he’ll fly us all out to Colorado and we’ll have hot toddies in front of his fireplace.
      If we lose, I expect AF to invite us to his palatial estate in Pasadena for martinis.

      1. “Expectations lead to disappointment. Always hope, but never expect.” Olaf the Mediocre

      2. I don’t have a fireplace, what I will do is let you sit in the snow where Bambi goes……

    2. First off I am not and have never been a bandwagon kind of person. Sorry, those are the kind of people who only love their team when they are winning. It is me against the site, and you guys are going to eat one giant platter of I told you so.

      1. As long as it’s a giant platter, because there would be a lot of us sharing it.
        Not sure if you saw my add on comment on your song. Found it and thought it was great.

      2. I saw it Jefe…I am glad you like it. It was a labor of love. Gary put together the slide show that went with it.

      1. Well done Gary.
        He knows how important this is so I’m sure he’ll come through for us.
        As a matter of fact, I hear he’s working on an 81 million dollar contract with Josh Lindblom.

      2. Wait. I think if you are asking for a commitment to your cause, it’s fair to ask that you define and clarify your platform.

        Josh Windblown? THAT’s your big free agent signing? That don’t count.

        Top 10 free agents only. I’ll say we get 1. I think we have a real good shot at #7, Hyun-Jin Ryu or #8 Josh Donaldson. But like I already mentioned, odds are agin it.

      3. I think we’re all working on different definitions here. Bear wants a contract over 80 mil but no one we’ve already had (that eliminates Ryu). You say anyone in the top 10 (although I don’t know who makes up the list) and you include Ryu.
        I think we’d probably all be willing to say Donaldson qualifies although he may get something like 3 years and 75 mil. And then there are possible major trades. Let’s just see how it plays out and then both sides can declare victory.

  14. I will say this for you Jefe, you do say some of the funniest things. Lindblom gets 71 million when you become the pope. Thanks for the compliments on my song guys, it is much appreciated.

      1. Go to my friends web site, Just take your mouse and go to where it says songs. then arroyo records and then it will say beartracks, and my 2 songs will be there. click on that and they will play.

    1. Not 71 mil, 81 mil. It has to be at least a mil over the limit you set. And let’s face it, if anyone would pay him 71 they would certainly pay him 81.

      1. I notice there is no dollar sign in front your numbers. You’re talking Vietnam Dong aren’t you. Indonesian Rupiah’s? Laotian Kip? Uzbek Som?

      2. I made a boo boo…..but he is not giving any free agent except maybe Ryu. I have faith in the fact that OLAF is a creature of habit, and habit dough, no show.

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