Being Thankful for All Things Dodgers


While the last few (OK, 31 and counting) seasons have not ended the way that Dodgers fans would like, we still have so much to be thankful for.

The Dodgers have won the NL West the last seven seasons and look to be a big contender to win next season as well.

The pitcher of this generation, Clayton Kershaw, has spent his whole career within the Dodgers organization and will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame as a Dodger. He was just named the top pitcher of the decade by Jayson Stark of The Athletic.

The reigning National League MVP belongs to the Dodgers’ own Cody Bellinger. The versatile defensive player had a stellar offensive season to win his first MVP award, hopefully the first of many.

While we all quibble with the owners and the front office, and their ‘lack’ of going for the big players, they have taken over from the McCourt era and set this team up for the long haul. The team is really good now and will be really good for the foreseeable future with the way they have drafted and hugged their prospects, while still putting out a first rate team on the field every season.

Dodger Stadium is one of the most iconic stadiums in all of baseball, and the Dodgers lead the league in attendance year in and year out.

Off the field, many players in the Dodgers organization go above and beyond with their charitable donations of time and money. Kershaw has a foundation for orphans in Africa, and third baseman Justin Turner has one for veterans and their families. Many other players take time out of their busy schedules to visit schools and hospitals.

Many former legends of Dodger baseball still hang out and assist the current players in many ways. Sandy Koufax can often be seen in the stands, and until his passing last year, Don Newcombe would often visit, becoming very close with closer Kenley Jansen, in addition to passing along valuable advice to the next generation of Dodger players. The Dodgers organization is also that of Jackie Robinson—his legacy continues to live on is so many ways.

No other organization has been blessed with a long time sportscaster such as Vin Scully, and we really have been doubly blessed with those who succeeded him in Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser. The mix of old school, and former World Series hero in Hershiser plus the new school and dynamic voice of Davis made the transition from an irreplaceable voice in Scully a little bit bit easier to bear.

Fans of the Dodgers are an incredibly diverse group of fans, stemming from their time in Brooklyn, to Southern California, to their rich tradition of having iconic players from Mexico, Japan, South Korea and beyond. Dodger Twitter Fam is also some of the most passionate, involved and welcoming group of fans out there, as for this writer who lives all the way across the country from her team, make me feel like I am right in the thick of things.

These are just a few things off the top of my head today, in Thanksgiving. But most of all, here at Think Blue Planning Committee, Dennis and I are thankful for all of our readers who keep our little dream alive. We appreciate your loyal readership and your lively discussions in the comments section. From us to you, we hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Go Dodgers!


7 thoughts on “Being Thankful for All Things Dodgers

  1. Thanks again for all you and Dennis do to keep this place going Andy. Those of us who show up daily are grateful for this place to jab back and forth with each other, knowing it’s all in good fun. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  2. I haven’t been to Dodger Stadium since the mid 80s, but I went to see the team in SF and Arizona. I think I’m done going to games, not going to purchase any more merch, but obviously I’m still invested.

    Thanks for your work here and thanks to all the posters for the conversation. It’s fun for me.

  3. Well, I am happy that the team has been competitive for most of the last 10 years. There have been some exciting moments that is for sure. Manny arriving and the most awesome 2 months I have seen from any Dodger ever. Kershaw, and his dominant performances, and his meltdowns. Beckett’s no hitter. Puig’s debut. No matter what happened after, he made a huge splash when he first arrived. The team has changed a lot. The analytics guys have seen to that. Us old guys will have to change to I guess, but not much. I am still going to give Jefe and his boys crap. I will probably NEVER like AF. But I really enjoy this site and all those here who are the heart of what it means to be a Dodger fan. Andy and Dennis, ladies first there Dennis, sorry, do a great job and put a lot of love an effort into their writings and even though I have never met anyone here face to face, I consider all of you friends.

    1. As you know Bear, I’ve had my issues with Friedman. Still do. But the fact is, we continue winning. With money and the best fan support in baseball that should continue.

      There are only a few teams in baseball that can afford the payrolls we’ve seen the last 5 years and keep turning a profit. I see no reason why, with this ownership, we can’t keep winning. We can afford the McKazderson ef ups and still win the West. We’ll see where our system ranks after Lux and May are removed from prospect status, but we were ranked 3rd when Friedman took over and in his time he hasn’t dropped us too far from that position. I believe we dipped to 7th in ‘17, and I think we are there again now, but maintaining a top 10 ranking while winning 7 straight Divisions is an accomplishment. I think.

      I know the metrics drive older minds a bit nuts, but it’s where we are. It’s a sign of the times. I’m currently trying to figure out a new iPhone purchase. Do I need an 11? Not really. But the sales gal sure thought I did.

      Anyway, I’m not an Andy hater anymore. He is what he is. We aren’t A’s or Rays fans, so I’ll count my blessings and be grateful.

      1. I understand Scoop. But I trust your baseball acumen more than I do his. If you had the same tools he has, and were running the team, I think you could do just as good a job if not better. Why? Because you coached the game, and know fundamentals. He knows charts and graphs and tendencies. Players today are bigger and faster and more athletic than the old guys, but is it better baseball? Not to my eyes. None of the major sports are the same. You touch a guy in basketball and it is a foul, you can’t hit a quarterback without hurting his little pinky anymore. I won’t watch the NFL anyway. But the fact is, he says the same damn thing every off season. We will kick the tires on them all, but the price tag has to be what we want it to be, or no deal. That is the same thing he is saying this year. The one thing his team of execs has done is keep the farm system relevant. But that is not his job. Logan White did a lot more than AF to get that system revived after it was drained. I don’t hate Friedman either, but I also do not like him a whole lot.

  4. Thanks Andy and Dennis for a great site and thoughtful articles. And all the regular commenters, I still say it’s the only sports website where the comments are worth reading! God bless you all!

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