Is Anthony Rendon a Good Fit for Dodgers?


Since the Dodgers will not be playing in their third straight Fall Classic, fans are busily watching something else – the rumor mill.

As there is baseball still being played by the Washington Nationals, New York Yankees and Houston Astros, the rumor mill isn’t quite in full force, and most likely won’t be until after the World Series is over. But that doesn’t stop fans from proposing and dreaming of trades and signings that would make their favorite team better.

It seems that one player on top of the Dodger fans’ wishlists for next season is Anthony Rendon. The Nationals’ third baseman is high in NL MVP conversation, and probably will come in second to Cody Bellinger. In 2019, Rendon batted .319 with 34 home runs, 44 doubles, best in the majors, and amassed a 6.3 WAR. Lifetime, Rendon has a 27.3 WAR, .290 batting average and 136 homers. Career postseason-wise, he’s batting .284. This postseason alone, he’s batting .417 with a 1.029 OPS and four doubles.

Rendon has spent his whole playing career with the Nationals, and is ready to collect his first big contract as he hits free agency. The Dodgers, as we all know, have shied away from handing out big, long-term contracts as of late. But they have also been rumored to be a big fan of the right handed infielder, and with the last three postseasons still stinging, be motivated to make something work.

One thing that could be in their favor is that Rendon would be entering his age-30 season. Bryce Harper, whom the Dodgers did offer a deal to, was looking for a very long term contract, being younger. The Dodgers might be able to work out a high AVV contract with Rendon for four to six years.

Of course, the Dodgers currently have a third baseman, under contract for the next two seasons, in Justin Turner. The bearded red-head has worked his way to being the heart and soul of this Dodgers team since he got here in 2013. Andy McCullough of The Athletic has a piece out today discussing how Turner would feel if the Dodgers did indeed sign another third baseman, and if he would move. Mostly, JT is okay with the idea, saying “I’ve bounced around [the diamond] my whole career. I don’t care”.

With Rendon at third and JT moving to first base, the Dodgers could have the best of both worlds. An elite defender and home run hitter at third, and also allow the aging Turner less wear and tear on his body and still keep his formidable bat in the lineup. The issue with this plan would be, where does Corey Seager or Max Muncy go?

Gavin Lux has most likely earned his keep at the big league level. If he stays at second, then Muncy is relegated to spelling both Lux and Turner. If Lux moves to shortstop, his natural position, then Seager is odd man out.

It will be interesting to watch whom exactly the Dodgers front office deems moveable, and who they are unwilling to part with. All we know as fans is that something has to be done to shake up this team and it’s probably going to hurt. But they haven’t won the World Series with this current roster yet.

According to the Washington Post, Rendon already has been offered a seven year deal worth approximately $210M by the Nationals. But also in the The Athletic piece, Rendon was asked about former Dodger Howie Kendrick‘s play as a 36 year old player, and where he sees himself at the age.

“Hopefully not playing baseball,” Rendon said. “Probably sitting on the couch hanging out with my kids.”

That quite seemingly gives the Dodgers a chance to swoop in and make a too-good-to-turn-down offer. Whether the Dodgers actually pull the trigger and makes such an offer remains to be seen.

53 thoughts on “Is Anthony Rendon a Good Fit for Dodgers?

  1. A few thoughts about Rendon/Turner:
    Firstly, I believe JT’s contract is up after next year Andy, not two more years, although I very much hope they re-sign him next off season to some sort of reasonable contract which ultimately could also let him DH when the NL puts it in.
    Secondly, I think moving JT to first probably gives us our best option there defensively other than Belli.
    Thirdly, if Seager stays at short and Lux at second, I think it would be a big mistake to make Muncy a part time player. Put him in left. He’s not as slow as people think and is actually fairly athletic. Put him in left and trade Joc.
    I’m a little torn as to whether we need Rendon or Cole more (we ain’t gonna get both of them) but Rendon represents a much lower risk factor. Cole could sign a contract and destroy his arm the next day.

      1. Baseball 2019 is 99% numbers Andy. Very easy to slip up on one every so often.
        No apology necessary but you might want to drop a note to JT. You had him convinced there was 40 mil left on his contract when it’s only 20. 🙁

      2. Haha! My main Problem was that I looked at 2017, and I thought it was just last year. But you’re right, I will send JT an apology note

  2. I think just penciling in Lux at second is a little premature. He showed promise, but really did not set the league on fire. What kind of production to expect from the kid? If he has a break out spring, maybe he looks like a more set piece over there. Lots can happen and we all know the rumor mill churns out a lot of rumors that are nothing more than a smoke screen. AF will want the fans to think they are doing their due diligence.

  3. Nice write up on Mickey Hatcher on the Dodgers web page. I always liked that guy. Not a great player, but a great personality and played with his hair on fire. Few will forget his crawling towards home and collapsing after he touched the plate. A video they have shown many times at the ball park. Had it not been for Hershiser being a one man wrecking crew in the 88 series, Ol Mick may well have won the MVP of that series. He hit one homer all year, and had 2 as Gibby’s replacement in LF. Also a nice piece on there about Rick Honeycutt. His back is what is forcing him out of coaching. His explanation of Kersh going around the club house apologizing to his team mates was pretty moving.

  4. Supposedly, the Cubs are close to naming a new skipper here in the next week or so. Royals have no even interviewed anyone yet. Reports also say that most pundits feel his playoff success will make Stasburg more likely to opt out of his deal.

    1. Strasburg will definitely opt out. Would you go after him or would you be scared off by potential arm problems down the road (and in the past)? Of course, he might just opt out as leverage to get the Nats to extend him a couple more years and not even talk to anyone else.

  5. IF Rendon was offered 7 and $210m he is not a fit here.

    I have Lux penciled in at second Bear. My pencil has an eraser on it. If someone else outplays him in Spring Training I can be talked into making a change. I don’t anticipate that happening. Strasburg is 31. I’m looking at his salary page at BR and there must be a mistake. It says he’s being paid $38,333,333 and can’t opt out until after ‘20. If that issue right someone can correct it.

      1. Just read the details. Weird contract. According to Spotrac, deferred money out to 2030. He sounds like it’s more important to him to win. It’s a team friendly contract, by year anyway, and would make it easier for the team to give Rendon his payday. It’s not like he’s been great his entire career. He’s been very good, only 3 AS appearances in 10 years. 3 of the last 5 years he’s pitched under 150 innings. 209 this year is something of an outlier as it’s the most since he was 25. 32 next year. I think he stays put, and if he doesn’t I kinda doubt his projections for 32-36 would interest Friedman.

      2. I agree with you on all your points, except we know AF’s soft spot for injury-prone pitchers. Of course, if Strasburg is willing to just sign an extension without opting out AF won’t even have a chance at him. I expect it to play out that way.

      3. Me too. Just because he can opt out doesn’t mean he will. He signed that contract in ‘16. This is the only organization he’s ever known and they’re going to the World Series. They will get beat by Houston and he will want to give it another year.

      4. Assuming the Astros finish the Yanks off and go to the WS, the Nats will have absolutely no pressure to win, since very few people really expected them to be there in the first place. I don’t care how much of an underdog you are, if you have a starting rotation like the Nats have you always have a chance, in spite of Cole and Verlander.

      5. I’ve said all year I think the Astros are the best team in baseball. I’m not going to change that opinion now. Sure the Yankees could come back and the Nats could beat whoever comes out of the AL. But…. are you picking picking them to win?

      6. And I’ve said the same thing all year. The Astros are the best team in baseball. If I’m in Vegas I put my money on them over the Nats. I’m just saying that if the Nats win I wouldn’t be shocked.

      7. I’d be surprised if Houston doesn’t win it all. But it would be a mild surprise. The Nats did it to the Dodgers, they could do it to Houston or New York I suppose.

  6. He can opt out after this season is over. That’s what everyone is reporting. I can understand everyone wanting Lux over there, and In all probability he probably will be the guy, with Muncy staying at first because I for one see little chance they sign Rendon.

    1. I agree with that. Turner will play third for as many games as he can. Maybe Rios is ready to spell him. Muncy at first every day, Verdugo in right every day. Unless there’s a trade we don’t see, the lineup looks like it’s already set.

      1. Rios could be an option. He could also be a trade chip. I like his raw power, but not sure about the glove. Do they keep both Kike and Taylor with Lux probably a lock to make the roster? Lots of questions that we will not know the answers too until spring. Phillies down to 3 candidates for the job, Baker, Showalter and Girardi. Looks like they want a guy with lots of MLB experience. Yanks fans have to be some of the worst in the majors. They were really digging at the Stros bullpen. After tomorrows game hopefully they will be drowning their sorrows in their beer. The Astros are so good because they have done something the Dodgers have not done in their quest to get back to the series. They got Verlander in 17, and he was huge in their run, they went out and got Cole last winter, and he has not lost in almost 2 months, and they added Greinke, who is not as good as he once was, but still a class starter.

      2. Just checked the post season stats. Nobody is hitting worth spit. Pitching is prevailing. Might be an interesting Series… if you like low scoring games. Maybe they bring back the regular season balls.

        I like what I’ve seen of Rios. Defense is just a matter of discipline. If you put as much time into it as you do hitting you will get better. Most of these guys don’t. At least that’s what I’ve heard. When I asked a coach about the subject, on a back field at Spring Training, he smiled and said “these guys all know they will not make a big league roster with their glove.” And while that’s true, once you do make the roster, you’d be wise to spend the time working on your d skills.

  7. If we need to move Turner to first, I would put Muncy at second. Lux would be my left handed answer to Taylor or Hernandez.

    If I had to choose between a big name right handed bat or a big name starting pitcher I think I would go with the bat, and hope May/Urias/Gonsolin can fill the void behind Buehler, kershaw, and Ryu.

    1. They are not using that kid as a utility guy because he is not as versatile as either Kike or Taylor. Taylor can play SS, 3b, 2b, and all 3 outfield positions and Kike has played everywhere except catcher, and he has worked out there. If they got Rendon, a huge long shot, and Turner moved to first, the guy they would move somewhere else, would be Muncy. Muncy could conceivably play the outfield as well as the infield. There is also an outside shot, as it will be discussed at the owners meetings, that the DH will come to the NL sooner rather than later. 26 man roster next year so they can carry that extra position player. The limit on pitchers is going to be 13.

  8. The Astros have done a good job of building from within, but also having the guts to add that special veteran at the right time.

    1. Hey All,

      Have we forgot about the bullpen???????
      Hitters starting pitchers we have much to choose from again the bullpen

  9. By the way Keith, they need better pitching and just hoping the kids can fill the void is dreaming. Ryu will most likely sign with someone else. Hill is gone, and AF stated that Maeda is returning to the rotation next year and that Urias will also be a starter, so if anything they need to fix the frippen bullpen. They do need another power bat from the right side and if they get one, I would think it is more likely that they trade for that bat then sign a free agent.

  10. You are probably right about the pitching bear, but I f I were going to spend a lot of money on a player I think a bat would be a safer investment than a pitcher, pitchers these days are time bombs waiting to go off.

    I do agree with you about the bull pen, we can invest in the bull pen without breaking the bank

  11. The Dodgers are a business. One of the best, if not the best, business in Sports. They are thinking both short term, but also planning on being around another 135 years.

    When Guggenheim Partners bought the team, I figured they would just spend, spend spend. I expected the starting rotation would be Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Jon Lester, David Price and…well you get the idea. But I realized these were business guys, without the ego’s of a George Steinbrenner to spend crazy money to buy championships. I don’t think we’ll ever see this ownership group spend money like that. But they are competitive so they fortunately do want to win. They just want to do it in the most cost efficient and sustainable.way

    The Dodger’s sustainable business model, to me works something like this: An elite farm system consistently developing top talent. Once arriving on the major league team they (Seager?) are under team control for 6 years. During the off season between years 5-6, trade the player to obtain talent before they hit free agency. Your farm system has another young player ready to step in (Lux?) who is earning the major league minimum. Depending on how the player being traded is valued by other teams would determine the talent received for them. Payroll should consistently be below the CBT as more expensive players nearing free agency leave the payroll and in steps a low cost replacement. This provides the flexibility, if the farm system misses on a player here or there, a good player could be obtained through trade or free agency until another young player was ready. There’s more to it than that, but you get the idea.

    Bottom line: Trade Seager Move Lux to SS.

    1. Bottom line, they are not trading Seager and sticking a rookie with less than a month of big league time in the starting SS position. What you proposed is a small market mentality like the Rays used to do. That might work in Tampa, but it ain’t gonna fly in LA. LA wants a championship, and they are not going to be down with trading popular players just as they are coming into their prime. Plus they have to have players who are popular enough to fill the seats. I do not expect them to go out and spend on any free agent, nor do I expect them to just insert a kid like Lux in the starting lineup when he has not proved a thing in the bigs. Seager has only played 3 full seasons in the majors, he has been injured the other 2.

      1. I agree with Drake’s point about the business model. Seager has been something of a disappointment, looking more like Pollock than Posey, but I agree they aren’t likely to trade him. Lux could end up being the better player, who knows. I thought Seager would be putting up 7 WAR in his prime years, especially as a shortstop. He hasn’t done it yet. He’s only played as many as 150 games once, that was his best year and he was 22. Would they trade him? Hey, it’s a business. Lindor is the same age and has put up a lot more WAR than Seager has. Would you trade Seager for him?

      2. Disappointed? Seriously? Considering the fact that he only played 28 games last year, and had some lingering problems, plus he was shaking off all that rust, he was 3rd on the team with 87 ribbies, hit .272 with 19 homers and led the team with 44 doubles in 134 games. Had he been healthy all year he would have topped 90 ribbies and had 20 homers easy. He had a bad 5 games in the playoffs, but he was their best hitter in September. Lux could does not mean Lux will. Corey is a proven major leaguer. Anything else is guess work. He put up a 4 WAR in a season where he was coming back, I’ll take that. i believe he will be better. If the Indians were stupid enough to put Lindor on the market and wanted Seager straight up, yeah, I would trade him. But that still leaves you in the same fix you are going into next year, what do you do with Muncy if Lux is playing second>?

      3. Yes. Disappointed. He is in his prime and he played 28 games. You don’t find that disappointing? If? Seriously? IF? “He had a bad 5 games in the playoffs”. Yes. Yes he did. And you don’t find that disappointing?

        Look, I hope this guy can get healthy and stay healthy. IF he can, like Lindor he will be a perennial All Star. If he cannot, he’s Pollock.

        “What do you do with Muncy if Lux is at second base.” Oh, I don’t know, what have I been saying all year?

      4. Nope, I was more disappointed in Bellinger and Pollock. I was actually more disappointed in the entire team.

      5. Turner, Muncy, Pederson, Freese, Martin, Lux and Hernandez all OPS’d .856 or better. Buehler, Maeda, and May did ok. We know who the failures were in those 5 games, with Roberts in my opinion leading the way.

        Just read a piece on the Dodgers making changes to their core. No specifics of course. Who is willing to talk about trading core pieces of a 106 win team? Well, I am. So is Drake. I would trade for Betts and I would trade for Lindor. And yes, I would trade Seager if i felt the return was worth it. I’d trade Kershaw too. Heck, I’d trade anybody if the return was worth it.

  12. The problem there is Scoop, that I do not trust Friedman to get quality and value back. I would not trade for Betts unless he signed an extension. He is a free agent in 2 years. Lindor can’t be a free agent until 2022. But what kind of package would it take to get those guys? Nobody wants Kershaw unless the Dodgers were to chew a huge chunk of that 62 mil he has coming. We can all sit here and postulate as to what moves make sense. But I just do not see Ol Andy changing his stripes any time soon. He is what he is, and what he is is cautious, and not much of a risk taker.

    1. I’m inclined to agree about Friedman but the natives are restless. Fans in Dodger Nation are grumbling. Something will be done and though it won’t surprise me if he does the Andy MASH, I kinda expect something different this time. That could be naive on my part. These guys might be oblivious to the commoner dreams. Roberts said he was “surprised” that fans wanted him fired. Talk about a disconnect.

      But, it’s the off season for us and this is what we do. Seager for Lindor, Pederson, May and Santana for Betts and a 5 year extension.

  13. Indians aren’t “stupid” enough to put Lindor on the market, they will be forced to put him on the market. There’s a big difference. They, meaning the Indian’s ownership, does not have the coffers of LA or NY. Machado’s 10/300 deal is now the baseline for a Lindor deal going forward, imo. That money is Yankees money from where I’m sitting & money AF ain’t going to spend. 30 HR/40 doubles the last 3 years running for Lindor, plus 650 + PA the last 4 years. Now, add in he’s a gold glove SS. Bottom line, he posts every day & is going into age 26 season. Rendon? Nope, you want to throw around stupid money, I’ll take the guy 4 years younger. We have Seager to move in such a deal. Lux stays at 2B, Muncy to 1b. Seager hasn’t been a disappointment in the reg season, he’s been a disappointment in the postseason (.171 in 70 plus NLDS AB, .203 overall in 118 postseason AB).. he’s not alone in that department but he’s been a non factor when the lights were brightest.

    1. Corey Seager has played 489 games since 2015. Francisco Lindor over that same period has played 717 games. Mookie Betts over that span has played 742 games. Am I the only one that is disappointed Corey Seager can’t seem to stay on the field?

  14. Let me explain some of the “there’s more to it” as I closed my previous comment.

    Yes, there are exceptions to strictly trading a player between years 5-6. Bellinger? If he continues to perform as he has and has future success in the post-season he’s not going anywhere. Buehler, likely not going anywhere and will stay a Dodger, hopefully for life.

    I used Seager as an example because he had, by expectations, not a very good year. Played only 1/3 of the games he should have. Not the 6.9 fWAR from 2016 or 6.0 fWAR from 2017 that made him one of the two or three best SS in MLB. I also read a piece that he has not embraced the new hitting “system” or “style” this year and is not as disciplined as the team would like. Accurate? I don’t know, but could explain some of his struggles. As GM, I may wait until the trade deadline in 2020 to move him giving 2/3 of the season to return to past form. As AF said the Dodger’s are a “meritocracy.” A system where, according to the disctionary, “an elite group of people whose progress is based on ability and talent rather than on class privilege or wealth.” You perform, you play.

    Some comments here were that L.A. fans would not stand for such a trade. Sorry, of course they will. I was shocked when A.J. Ellis was traded, perhaps Kershaw’s best friend on the team and also a fan favorite. But then, this is a business – a meritocracy. In my mind, Lux would be fine at SS. There is always the “he’s a rookie, you can’t let him take over the starting job.” Last season many worried Verdugo would be a bust. Nope, looked good to me. The Dodger’s player development system is a machine cranking out big leaguers with the problem being where do you put them all?

    If Seager were traded, and Lux was at SS, the rest of the infield could look like: Turner 1B, Muncy 2B, Lux SS, RENDON 3B and Smith C. Not much platooning needed with that lineup! That would require signing Rendon of course. Outfield: Verdugo RF, Bellinger CF and Pollock LF. Bench: Barnes, Hernandez, Taylor, Beaty, Garlick, Pederson. The thirteen pitchers would be another story…. If Joc could just figure out righthanded pitching, he should be the everyday left fielder. If not, maybe he should be traded to.

    1. Some thoughtful stuff B. I hope you’ll keep contributing.
      If the comments you saw about Seager’s not buying into the new hitting theories are correct, that makes him much more likely to go, in my mind. Previous to hearing that I was under the assumption that he wasn’t going anywhere because if we put all of his lackluster playoff results together it’s still a small sample size. That said, I also read a comment recently that a scout said Corey could only hit mistakes and if a good pitcher put the ball where he wanted to, Corey’s results were going to be lacking. I guess we’ll know soon enough if Andrew feels that either or both of those comments are valid. I’m still inclined to favor the odds on Seager as the Dodger 2020 shortstop.

  15. I get your point Drake, and agree that playing time should be based on who gives you the best opportunity to win. And by my count there were about 10 shortstops out there that gave their team a better chance to win than Seager did the Dodgers. Out of that group there are at least 5 I would trade Seager for today.

    I hope he can get it together. Seager for 150 games can match WAR with any of them. But he hasn’t shown he’s an every day player.

    meritocracy. Interesting concept. It’s a good theory, but looking around I don’t see it happening so much. I guess it depends on how one describes “progress”.

    1. I have never thought of you as someone who is naive there Scoop. I think you have terrific baseball knowledge. But I think you are putting an awful lot of faith in AF to all of a sudden change his stripes and take a chance. Ultimately, not his call. He can operate within the guidelines given by ownership. Yep, the fans are restless and they placed the blame of Ol Dave like they should have. Lots of players have had bad post seasons, some of them a lot better than Seager or Belli. So I do not get disappointed when a player does not match what he did. They are facing better pitching and a lot different philosophy’s as to how they should be pitched. The Nats exploited a hole that was there in Corey’s swing and they had a whole season worth of video to study. They found the hole in Belli’s and Pollock’s swings too. Just like the Stros exploited Cody in the 17 series. And like I said, I do not see the Indians dealing the guy, and if they do, it would be for a lot more than just Seager.

      1. I’m going to ask the same question I asked the other day Bear. For those who say AF has never taken a chance on a big signing, please tell me when he’s had this kind of money to spend. He’ll have around 40 mil. Yes, he could sign 40 guys at 1 million each, but he could also sign a Rendon or Cole and still not use the entire 40. Trade Joc in a package for a good young reliever and you could have another 7-8 million to spend.
        Yes, I believe that Friedman’s spending is basically dictated by ownership, but this is the year we see what ownership is willing to do. If they want to stay millions UNDER the luxury tax rather than right at the limit, then I think we will see a fan revolt. If they’re willing to spend up to the 208 mil, the fans will go along with the plan.

      2. Basically he has had it ever since he took over. There were no payroll restrictions that anyone knew about until they publicly announced their intentions to stay under the luxury tax last year. Even then they offered Harper a short deal with higher pay than he got in Philly. He took the years. Why would they spend 200 mil plus on Rendon who is older than Harper was when he was available last year? Makes no sense. As long as they insist upon staying under the tax, you will not see guys like Rendon or Cole in Dodger blue. Like Scoop says, Cole will be 30, Kershaw is only 31, going on 32, and you see how much he has regressed velocity wise. They could probably get 3 good years out of Cole, but Boras is his agent too I think and he is going to want to MAX out any contract for all of his boys. As for a fan revolt, I doubt it. The Blue Lemming Society just keeps on forking over the cash. Now, if they would have made Roberts head roll, some fans might have felt better. But the fans now like these guys and Dodger Stadium will look totally different next year and the Lemmings will pack it 3 million plus strong next year no matter who is on the team.,

      3. I would be very surprised to see AF sign Cole. Signing pitchers to long contracts is a very high risk strategy and, as we all know, Friedman is not a high risk kind of guy. Rendon on the other hand, at least to me, is a more valuable player than Harper. That’s who I would expect us to go after, if we go for either of them. I was also surprised at Rendon’s statement about hoping not to be playing ball in his mid-late thirties. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a player say that before. They all insist they love playing and want to play forever.

      4. I happen to be of a mind that the luxury tax thing is a false flag. These guys could easily go over it and afford the tax. They did it for a few years after the Frankie No Nickels years and were just fine. In fact, McSphincter declared bankruptcy then made a cool billion off the sale of the team. Only in America (and Russia apparently). The money isn’t the issue. Fans will show up no matter what they do and the tv money is there. They are choosing to stay under the cap. And Jefe is right, they could move a player here and there, including Kershaw, Pollock and Kelly if they want to and stay under the cap for bean counters. They moved Kemp, they can move Kershaw. I think Cole would play for us, not sure Rendon should pass up 7 and $210m. Frankly I would rather see us go after younger guys that might be available. Not sure who that is but guys like Josh Donaldson move around all the time.

        Count me as one of the many fans that don’t believe this group of players can get it done. I want change.

      5. Not sure I’m understanding your point here Scoop. You say we should go after younger guys and in the next breath you talk about Donaldson. I realize to guys like us 33 is extremely young, but not in baseball terms.

      6. Donaldson was 28 when Oakland traded him. Machado was 25 when he was traded. Max Scherzer was 24. Greinke was 25. Miguel Cabrera was 24. Bonds was 27 when he left Pittsburgh. Rodriguez was 24 when he left Seattle.

        The list of examples is long.

        Rendon will be 30. Cole will be 29. Pitchers after 30 are risky. Position players are trending down after 30. It’s the rare player that is still producing after 30 like he did before 30. I would just like to stay away from anchor contracts if possible.

  16. I’ve been reading all your posts about Rendon, he has stated he doesn’t want to still be playing when he is Howie Kendricks age,(36) so my question is, do you think AF would offer Rendon a similar offer that he extended to Harper, 4 years 160 million? Is Rendon worth the same kind of money, or at his age (30 next season) is that to much?
    Last season one of the rumors floating around was the dodgers were waiting for arenado to become a free agent to Spend their money, so going after rendon may be something AF is considering.

  17. Lot’s of thoughtful people and comments here….

    In response to your question Keith, yep, 4 years and $160 million for Rendon is a good call. Scoop, normally I agree that position players at 30+ are to be avoided, but Rendon may be (I’m betting on) one of those rare examples that will put up a good fight with the age clock and have minimal regression.

    And I also agree money is not the issue. The issue exceeding the CBT is if you get to the spot like Boston last year that dropped their first pick in the draft 10 spots. Or lose a pick altogether. Prospects are the future – that’s why AF is so protective and avoids trading them – that is, the really good ones😁.

  18. Dream on Blue Lemmings……….AF is AF. He is about an open book as any GM or Pres has ever been. Same old rhetoric in the post season presser, and just to show how out of touch with the fan base this guy is, he was surprised that the fans wanted Doc’s head and ass out the door. Fringe trades, maybe a free agent pitcher or twelve, but no one who is going to make a major impact on the field. Rendon goes back to DC, my prediction……

  19. Drake. Welcome.

    Rendon. 29. Contract year. I say he’s peaked. That’s not to say he’s done, as I don’t believe he is. But after he signs a $210 million contract he might just soften up a little. His WAR will read 5, 4, 3.5, 3 from 30-33. Pay him accordingly. meritocracy: elite group of people who are paid based on value going forward. (Yeah,I know. I claim poetic license)

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