Dodgers Finish Sweep of Cardinals with Another Walk-off Win


The Dodgers returned the favor of the sweep to the St Louis Cardinals, and they ended the series in what has now become almost commonplace behavior, a walk-off win.

The final game of the series was a pitching duel until the very end. In his second start in the Majors, Dustin May was dominant. He cruised through 5.2 innings of work, with his only run allowed a homer to Marcell Ozuna. He finished with with seven strikeouts, allowing only five hits.

Newly acquired lefty specialist Adam Kolarek came in to face the next two batters, and allowed them both to reach. He was replaced by Yimi Garcia, who got the final out, and shut down the Cardinals in the seventh inning also.

Joe Kelly struck out the side in the eighth, and Casey Sadler finished the Cards off in the ninth.

The Dodgers offense, however, was unable to overcome that one run until they absolutely had to. They only had seven hits total, including a double each for Joc Pederson and Edwin Rios, but they both failed to reach home plate.

Starting Cardinals pitcher Jack Flaherty was downright dominant, going seven innings, allowing only four hits, and striking out 10.

Every Dodger hitter struck out at least once, for a total of 13 for the team. Every Cardinals hitter struck out once with the exception of Matt Carpenter.

But once again, when it came down to it, the Dodgers got it done. Cody Bellinger started the inning with a strikeout at the hand of Andrew Miller. The tall reliever then plunked Corey Seager in the middle of his back. Will Smith then singled, and Miller was replaced with Carlos Martinez. He then promptly struck out Edwin Rios.

That left it up to catcher Russell Martin to complete the comeback. A wild pitch advanced the runners to second and third, and down to his final strike, Martin muscled a single past the shortstop and Smith was able to beat the throw home for the win.

“I’ve never felt so good about a lousy ground ball,” quipped Martin after the game. “All the young guys have been having fun, gotta let the old guys have some fun”.

That was the Dodgers’ 10th walk -off win off the season, and their seventh in their last 21 home games. The pitching has allowed them to stay close in games, and the team has a never give up mentality. The Dodgers are now 46-15 at home this season, and for those hoping for home field advantage throughout the playoffs, that record and that mentality will lead to confidence in the Boys in Blue.

The Dodgers will now have a break until they welcome the Arizona Diamondbacks to Chavez Ravine on Friday night. Tomorrow night, players and personnel will attend and compete in Clayton Kershaw‘s ping pong fundraiser for his charity, Kershaw’s Challenge.

20 thoughts on “Dodgers Finish Sweep of Cardinals with Another Walk-off Win

  1. It is pretty easy to believe in these guys. They sure believe in themselves. I have to admit that when Martin was up with 2 outs, I was pretty sure they were going to lose. Especially when he got 2 strikes on him. The best pitch he got to hit was the first one and he just watched it. But he is a veteran who has been through the wars and has been in this situation before. He also has been hitting better the last couple of weeks. 41-15 at home with 10 walk offs. That’s pretty amazing stuff. May looked good and made only 1 mistake pitch.

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    1. I agree Bear. A lot to like. Including pitching of late. Both May and Gonsolin look like they belong and will only get better. Even Kelly looks good. The offense is experiencing some hiccups, but I think they will be fine. Last night? You know what Cardinal fans are saying about it this morning. Blown save meltdown by the bullpen. I say – it’s good to be lucky. Yeah, I know, luck is the residue of of preparation, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. Whatever. Luck is fun when it happens to you.

      Watching May pitch I had to ask myself…. would I rather see him or Garcia in the 7th come October? I know it won’t likely happen, but that kid looks ready. He is confident and his pitches are crisp, his command of them impressive. I think he’d be fine for a middle inning with the world watching.

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    2. Let’s face it, Martin’s hit would have been an out 9 out of 10 times. We got lucky and I just hope that luck lasts all the way through the WS. Given a choice between good luck and bad luck I’ll always take good luck. Thank you very much.

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      1. Lasorda often said, you are going to win 50 and lose 50. It is what you do with the other 62 that makes you who you are. Yep, it was a seeing eye single. But how many games have the Dodgers lost this year where exactly the same thing happened to them? I have seen a few. Luck does play into it. But sometimes there is just something magical about being home. Yesterday on the Youtube broadcast they kept talking about the Dodgers penchant this year for having walk off wins. They even showed a video of the epic 4 HR comeback against Trevor Hoffman and Garciaparra’s walk off in the 10th. Yep, there is something magic in the air in LA this year. 10 walk off wins. Luck or no, it is in the books. They have an 18 game lead over AZ who comes to town for 3. 20 plus over the rest of the pretenders, and 47 games left. They match up well against any team in the NL, they have some key pieces on the mend, and they have few games left against teams over .500. The hard part is staying sharp and healthy. They are, as are the Yankees, banged up. They have the luxury of being able to rest key pieces. Others do not.


      2. It was nice seeing that 4+1 game replay yesterday. It never gets old, same with Gibby’s blast. We’re very lucky to support a team with the great history the Dodgers have.


    1. Andy and Dennis, please archive Rich’s comment. If he has now jinxed the team, I’m going to ask you to re-print it at the appropriate time and all of the faithful readers of this blog will stone him at a Dodger Stadium location (to be determined at a future date). 🙂

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  2. Unlike some of Andrew’s previous teams, this one is fun to watch. Still needs a few tweaks here and there, and as Rich did say a couple of days ago, it would be nice to see a 1-2-3 save from Jansen with no drama,….because that’s when I reach for the bi-carb. But things are meshing pretty well. White, other than his 2 RBI hit is pretty much a bust, but they did not expect anything from him anyway. Negron has been a pleasant surprise. And if Kolarek actually gets a hitter out, that would be nice. Good chance to have 4 20 HR guys, a come down from last year when they had 6 I think, and Corey can get into double digits with his next one. Well rounded team. Yep, it was 6……Muncy, Belli, Kike, Puig, Kemp, and Pederson.


  3. Yanks here on players weekend. Rather see their road greys than the Bingo Long traveling all stars uni’s they will wear that evening. Some of the nicknames make no sense. Although May’s will read, Big Red….Dodgers announced a Billy Jean King bobblehead give away……other than the fact she is a part owner, maybe 2%, she has no connection with baseball. They had one for Magic a few years ago..also makes no sense..what’s next, O’Malley???? And deserving players who played a part in Dodger history still have not gotten one, there was supposed to be a Gilliam last year and it was shelved because they traded for the Smirk…..Machado……Gilliam contributed more to LA than that guy ever did and he played on 4 Championship teams.


    1. I have no problem with the Billie Jean or Magic bobbleheads and wouldn’t have a problem with an O’Malley one either (actually I’d love to have a Walter O’Malley bobblehead with a big fat cigar sticking out of his mouth) but I 100% agree that there are a number of historical Dodger players who should come first and haven’t been honored yet.


      1. , No problem with it really, I just think it is ill timed and not necessary. She has been an owner for less than a year I think. Now if they made one of McCrackhead I would be livid. Magic has at least a presence on the field and in the clubhouse and he is an LA icon. I just do not think an owners bobble creates that much interest. Jackie has gotten statues, 4 of them I think, but not a bobble. Only Campy bobble is of him and Reese the night at the coliseum that he was honored. Reese does not have one either. I was really looking forward to the Gilliam since I saw Jr. play so many times. Snider has one, Hodges finally got one a couple of years ago, and Newcombe has 3, including the one they gave away this year.


    2. The LA Dodgers have been good more often than they haven’t been good. They’ve always been a place players want to play. They’ve pretty much always had money. Even when McButtcrack ran the team they made money, he and Jamie just mismanaged it all. I think the Dodgers have only had 13 losing seasons since ‘58. Something like that. The problem is obvious. Since ‘88 they have lost the last game in the playoffs 12 straight times. Gulp. Is this the year? Gawd I I hope so, but the AL is going to expect to beat us because, well, because 12 years of history says we can be beat.

      It will be a stunning shock if anyone in the NL beats this team. Nearly everyone expects the Dodgers to win the pennant again. In early August we are talking about how we match up against the AL’s better teams. And the answer is…….. fine if we have home field. We are damn good at home.


  4. Uh oh. I’m in trouble now! They better not give out on a bad streak like 17. I take it back baseball gods. I’m really not bored!!!!!😂 I tellmyou the one team that scares me in the NL is Washing ngton. Don’t want to have to face those starters!

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    1. That’s more like it Rich. I’m glad you’ve seen the error of your ways. We forgive you just in case there’s another 17 gamer on the horizon.


  5. This day in Dodger history…….August 8th, 2003, Eric Gagne sets a major league record by converting his 39th consecutive save to start a season. You can look it up!


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