Dodgers Make Series Of Moves Ahead Of Colorado Series


There are less than 48 hours to the trade deadline, and although the Dodgers have not yet made a big splash you move, there have been a series of little under the radar signings.

First, the Dodgers acquired Tyler White from the Houston Astros, with the thought perhaps he could fill in for David Freese while he is on the IL.

Overnight, they traded minor league infielder Daniel Castro for Kristopher Negron from the Seattle Mariners. Negron is 33, but has played in only 139 major league games. He has, however played 1,439 minor league games. In his time in the majors, he has a slash line of .216/.289/.328. He’s a shortstop/utility player, most likely acquired because of the injuries to both Chris Taylor and Enrique Hernandez.

The Dodgers’ most recent signing is that of Tyler Thornburg, a relief pitcher that was recently released by the Boston Red Sox. In 16 games for them this season, Thornburg had a an ERA of 7.71 with 22 strikeouts over 18 innings. He also spent some time in Triple-A, where he had a 12.66 ERA. However, he was a decent pitcher in 2016, and has a really good spin rate. Pitching coach Rick Honeycutt may be able to spend some time and get him to be a better reliever again.

Lastly (for now), the Dodgers today traded reliever Zac Rosscup to the St Louis Cardinals for cash considerations. He had already been removed from the 40-man roster, so there are no impacts to that concern.

In other roster moves, the Dodgers today placed Kiké Hernandez on the 10-day IL with a left hand sprain, a move that was a long time coming as he has been unable to play since the weekend. Relief pitcher Jamie Schultz was optioned back to Oklahoma City.

In the corresponding moves, Josh Sborz was recalled from Oklahoma City, and Negrón was added to the 40-man roster. Sborz has been pitching well in Triple-A, where he has 14 strikeouts in 8 1/3 innings since he was placed on the 10-Day IL in June with lower back soreness. He also has only allowed one home run in Triple-A so far this season.

Starting pitcher Tony Gonsolin was seen in the Dodgers locker room today, as he is expected to make the start in place of Ross Stripling, who was also recently placed on the 10-day IL with right bicep tendonitis.

The latest in the rumor mill, according to Buster Olney of ESPN, is that the Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates have been in deep discussions about relief pitcher Felipe Vasquez, but the pirates want Gavin Lux and the Dodgers are unwilling to part with him. Stay tuned.

The Dodgers now start a three game series at Coors Field, and as usual, hope to just escape there with no injuries and hopefully a win or two.

Tonight the Dodgers will send Kenta Maeda to the mound, who has not won a game since May 31st. He has however had very good success in Denver, where he is 5-1 with a 3.12 ERA. He will face off against Jon Gray who is 9-7 with a 4.05 ERA.

Tuesday’s game will see Kyle Freeland, recently back from Triple-A. He is 2-8 with a 7.00 ERA. He will most likely go against Gonsolin, and Julio Urias will follow at some point.

Wednesday’s game has a possibility to be an interesting one, as it starts an hour before the trade deadline ends. If one of the active players is traded , there could be a hug watch in the dugout. The pitchers will be Hyun-Jin Ryu and German Marquez. Game time will be 12:10 PDT.

37 thoughts on “Dodgers Make Series Of Moves Ahead Of Colorado Series

  1. I would laugh in the Pirates face if they think Lux is on the table for a relief pitcher, no matter how good he may be. Friedman better not trade him I will go nuts. You don’t trade our 2B fir the next 10 years for a reliever who could fall off the face of the earth at any point. Look how great Edwin Diaz was for Seattle and now he’s terrible for the Mets.

      1. It seems that is the case. Pirates want Lux, but they can want all they want they are not getting him.. There is also a story that AF is a little more inclined to overpay a little this year. Does not mean he is going to do something stupid though. Trading Lux would be stupid.

    1. He has not had a great season that is true. But he has only 2 less saves than Jansen, he is young, and he is under team control for a few years.

      1. Something doesn’t add up with him. He’s only 25. You don’t go from 0.791 to 1.45 WHIP without something being wrong. His strikeouts are there, 13.7/9, so his arm life is abundant. Maybe it’s just being a Met. I think he’s worth looking into.

  2. I’d be more than happy to get Diaz if the Pirates insist on Lux. I’m sure the Mets wouldn’t, although it would probably cost us Ruiz plus others. I really hope we get one of those two but I still prefer Vazquez. Maeda’s continued lackluster performances make me think we might find ourselves with a new starter by Wednesday. Let’s see how creative AF can be.

  3. I think none of us want to see lux, or May traded for relief, but what about Ruiz what would you guys say if it took Ruiz or
    smith to get Vasquez. In a different year I wouldn’t trade such a high prospect for a reliever, but I think this team could win a World Series if they got an arm like Vasquez (all though they don’t look like a championship team tonight) and put max back at first, and quit playing joc there.
    Joc and max are killing us on defense.

    1. It’s absolutely going to take Ruiz or Smith to get Vazquez. I don’t think they’re even arguing about that anymore. The difference of opinion between AF and the Bucs is whether we’ll include Lux as well, and the answer to that is no.

      Josiah Gray pitched another 5 scoreless innings tonight. He’s gone from Great Lakes to Rancho to Tulsa so far this season and has excelled at each stop. I have a bad feeling that he won’t be part of the organization on Thursday. Ultimately, I think the Pirates and if not them ultimately the Mets would send Vazquez or Diaz for a package that started with Ruiz and Gray plus others.

      1. If he is that good bring him up to the big club. I remember they brought Steve Howe up from AA and he won rookie of the year. Urias gets the start tomorrow per Alanna Rizzo.

    2. Joc’s error did not hurt them at all. Maeda got out of the inning unscathed. But Max’s error opened the flood gates and Sborz nailed the coffin shut. Joc is going to keep playing 1st as long as they want to keep his bat in the lineup, and he drove in the only run. In case you haven’t noticed, they have been totally outpitched in their recent losses. Belli has hit 1 homer in 2 weeks. He got 2 hits tonight, but neither was productive, All of a sudden Verdugo is striking out more and not hitting. Pirates are asking for Lux. They are not getting Lux, Ruiz I would trade, but not Smith. You trade Smith and you are right back where you started with the offense from the catchers. Griping about Pederson’s play over there is not going to change a thing. They are going to run the 8 players out there they believe are the best ones with a chance to win. Now, they could fix all of that by trading for a power hitting 1sr baseman, but that ain’t happening either. They are mentioned in lots of rumors, but no real teeth to any of them. We will know by game time on Monday though. The deadline is noon.

      1. I believe the deadline is Wednesday at 1:00 Pacific time. Andrew will need that extra hour to make all six of his trades.

      2. Well Giles is off of the list. He is dealing with elbow inflammation. Chances are he does not get traded at all. Lots of rumors, little action right now. Mostly fringe guys moving. Pirates and D-Backs lost tonight by exactly the same score. 11-6. Dodgers lost 1/2 game off of their lead as the Giants were idle.

    3. Muncy has 14 errors. Joc has 7. Joc is learning a new position on the fly. Guess 1st base is not as easy as Scoop thinks it is.

  4. Wednesday 1 p.m. can’t get here fast enough. It’s hard to wait, not knowing whether to rejoice or panic…. and I think you guys are right on keeping Lux, even though I was willing to pay a high price for a relief arm in a previous comment… everything I read about Lux is that he’s lights out. Looking forward to seeing him in the bigs!

  5. Muncy was doing fine at first( okay adequate) before they started moving him all over the place, if he was to play first most of the time I think his defense would improve, with joc at first, there have been a lot of bad throws for errors on the infielders, that should have been dug out by a better first baseman.

    1. Manure. Muncy has played almost as many games at 2nd as he has at 1st. He actually has been ok at 1st making only 2 errors, but at 3rd and 2nd, He has made 12. In his 6 seasons as a Dodger, mostly in the OF, Joc has made 15 errors. 6 of those at 1st in 20 games. That’s not good, but for a guy who has never played the position before, you should be glad it is not worse. The Dodgers have made 24 errors over there last 25 or so games. Everyone is guilty. Muncy leads the team in errors with 14, and Seager has 12. No other player has more than 12. The bigger problem is the hitting over the last 15 or so games since the all star break. Over the last 7 games, Muncy is hitting .158. Pederson .190. Seager is the only one hitting .300. And Bellinger is at .286. Everyone else is at .227 or lower.

    2. I think Keith is right. Leave Muncy at first base. Joc is an outfielder. It’s not his fault management constructed a team with fortyleven outfielders and no first baseman. Here’s a novel idea, go with 4 outfielders and get a good first baseman. And it’s not only me that thinks first is the least valuable of all defensive positions, it’s everybody but you Bear, including the sabermetics nerds and every manager since Connie Mack.

      This is just not a good defensive team and moving guys out of position as often as they do isn’t helping. I don’t know what the answer is moving forward. For now we just hold our nose and hope we outscore everybody.

      1. Like I said, that is my opinion. I whole heartedly disagree. I think and always will by the way, that a good fielding 1st baseman is essential for the defense, and our best is Cody. I care less what anyone else thinks.

      2. Well, I care what you think Bear. I agree Cody is our best first baseman, but he’s also our best right fielder, a position that is, for good reason, weighted higher than first base. Picture Marv Throneberry or Dick Stuart out in right field with runners on base and the game on the line. Ugly ain’t it. You’d be praying “please please oh god please don’t let them hit it to right field”.

        You’re a stubborn old coot aren’t you.

        Muncy would be fine if we just left him at first and had an infield coach work with him a few hours every morning. I’m a firm believer in having a utility player on the team. A utility player, not half a roster of them. Muncy’s bat has earned him a spot on this roster. You do him nor the team any favors by asking him to play multiple positions. And Pederson at first? Sure, makes sense on some levels, but how about a few months notice so he can get about a hundred hours of preparation for it. He looks totally unprepared over there and I blame that on management.

      3. I assume that this first base question is basically just a this year question because if we’re correct about Lux he’ll be the every day second baseman next year and I would think that would make Max the every day first baseman. Muncy is not an outfielder (even though I have suggested that he be tried in left if they ever decide to move Belli back to first). I think everyone including the front office agrees that Max needs to be in the lineup more than Joc does.
        So Bear, would you rather have Belli at first and Muncy in left next year or Belli in right and Max at first? As much as I would love to clone Cody and have him play both positions I think the obvious choice is Max at first.

        I really think it’s time to trade Joc and put him out of his misery. He still has some value and could be part of a deal to bring us back a good reliever.

      4. It’s a right now question in my opinion Jefe. As in today’s lineup. In fact, the lineup for the next 10. Then we have a bucket to look into.

        I done traded Joc several times. We’ve been superfluated (I think I made word up) in the outfield and short somewhere every deadline for a few years now. Most of the trade scenarios I entertain in my head have had him in it.

        That’s all. Carry on.

  6. I just got the exact amount of errors over the last 2 weeks, 22 in 14 games. That’s totally unacceptable. And maybe Joc should not be at 1st, But it is not all on him either.

  7. My other take is that Maeda should be put in the pen. He is putting a strain on the pen by not pitching late into games. He is not attacking the strike zone when he starts and that big inning was a direct result of him walking the pitcher when he was trying to bunt. He has walked way too many lately and has not won a game in 2 months. Replace him.

  8. Here is a story for you. There is a strong sentiment among GM’s to move the deadline from July 31st to August 15th. They want the extra time to be able to make more definite decisions as to whether they have real playoff hopes or are totally to far away to get there. This is going to be a topic of discussion at the GM meetings in November. The extra two weeks is going to give some fans heart attacks!

    1. Maeda is destined for the pen, but a trip to the Jacuzzi List is up first. The JL.

      Here’s an idea, no mid season trade deadline. I think it’s there just to get fans jacked up. Frankly I don’t think fans need jacking up. They are already jacked stupid. All that is needed is a roster deadline. Ok, September the 1th. After Sept 1th the roster expands and only the guys that are on the roster can go with you to the playoffs. So in effect that would be something of a trade deadline I guess. And anybody on that expanded roster can be used throughout the playoffs. Wait…. I think they made a move like that already. Anyway, 28 is the expanded number. No more at anytime, but anyone on your 40 can be used for any series. This will make late August and September VERY interesting.

  9. Well will AF go big or go small? What are your thoughts? Gonna be a wild day tomorrow! Everyone waiting till last moment!

    1. I was leaning toward big. This team needs an impact injection, not just another superficial butt lift. However, that said, the bidding for the top relievers will be high and if it came to surrendering a Top 3 prospect I’m afraid I’d blink. I like Ruiz, Lux and May too much. As I mentioned, I’d probably do it for Thor and construct a playoff pen using a current starter or two. I wish I knew if Hill will be 100% by October. He would be an interesting 8th inning matchup call. Maeda, Baez, Kelly, Urias, Hill, Garcia, Floro. Might work.

      So my final answer is…… iontkno. Guess I’m not built of GM fiber.

    2. Big or small? Well, I’m thinking if he doesn’t go big (Vazquez, Diaz, Yates) he’ll go medium (Greene, Iglesias, Givens, Oberg, Garrett, Leclerc) and if it’s medium it will probably be at least a couple of mediums. He’s already gone small (Thornburg, White, Negron).

  10. Thanks scoop, you verbalized my feelings on max better than I did. My prediction is AF keeps his top four prospects, and we end up with Greene, Iglesias, or givens.

    1. I could live with that.

      I think the playoff bullpen, which will evolve, has a lot of potential. Roberts has done this before and worked well enough… until it didn’t. It’s logical he would keep the Top 4 if he could. But ……… I also will not be surprised if one of them is used.

  11. Buster Olney says if the Rays or Red Sox don’t outbid them the Dodgers will get Diaz. Now that’s exciting! In case we are outbid is there a prize for third place in the Diaz sweepstakes?

  12. I honestly believe that the team did Joc a disservice by having him change positions in season. He got maybe a weeks instruction and work outs there before they moved him to 1st. Not easy to do. In the old days, god that seems weird now, teams took infield before every game. Now all they do is shag balls. I also do not believe Joc is going any where at the deadline. I do not think they are going to trade a 20 plus homer guy, the 3rd best power source on your team, for a reliever. If Joc gets moved, I think it happens this winter. The offense as a whole has stunk up the joint lately. The defense is porous. As for the deadline itself, trying to figure out who AF is targeting or who that have talked about is a waste of time. We will know the answer when it happens. There are so many rumors and story’s out there that it is hard to know what is true and what is not.

    1. He’s not comfortable there. I don’t advise putting a player into situations that make them uncomfortable. That could effect the players on defense AND on offense. Maybe Joc agreed to give it go and is working privately to get better. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes. We only know what happens during the game. During games our defense has sucked. Get it worked out before September.

      There are always peaks and valleys during a season. This team is too talented not to make the playoffs. It’s not so talented it’s guaranteed anything after that. All teams that make it there have the same goal and you can bet they will be ready. If the Cubs or Nationals get one of those top relievers instead of us?……

  13. Nice to see us turn a DP like we new what we were doing, looks like Negron can play defense.

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