Dodgers Take Two of Three in Boston, Set Sights on Phillies


The Dodgers had an eventful start to their East Coast road trip, managing to take two of three from the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. After the first game where the offense could barely muster a run, they exploded to score 11 runs in the second game, and then took 12 innings to finally get the win on Sunday evening.

A.J. Pollock looked really good in his return from the IL. He was 6-for-14 with two homers and six RBI, and was responsible for all the RBI in the regulation innings of Sunday’s game.

The Dodgers are keeping an eye on Chris Taylor and his wrist. CT3 was hit by a pitch in the 11th inning of Sunday night’s game. He stayed in to play second in the bottom half of the inning, but was then removed from the game. He had an X-Ray at the stadium which was negative, but he said the machine was “kind of old” and was still in a lot of pain after the game.

Taylor did well filling in for Corey Seager while Seager was on the IL dealing with a hamstring issue, although he has hit a slump at the plate as of late. If he is to go on the IL, it would conceivably lead to more playing time for Enrique Hernandez, who also has been slumping big time at the plate. As we all know Manager Dave Roberts likes to give players ample playing time to sort themselves out at the plate, and this could be just what Kiké needs to help himself out there.

Now the Dodgers head into the Philadelphia to start a four game set with the Phillies. The Phils are coming of a weekend series with the Washington Nationals, and won the one game started by Max Scherzer. They sit at 48-45, 8.5 games out of the NL East, and are the second Wild Card team as of now, a half game behind those same Nationals.

The Dodgers will see all right handed starters in Philly. Pitching matchups will see Clayton Kershaw make his first start of second half tonight against Zach Eflin. Eflin is 7-8 on the season with a 3.78 ERA, 83 strikeouts and a 1.30 WHIP.

Tuesday’s game will be Walker Buehler and Vince Velasquez. In 20 games, he is 2-5 with a 4.63 ERA and only 63 strikeouts. He has not gone longer than 5.0 innings in any of his last three starts.

Wednesday will see Kenta Maeda and Nick Pavetta. Also not one to long into games, Pavetta has given up at least three earned runs in each of his last three games. He is 4-4 with a 5.81 ERA and only 54 strikeouts.

Thursday’s matinee game will feature Ross Stripling, coming off an outstanding outing against the Red Sox, and Aaron Nola who is the Phillies best pitcher right now. Nola is 8-2 on the season with a 3.63 ERA and 133 strikeouts. He has only allowed two earned runs in his last 20.2 innings of work. Also, the Phillies will be wearing their sweet powder blue retro uniforms for Thursday’s game.

All games will be at 4:05 PST with the exception of Thursday’s game, which will be at 9:35 PST.

68 thoughts on “Dodgers Take Two of Three in Boston, Set Sights on Phillies

  1. They get out of Boston by the hair on their chinny chin chin. After the Muncy beaning, Big D would have buzzed the first Sox player to step in the box. After Taylor got hit, he would have put the entire team on their ass. No enforcers out there anymore. Taylor reportedly is in a lot of pain and having trouble moving his wrist, not good. Even though no break was discovered in the initial examination. Roster move might be made before game time. If nothing else, Rosscup should be a distant memory.

      1. Gibson would have thrown at the Mascot, the announcers and the entire dugout! Prayers go out to Gibby who is fighting cancer and will not be at the HOF induction ceremony’s this weekend. Saw him pitch many times. Next to Randy Johnson, maybe the most intimidating pitcher I have ever seen.

  2. Last night cost Velazquez his spot in Boston, he was sent to AAA this morning and Nunez was DFA’d by the Sox. Brewers are discussing a trade for Smith with the Giants.

  3. On paper the Dodgers are the superior team, and so far on the field. Tonight’s starter, Elfin, a former Dodger, has given up 10 homers to the Dodgers in 4 career starts. Lets keep that going. Joc will be back in the starting line up.

  4. Zack Wheeler to the IL, Mets top trade chip. 16 days until the trade deadline. Which way will the Dodgers go.

  5. Rosscup DFA. Someone new coming, Casey Sadler whom we got from the Rays recently. Interestingly he’s a right hander. Don’t know anything about his splits. Looks like we’re down to one lefty in the bullpen. At least for now.

  6. Most intimidating pitcher I ever saw? Dick Baney. He pitched for Anaheim when I was a junior. Man he threw hard. He no hit us. But I put the ball in play 3 times. The most intimidating i ever saw in MLB? Ryne Duran. To the players? Probably Koufax.

    As I just posted on the previous thread, I think Friedman may be willing to overpay for an 8th inning guy.

    1. Duren wore those really thick glasses, plus the fact he threw probably in the very high 90’s made him very scary. He also had a gimmick that he would employ before he pitched, when he was warming up he would always uncork one to the backstop further scaring the bejesus out of the opposition. Todays starting line up, Pederson LF, Verdugo, CF, Turner, 3B, Bellinger, RF, Muncy, 1B, Hernandez, 2B, Barnes, C, Kershaw, P…..Taylor having his wrist re examined today, Roberts says at this point it does not look like an IL situation.

  7. Taylor to IL with a broken forearm Beaty recalled from AAA. He is at the game and on the bench.

  8. Too bad for Taylor. Did they say how long he’ll be out? Another game we only get 6 innings to score with the black hole of Kike, Barnes and pitcher spot!

    1. Breaks usually take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. This is his forearm, so he will have to build up the strength in it. Kike RBI hit, Barnes a sac bunt that turned into a hit and a RBI and steals home on a double steal. Not bad.

  9. I find it interesting that they brought up a lefty hitting guy to replace CT3, a right handed hitter. All four starters they face in Philly will be right handed so that may have played a part. I would still like to see Smith brought back. We could definitely use another right handed bat.

      1. That stat doesn’t count unless it was mentioned on an authorized Dodger game broadcast.

      2. Good point. We aren’t authorized.

        I figure it doesn’t count because by the time Barnes gets 6 more at bats he’s back to hitting .200 for the week.

  10. With CT3 on the shelf for the rest of the regular season might we we see Gavin Lux a little early? My gut says not before rosters expand but it would be interesting. Joc needs to really step up now and get used to 1B so we can platoon him and Freese there and allow Muncy to get the majority of the work at 2B with Taylor hurt. Or could we see Will Smith behind the plate with Barnes playing 2B a little more? The depth of this team is so good that while losing a core starter like CT3 sucks, we most likely won’t skip a beat.

    1. No one has said he is out for the year. No one has even mentioned the severity of the break. He is on the 10 day IL at this point. Breaks usually take 4-8 weeks to heal. 2 months at the long end of things means he would be back in September. If it is a hairline fracture, which I myself have had, he could be back a lot sooner. What you have is what you are going to have. Joc, Freese, Muncy and yes even Beaty playing 1st. Kike and Muncy and maybe Barnes at 2nd. Kike and Seager, when he needs a day off at SS. Turner and Muncy and Kike at 3rd. By the way, Taylor is not a core starter. The only reason he was playing everyday at all was Seager’s injury. It was good to see Corey hit one with authority yesterday. He had not really made much solid contact since he came back from the IL. Remember this, when the call ups come on the 1st of September, they can only add 3 players. I would surmise that at least one of the 3 would be a pitcher. So Lux and Smith might get the call. I would think Smith is more of a lock for that than Lux. Depends on what they need at the time. Raise your hands if you think that Ol AF might have given up on Travis dNauard too soon. He is hitting .282 for the Rays with 9 homers and hit 3 against the Yankees yesterday. Cubs traded Mike Montgomery to the Royals for Martin Maldonado.

  11. I feel somewhat conflicted on how the concept of depth is perceived and implemented with the Dodgers. I’ve always believed in a utility guy, or two, for your team. A Ben Zobrist, younger Justin Turner type of player. I figured on this team that was Kiké. He can play anywhere. But I don’t like moving so many players out of position. It’s ok in an emergency to move a guy like Pederson to first, but I watch what this team is doing out there and it often looks like a cluster flock to me. That infield night before last is the latest example. This is the Majors, not your local Little League. By this time everyone should be focused on what their job is and with this club each night the job changes. Muncy and Barnes at second? Pederson at first? Muncy at third?

    Pederson, Verdugo and Bellinger. Turner, Seager, Hernandez and Muncy. Barnes/Martin. With Taylor gone, that’s my starting lineup. Turner needs a rest – Freese. Muncy needs a few innings off – Freese. With starting pitchers now gone by the 6th, every bench player will get an at bat sometime late in the game, so, like your local Little League everyone gets in the game.

    Defense is important. It’s half the game. Ours at times has been embarrassing.

    1. Well stated Scoop. I agree completely. Of all the defensive maneuvering the one that most drives me nuts is Joc at first. Not his fault. He’s not the best athlete in the world and he’s being asked to learn a completely new position on the fly. I also believe that first base is a harder position to play WELL than many people realize. Lots of little stuff that goes unnoticed and if done incorrectly can lose games for you even if you don’t get an “E” in the box score.
      On the other hand, you can’t fight success, and we have the best record in baseball.

      1. I get that. We’re 47 games front. We can clinch next month…. but for a deep playoff run, against the better teams…. I don’t want to see happen what we watched the other night.

        Pederson used to be athletic. He was a 30/30 guy in the minors. He got jowly on Major League’s buffets. He looks like Oliver Hardy at first base.

        The other night Ryu when was pitching, and we saw the infield playing 3 Stooges defense, I heard the announcer say because of a subsequent single a run was earned. I don’t buy that. If the guy who ultimately scored should have been out, that run is unearned. When did official scoring change that?

        Ok, what do you guys think of the stealing first base, starting the 11th with runners at first and second, or doing what hockey does and just have ties.

    2. The best defensive team would have Taylor in there everyday along with Kike. Belli is the best defensive 1st baseman they have. And there have been some questionable plays over there by Muncy, Freese and Joc. But I have been shouted down in my constant yells to have Belli where he belongs. The Dodgers mover him for fear of injury. The only time Belli has been on the IL in the majors was when he hurt himself playing RF in Detroit his rookie year.

  12. Wow Pollock comes back and has a great series against Boston and doesn’t make your starting team! For me no way Kike plays over Pollock on a regular basis. Kike is only a utility guy who gives guys a day off.

  13. Scoop what about Pollock? You don’t have him starting somewhere even though he’s tearing the cover off the ball? To me it’s simple. You want your best players in the field the max amount of time. Right now to do that you have to sacrifice somewhere and right now the best spot I can see is defensively at 1B. Yes 1B is harder than a lot of people make it out to be but there’s also a reason why it’s the first position you stick a sub par defender that still has a good bat, am aging catcher with bad knees or a an OF that is having trouble running down balls. It requires the least amount of athleticism and the least amount of ground to cover. Verdugo is too good to keep out of the lineup and Joc’s power against righty pitching is too great to sit on the bench. He’s looked rough at 1B so far but we need to give him a little break as he’s only had a few games there to get comfortable. With a ridiculous 15 game lead in our division we have the luxury of giving Joc a few more weeks to improve. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t but I have faith Joc can play the position at least adequately enough that he doesn’t lose you games he just needs more time and reps there. Of course all this can be solved by putting Bellinger at 1B against right handed pitching with Joc in LF and Verdugo in RF but management seems to be sticking with keeping Belli off the infield for his health.

    1. Good point Alex.

      Pollock’s splits vs RHP are all over the map. He’s over 30 and is clearly injury prone. We can do a moderate platoon with him and Verdugo/Pederson. Like I said, there 3-4 crucial late game innings where those who don’t start will be getting TI on defense and 1-2 at bats. Everybody plays. Maybe it really doesn’t matter who starts. To me it only matters who starts where. My eyes, and the stats, tell me Verdugo is the better defender. Maybe he finishes. He’s handling lhp just fine (1.105 OPS vs lh starters) so he can also start. Mix it up. For the last several years we’ve had an overstock of outfielders. This year is no different. Verdugo, Pollock, Bellinger looks fine to me too. Pollock may now belong in left. Verdugo has the better arm and Bellinger has the most speed. Maybe Pollock, Bellinger, Verdugo is the way to go. Now I’M all over the map.

      1. Guys, pure and simple math. Pollock getting big money, Pollock as long as he is healthy will play a majority of the games period. No amount of talk by us peons is going to change that . The outfield glut will hopefully be addressed in the winter. Pederson is adequate at 1st as is Muncy. Neither is a defensive wiz over there. Joc is actually starting to look like a DH candidate for the AL. He had a few adventures in the OF lately, but we all know that is his best position. The starting outfield most games will be, Verdugo, Pollock and Belli, who’s defensive stats are off the charts. Infield will be, Turner, Seager, Kike, for now and Muncy. Against LHP we all know that Freese is going to be in there. Lets get the bullpen fixed before we worry about post season match ups. Pick a reliever they should target….Colome, Greene, Givens, Yates, Smith, Hand, Watson, …Vazquez is not likely to be on the table and that comes from the Pirates GM… Colome is 20-21 in save ops and has a .132 BA against and he pitches for a favorite trade partner of Ol Andy in the White Sox.

  14. It’s not a question of Kiké or Pollock Rich. They play different roles. Kiké is utility, Pollock is strictly an outfielder. With Taylor gone Kiké plays more. Kind of a no brainer.

    Bear may be right about Pollock and the overall contract, but it doesn’t apply this year. Pollock can easily earn his $4 million and not have to play every day. Next year $15 million? Then $18 million at age 33? Not sure about that. AAV will probably be used but …. I’d rather look at it one year at a time.

    We’ve got 4 starting outfielders, and 2 more good ones in Beaty and Hernandez. We actually now have 5 guys listed on the depth chart at first base. We’ve got all that and are way down the list in fielding percentage.

    I also think Bear is wrong about where to play Bellinger and have given ample evidence to support that opinion. An All Star level right fielder will put up WAY more WAR than an All Star first baseman.

    1. I do not give a rats heinie about WAR. I would much rather have the best defensive guy at each position. Verdugo can more than adequately be the right fielder. Joc is good in left, but does not have a cannon arm. Pollock is a good defensive outfielder, and if he is out, Kike is good there. A good first baseman does not miss those throws that were butchered this weekend. 2nd base is the biggest weakness. So, either let Muncy, who looked pretty good there in the All Star game and has the best bat of the bunch of posers who have tried the position, or call up the kid. Lux. He according to reports has improved his defense. I know all of your arguments Scoop, and I respect you for your baseball acumen, but 1st base is a vital defensive spot. Especially to infielders who have to make throws like those that were made the last few days. Had Belli been there, a couple of those plays would have been outs instead of inning extending errors.

  15. Hey Dennis. I have had to sign in every time I get on this page on either of my computers. Did not have to do that before. Is there a problem with the network>?

    1. Same thing happening to me. On occasion WordPress recognizes me. Most of the time it doesn’t. I set up there with a different name initially. Can’t seem to change the settings or password. Just getting used to signing in with every post. Kinda annoying.

  16. I do not think that this front office plays guys depending upon who has the biggest contract. If Pollock deserves to play he’ll play, if not he’ll ride the bench or they’ll get rid of him, but that decision won’t be made in just a few games.
    I think it’s ironic that Bear, the political conservative, is anti-WAR and Scoop, the liberal, is the WARmonger. I lean more toward valuing WAR (baseball-wise) but I would really like to find a way to play Belli at both positions at the same time because I agree with Bear that a good first baseman is very important.

  17. Excellent observation Jefe. Contradictions abound.

    WAR is what is being used to evaluate productivity Bear. They are not my algorithms, but after studying what goes into it I do recognize the value. You didn’t see Moneyball? It’s all in there. “Your goal shouldn’t be to buy players. Your goal should be to buy wins. In order to buy wins, you need to buy runs”. Peter Brand

    Classic stuff man. It’s about buying WINS. Runs buy you WINS. And WAR is about WINS. I think you’d be wise to get in the game Bear. For the knowledgeable guy you obviously are, your take on WAR is way behind the times.

    The slowest, most ironed gloved non throwing guy on your team can play first base if he is willing to work at it. Want proof? I give you Steve Garvey.

    1. Bad analogy Scoop. Garvey had a scatter arm, he was not a bad fielder and he developed into a Gold Glove first baseman, I see neither Joc nor Muncy attaining that level. As for being behind the times, you should know, I hate analytics and yes I saw Moneyball, but tell me, how many WS wins do the A’s have since that started. ZERO. If runs buy you wins, which they do, then why do so many pooh pooh the RBI stats? And you above all people should know I am olde school all the way. All that BS they were saying on the broadcast last night about setting baseball up like Hockey and allowing ties and awarding points and having a first and second half like the minors do. DON’T mess with the product if it ain’t broke. I give you Coca Cola for a reference. When they changed their base formula, sales dropped like crazy. I like baseball as it is. The system is not perfect, but nothing is. That is why I am finally ok with the DH in the NL, and the way umpiring has been lately, an electronic K zone. Got the tools, use em. Pollock is not getting traded anytime soon, sure as hell not in the first or second year of this contract.

      1. A. Truth be told Garvey was never a good fielder, anywhere. Even at first he kinda sucked. Bad example maybe. His play at third was horrible. At first his terribleness was better hidden. He had negative dWAR numbers every year he was over there. Had he been just average he would have had at least a 50 WAR career. In 19 seasons he only put up 38 WAR. Mike Trout had 37 by age 23. Bellinger will likely have it before he turns 27.

        B. How many World Series have the A’s won since that started. The same number the Dodgers have and the A’s have spent about a billion less.

        Analytics have their place. Wins Above Replacement, WARP initially, has value. Batting, baserunning, fielding, position adjustments, all mathematically computed and compared to what is basically the 26th man on the roster, gives a fairly accurate metric to assess a player’s performance. If you are good you will have a positive WAR. If you are good and play a difficult position, you will have a higher WAR. If you are good and play first base……

        All that said, you can make a lot of money playing first base… but only if you hit like Garvey, Votto or Pujols. The highest paid players are hitters. Andrelton Simmons, one of the smoothest shortstops I’ve ever seen, has put up 36.3 WAR in 8 seasons, 26.3 of which were dWAR. What does he get paid? Less than half what Votto does.

        May sound platitudinous, but it is what is.

      2. Hey Scoop/Bear, I’ve really enjoyed your back and forth this afternoon. No sooner do I nod my head that one of you has made a valid point than the other guy comes back with a good point. Thanks for some interesting reading.

  18. We can try to guess who we will acquire all we want but I think we all know Andy will trade for someone none of us expected.

    1. But it’s so much fun to guess Alex. How about this one: MLBTR (via the Athletic) says the Cards are indicating the might consider trading Carlos Martinez. I know he’s had injury concerns but it would sure be nice to have him in our bullpen. Two years of control remaining after this season plus another two years team option.

  19. With the lead we have why not give him Joc a chance to improve at first. Again I’d rather have Pollock in lineup over Kike. JOC at first, Muncy at second and Pollock, Duggie and Belli In-N-Out field. Kike strictly utility giving guys a day off.

  20. I’d love to have Martínez but they will want a haul for him, injuries or not. Andy just will not give up top prospects for relievers which is why I’m thinking maybe our best bet is getting someone like Jake Diekman from KC.

    1. Yes, AF has never shown a willingness to give up top prospects for relievers; however……………………the bullpen appears to be the only real weakness on this team. I’m not positive he’ll react differently this year, but if I had to guess, I would say he’s going to. He doesn’t need to trade for a shortstop, he doesn’t need to trade for a starter. He has a fully stocked farm system. He’s very much aware of how impatient the fan base is with the lack of a WS trophy. I’m betting we get a prime reliever in the next couple of weeks. That said, I won’t be astonished if I’m wrong.

  21. AF has shown a willingness to go big before at the trade deadline to fill a big need but a reliever? It will go against every fiber of his being but it needs to get done. With a 2nd closer type reliever we have to be big favorites to win it all. Go for it AF!

    1. Here is an interesting little tidbit for you Rich. going back to 2010, 9 of the last 9 Champs have made a major trade at the deadline and the player helped win it. Jake Peavy was that guy twice. Once with Boston and once with the Giants. Pence, Javier Lopez, Verlander, Eovaldi, Chapman, Cueto, Zobrist, Edwin Jackson, Dotel, Marc Rezpczynski, all guys who were traded for and contributed to a World Championship team. Only real A-list guys on there are Chapman and Verlander. Pence was coming off a bad start. The rest are mostly journeymen. Poor Willie Calhoun optioned back to the minors because Pence comes off the IL.

      1. I got a feeling Friedman might go big this time. The reason being all the text being given to what you just mentioned Bear. I’m seeing that point made everywhere. We don’t really need offense. We can and will juggle players all over the field and outscore teams. We need a better bullpen. Get that done and we will have excellent shot at home field throughout the playoffs.

  22. I do not care what Garvey’s dWAR was. Back in those days, nobody else cared either. I remember when Parker was over there, Gold Glove defense and a 5 cent bat. Never a great hitter, but he sure saved a lot of runs. But if you take a poll he is below Garvey on the all time Dodger first basemens list. Garvey did ok, that’s the point. The team won a Championship, which is a bigger point. I do not care, nor do I want to care about all of that analytical crapola which just clutters up the game and the conversations . HUMBUG!!!!!

  23. It looks like there will be a number of bull pen arms available, I think Andrew goes out and gets whichever arm he can get the best value verses cost deal. I think he will let the market come to him. Look at farhan, for example, we all know he HAS to trade Will Smith, there is no reason to keep him, farhan is going to trade smith for the best deal he can get, even if it’s not that great of a return. I’ll bet AF makes an offer on everybody, and just waits to see what develops.
    PS I’m having to log in every time I comment also.

    1. He’s Bear. All you have to do is look at him with the wrong tone of voice and he can go off. But, he and I are friends. I forgive him his nescience and cross blatherings. He’s one of the good guys.

      1. Never sat down with him but would look forward to it. We’ve known each other for a few years now. We agree on some things, disagree on others, but have always gotten along fine.

    1. Use a capitol B when you speaketh of me! Show little respect there bub. And I am my own Bear…I belong to no one……grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! LOL

  24. Hey you guys, with Taylor out four to six weeks is lux ready to come up to play some, or is he a 2020 player

    1. Doubt it. If they were going to do that, they would have called him up when he went down. He will probably be recalled in September. But remember, they can only call up 3. Roster can only be 28 from now on after the 1st of September. Depending on the situation, they might call up a couple of pitchers and Smith.

  25. Something worth mentioning… Jansen should not have been needed. 4 unearned runs? Infield defense sucks.

    I doubt we see Lux until later, though it’s my opinion that with this lead giving him some innings to get his feet wet might be a good idea. There’s always that starting of the clock issue though. It matters.

  26. 5 homers, 8 runs and they lose. Totally unacceptable. Friedman is going to have to do something now. Jansen admitted after the game that his ankle was numb and he should have come out of the game. This is the year, now is the time. Pull the trigger Andy. As for Scoop, I would love it if all of us could sit around a table and exchange ideas and our love of this great game. I do not apologize for my love of baseball the way it was. It was in my eyes a better game. I think way to much is over thought now. Too see Willie Mays gliding across the outfield chasing down a long fly ball. Musial coiled like a snake and attacking the pitch. Koufax with that over the top delivery and the smack of the ball as it hit Rosey’s glove. Big D staring at the hitter and instilling fear with that whiplash delivery of his. Brooks Robinson with that vacuum cleaner glove at 3rd. Today’s players are better athletes and much more in shape than those guys, but those guys were ballplayers pure and simple. They were talented and they were out there everyday, rarely taking a day off. They were also not that well paid. Free agency changed all that. Can you imagine what Koufax, or Gibson Mantle or Mays would fetch on the free agent market>? They would make Harper look like a pauper.

  27. By the way, the bullpen did not blow the game, Jansen did. Baez and Garcia threw scoreless innings.

    1. Kenley “Mr Macho” Jansen doesn’t realize it, but he’s being very selfish. If he calls Doc out after he gets hit on the ankle and tells him “I’m not OK” we probably win the game. I also thought it was very selfish of him when he announced that he hoped we got a really good reliever this July but then made it clear that the new guy was just to back him up because he’s the closer. Kenley has done a lot for this team, but he needs to re-think his priorities. The team comes first, Mr. J.

      1. He let his pride get in the way and it cost the team. AF needs to act now. There was a story on MLB rumors this morning that says the Dodgers are interested in Jake Diekman of the Royals. Free agent at the end of the year, 32 years old with a 96 MPH heater, BUT, Era is close to 5, he has a terrible walk ratio. Would cost a lot less than the others, and kind of fits what AF usually does. Forget Vazquez, the Bucs are going to want a haul for that guy, and AF will not pay that kind of price for a reliever. As weird as it seems, the Dodger pen is actually 10th in the majors. Not concerned that they lost, but the way they lost it was disturbing. Defense needs to be shored up. They need at least 2 quality arms for the pen, and the catchers offense needs to get better. Smith will be here sometime, most likely September as will Lux, but they can only call up 3, and I feel 1 or 2 of them will be pitchers.

      2. Good take Bear.

        Here’s an idea….. make the move for a reliever then put Jansen on the IL … call it a much deserved vacation. We can then see who else might have the mustard to close. Jansen won’t like it of course, but it can be pointed out to him that his salary is $9 million more than it was in ‘17 while his ERA+ is 203 points less than it was then. We ALL want you to be the closer Kenley, but we need you to pitch like you deserve it. You get paid regardless, so, STFU and pitch like you usta did or you can be the highest paid bridge in the Majors.

      3. I like it Scoop and I’m going to pass your advice on to the front office, but Andrew stopped listening to me when…………………………………come to think of it he’s never listened to me.

      4. I’m pretty sure Andrew has an intern that reads all the blogs. I’m rather renown in tight circles existing in my own head, thus there is a strong possibility Friedman doesn’t have clue who I am nor does he give a sh*t about wtf I think. So, I got going for me on this plan. I still like the idea though. Nobody’s job should be guaranteed. I heard yesterday that even Jalen Hurts has to earn the starting job at Oklahoma……..

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