Dodgers Look to Start New Winning Streak Against Rival Giants


It turns out that Nolan Arenado was not correct when he said that the Dodgers would never lose again. Los Angeles lost a disappointing game to the Arizona Diamondbacks Wednesday, and sadly a record of 143 –39 is no longer attainable.

But the Dodgers will still push on, because 142-40 is still very much on the table! Maybe, they’ll go on through a slump and get 130, or gasp, 120 wins on the season. All joking aside, there will be more heartbreaking loses this year and even a slump or two. It’s a long season and the Dodgers are a great team. And regular season win totals mean nothing if you don’t win it all.

In this season’s edition of A Broken Record, the Dodgers need bullpen help to have a chance at winning it all. In a recent article by Bill Plunkett of the OC Register, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman didn’t really talk about going out and acquiring an arm or two at the deadline, opting for now to stick with the arms that the Dodgers already have. He made note that they are good arms currently in the Dodgers bullpen, even if they are not performing up to snuff at the moment.

Friedman also made note that using Kenta Maeda out of the bullpen again is not out of the question, nor is keeping Julio Urias there. He also made note of some arms in the minors coming up to help, such as Dustin May or Tony Gonsolin. And, as one looks around the league, one sees that not one team has a lock-it-down bullpen. Some great arms, for sure, but not bullpens as a whole. It will for sure be a seller’s market in and up to the trade deadline, and the Dodgers are never ones to overpay. Something to continue to keep an eye on.

The Dodgers are now in San Francisco to start a three game series with the rival Giants. Residing in last place in the NL West, the Giants sit at 25-36, 17 games out of first.

Los Angeles will first send Clayton Kershaw to the mound, and the Dodgers have won his last 21 straight regular season starts. The Giants will counter with Drew Pomeranz. The lefty is 1-8 on the season with a 8.08 ERA.

Saturday afternoon, Rich Hill will take the mound for the Dodgers and will face-off against Jeff Samardzija. The tall right-hander is 3-4, with a 3.61 ERA and is coming off a start where he went six innings of one-run ball against the Baltimore Orioles.

Sunday’s matinee with see the marquee matchup of the series with Walker Buehler taking on Madison Bumgarner. The cranky lefty is now 3-5 on the season with a 4.05 ERA and 79 strikeouts. He is 0-1 in his last three games

Perhaps the Dodgers will get a look at the Giants’ Will Smith, a reliever coveted by some Dodger fans. In a recent interview, Farhed Zaidi said he would not be averse to doing business with his former team. It most likely would take too much to acquire him, but if two front office people could make a deal like that work to both teams’ liking, it would be those two men. Wishful thinking, perhaps, but stranger things have happened.


7 thoughts on “Dodgers Look to Start New Winning Streak Against Rival Giants

  1. In looking at what the giants need for their rebuild the answer appears to be everything but relief pitching. Other than Joey Bart they’ve got nobody in their system that shows up on top prospects list. So what is Zaidi looking for? I’d say depth. Will Smith isn’t just a LOOGY, his splits show he gets both sides out, with a .153 BAA right handers and .158 BAA left handers. And 12.7 SO/9? Damm. He’s what we need so maybe a few A pitching prospects gets it done. But, if Friedman wasn’t kidding when he said the bullpen wasn’t that bad he may not be looking for pitching. I’d try to get that guy just so we don’t have to face him. Did I mention he’s 6’5” 250? And he strikes out 12.7 per 9? Double damm.


  2. They’ll probably trade all of their decent relievers so they’ll need bullpen guys also, just younger ones so they’ll have them when they get relevant again.


    1. Valid point. And I agree. It makes sense to just go for the rebuild. Waiting for the deadline might increase competition for your talent, so, with risk of injury being the only consideration, they may feel no rush is necessary. I would offer argument that selling high now on some of these guys might be beneficial, especially if you get the players you know you want. Zaidi knows our minor league talent. Well, Zaidi knows everybody’s minor league talent, but when it comes to the Dodgers he knows not only who he wants but he also knows who Friedman will and won’t let go. If it’s me I start stacking the system now. Get talent in there and start working with them.

      The giants are going nowhere and their fans know it. Guys like Bumgarner, Dyson, Moronta, Smith, and maybe Belt and Panik, when made available, will bring back a great return. Pick up the phone Andy.

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      1. Why do that when I am pretty sure Brad Hand is going to be available and he will cost less than those guys.


      2. Why do you think Brad Hand will be available and cost less? Cleveland can compete for a playoff spot with him. He’s got 19 saves already, with a 0.759 WHIP. SF is going nowhere and everybody knows it.


  3. Cody really had no shot to help the offense today. Giants walked him 3 times. Corey had a great day. Turner had a 3 hit game too. Muncy, Joc and Verdugo slumping a little. Congrats to Garlick on his first MLB hit….Saw Dark Phoenix …great movie


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