Series Preview: Dodgers Host Padres for Quick, 2-Game Set


With an NL-leading 27 wins, the Dodgers welcome the San Diego Padres to town, as the clubs embark on a quick, two-game set that will begin on Tuesday evening at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers lead second-place Arizona by 3-1/2 games in the West. Possessing a 22-19 record, San Diego is currently sitting in third place, trailing the Dodgers by a full four games.

At the forefront of the series is the news surrounding the alleged arrest of Los Angeles pitcher Julio Urias. According to reports, the 22-year-old lefty is said to have been arrested on suspicion of “misdemeanor domestic battery” on Monday evening. Reports suggest that the victim denied any physical altercation, but that police made the arrest based upon eyewitness accounts and video evidence.

As of the time this series preview was published, neither the Los Angeles Dodgers nor Major League Baseball have made any official statements regarding the matter.

The Dodgers were believed to be considering a potential roster move as far as the relief crew went, long before the Urias news broke. Lefty Scott Alexander recently told reporters of discomfort in his hamstring, while skipper Dave Roberts described Alexander’s malady as hip-related. Either way, Tony Cingrani, who was placed on the injured list to begin the season with shoulder problems, is apparently ready to return.

Conceivably, a move could be made before Tuesday’s opener.

Regarding the Padres, with Fernando Tatis, Jr. still on the injured list, the San Diego offense has been far from percolating. The Padres find themselves sitting in 12th place in the NL as far as run production goes with just 162 runners having crossed the plate so far this year. Franmil Reyes leads the club in long balls with 11, while Eric Hosmer is the team leader with 42 base hits and 24 RBI.

The Dodgers are far and away the NL leader with 227 runs scored.

Cody Bellinger continues to lead the world in hitting with a .407 average. With 38 RBI, Bellinger is tied for first with Christian Yelich and trails Yelich’s 16 league-leading long balls by two.

The Dodgers will have the chance to see San Diego’s phenom pitcher Chris Paddack this time around. Over seven starts, the 23-year-old righty has tallied a 3-1 record with a 1.55 ERA and a 0.689 WHIP. Paddack has struck out 46 and walked 10 over 40-2/3 innings of work.

Pitching matchups are as follows:

Game one: Clayton Kershaw (2-0, 3.31 ERA) vs. Paddack (3-1, 1.55 ERA)

Game two: Kenta Maeda (4-2, 4.03 ERA) vs. Matt Strahm (1-2, 3.00 ERA)

First pitches for both contests are set for 7:10 PM Los Angeles time.

Following the two-game series, the Dodgers have the luxury of another off-day on Thursday.


25 thoughts on “Series Preview: Dodgers Host Padres for Quick, 2-Game Set

  1. Larry Baer, Giants exec, was suspended by MLB for over 3 months and he basically caused his wife to fall while grabbing for her phone. It sounds as though Urias did at least that much. This is not likely to end well.


  2. He shoved a woman he was arguing with to the ground. Police responded and she said there was no physical contact, unfortunately witnesses and video said other wise so the kid was cuffed, arrested and taken to the hoosegow…..posted 20 grand bail and is out. We will see how the team and the league reacts.


      1. By current MLB standards, it doesn’t matter if neither the woman nor the cops file charges, the player can be suspended anyway. That’s what I think will happen here, since it looks like the woman has already said that nothing happened, but apparently the video proves differently. I think the police will probably not charge him but baseball will suspend him. Prior cases with Osuna, Reyes and Chapman (which seemed far more severe) led to lesser penalties than were given to Larry Baer. That, I don’t understand, except that nobody pays to see Larry Baer. If execs were the adults and the ballplayers were 15 year old kids that would be one thing, but since (as Alex points out) Urias and the others are grown men, to hold Baer to a higher standard is ridiculous. The act should be the determining factor, not the adult committing it.


      2. Why is he supposed to be a better human being than a ballplayer? Is a ballplayer higher on the scale than a plumber, a plumber higher on the scale than a janitor? A janitor higher than someone who is unemployed? Sorry, I don’t buy it.
        I realize that you’re stating what you feel is MLB’s position and not necessarily your own opinion Dennis, but it’s easier to vent to you.


  3. This really screws the team if he’s out for a few months. Better it happen now and he be back for the end of the season but it still never should have happened. He may be viewed as a kid in baseball terms but he’s a grown man in real life and a real man never puts his hands on a woman.


  4. In more pleasant news, Mitch White has been promoted to OKC.
    In less pleasant news, old friend Zach Pop (relief pitcher we sent to the Orioles in the Machado deal and a legit prospect) just had UCL surgery.


  5. I don’t know about all this. I saw that Baer scuffle and it looked like nothing me. It was an older couple that have maybe been rubbing up against each other for decades and the overweight out of shape women lost her balance and fell. While it’s true a man should never hit a woman I don’t believe it’s wrong to grab one under certain circumstances. You ever been attacked by a woman? I have and it’s weird. I was cornered and had to put my arms around her to keep her from clawing my face off. I have no idea what the video shows. If he went Ray Rice on her, lock him up. If it was just a scuffle between a couple and nobody was hurt… let it go with a slap on the wrist. Just my opinion.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Great write up on Ryu today. Since the start of last year he’s basically the best pitcher in baseball. Still, many do not believe in him or think he deserves a new contract, some here on this board. He’s got a 22:1 strikeout to walk ratio since 2018. That’s Maddux-esq.


    1. Patience Alex. It’s mid May. There is plenty of time. Besides, he’s getting paid abundantly to pitch.

      Lakers got a break. Maybe this is a sign the worm is turning.


      1. Lakers – most people in the know (I don’t claim to be one of them) seem to think that there is a fairly good separation between the top 3 and the rest of the draft class. The Lakers are to basketball what the Giants are to baseball. Living in the past. No real dedication to the “new game” and until they come to grips with the fact that the old ways won’t work any longer, they’re doomed to failure. The Giants took that step when the hired Farhan. The Lakers turned to Kurt and Linda Rambis. 😦


      2. I don’t think Farhan was too happy with Derek Holland late last month when Holland told reporters that he was forced to go on the injured list with a “fake injury.”


  7. Dodger fans booed old friend Machado last night…in his 2nd at bat he answered with a boom. He crushed that pitch from CK. They beat the Pads best pitcher so that was a good sign. Cody hit his first dinger of the month, and Seager looks like he is starting to warm up. One concern I have is that to me it seems that Turner is now a target. He has been hit 3 times in the last 2 weeks.


    1. I don’t think they’re trying to hit him but let’s face it, he stands right on top of the plate and they feel they need to pitch him inside to be effective. I’m afraid it isn’t going to change.


      1. He should wear Bonds Armor, which was basically a football shoulder pad wrapped around the elbow. I think a light weight body wrap flak jacket would come in handy too. I designed one once. It was Velcro with a rib protector.


      2. Tell you what Jefe, you can have the rights to my design for 20% of net. I already have an advertising campaign – “If Hanley had one these (pic of rib wrap) the Los Angeles Dodgers would have another one if these (pic of World Series Trophy). Just send my residual check to Cliff Dr, Laguna Beach.


      3. Welcome back to SoCal. If you’re living in Laguna, I don’t think you need any checks. I’ll just name the company after you, “Scoop Armour” , or maybe “Over Armour”. What do you think?


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