Dodgers Swept by Cardinals on Final Leg of Road Trip

Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

To say that the Dodgers‘ first road trip of the season was a bit of a roller coaster ride would be an understatement.

Four days after Los Angeles recorded their first series sweep of the season against the Rockies in Denver, the Dodgers were handled convincingly in all four games by the Cardinals in St. Louis. Entering the series, the Redbirds were just 4-5, while the Boys in Blue were sporting an impressive 8-2 record.

At first glance, it appears that the quality of opposition in the NL Central will be much more difficult for the Dodgers than the teams they will encounter in the West. The Dodgers will now face another tough club in the Brewers this weekend, although the team’s return home to Dodger Stadium could reverse its latest misfortunes.

Over the first three games in the series against the Cardinals, the Dodgers were outscored 15-5. Both the superior starting pitching and the stellar offense that dominated the first three series of the season were absent. Moreover, the team’s tendency not to produce with runners in scoring position—something that was prevalent throughout 2018—has seemingly surfaced once again.

Aside from a few select arms, the majority of the bullpen has been vastly under-performing. Joe Kelly‘s struggles are well-documented, and while Pedro Baez showed a brief flash of returning to his 2018 form, he came back down to earth in the finale on Thursday, surrendering three earned runs on four hits in one inning of work. It almost seemed like Dave Roberts should have rescued Baez just one batter into the inning.

In the 11-7 defeat, Baez was credited with the official loss, his first of the year.

The Los Angeles bat woke up a bit in the finale, this time producing seven runs—two more than the total in the first three games combined.

The long ball returned for the Dodgers, as David Freese, Walker Buehler and Enrique Hernandez delivered for Los Angeles. Freese’s blast to left put Los Angeles up by two runs in the third inning, and by the time Hernandez’s shot cleared the wall in left-center in the third frame, the Dodgers were up 7-4.

However, Buehler was roughed-up by the Cardinals in his third start of the year, allowing five earned runs on five hits and two walks in just four full innings of work.

On the injury front, the Dodgers were given a scare when Corey Seager was removed in the fourth inning after being hit by a pitch in the hamstring area. Early returns say that it’s a mild contusion, and the shortstop is day-to-day.

Jose Martinez went 4-for-5 for the Redbirds, including a double and three runs scored. Reserve catcher Matt Weiters also came up big for St. Louis—his two-run single to right field in the bottom of the fifth gave the Cardinals the lead for good.

Freese, Seager and Justin Turner all had two hits apiece for Los Angeles.

Looking ahead, Friday will be the first game of a three-game set with the Brewers.

Be sure to check back soon, as Andy will provide a few thoughts and a concise preview in her Friday column.


14 thoughts on “Dodgers Swept by Cardinals on Final Leg of Road Trip

  1. That was as ugly a series as I can remember.

    Seager hamstring? Those can linger for weeks. Gale does not belong and why is Muncy playing second base? Bullpen doesn’t look good, but I don’t believe they are this bad. If I’m wrong about that it’s going to be a long year.

    Back home. Against another good team. Pucker up.


    1. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Seager pulled his hamstring. He was hit by a pitch in that area. I’m hoping and assuming it will be a day to day thing.

      I was really sorry we didn’t sign Eovaldi this winter, along with Kelly. Eovaldi’s current ERA is 8.40. He gave up a homer tonight to Tellez, 115.2 mph exit velo, 505 feet. Lesson to be learned here – be careful what you wish for.


  2. I just read “hamstring injury”. He left the game for a bruise? Damn. Today’s players are candy asses. He’d better be back tomorrow.

    Watching the Padres Dbacks. Padres do not look a year away from being a year away. Those guys look good. It’s early. Run differential still leads the league.

    We started like crap last year and did ok. Hopefully these 6 losses weren’t as bad as they looked.

    Who’s Tellez? Never heard of him.


  3. Sorry I hope we didn’t think after the first 10 games that this was a club that hit with runners on not going to happen on a consistent basis.
    As for the bullpen Oh Well here we go again don’t know why we can’t get the bullpen straight.
    Hope we get back together tonight.


  4. This series was embarrassing to say the least. Total team meltdown. Taylor is an embarrassment all to himself. He is not even close to the player he was last year let alone 2017. Mental errors, physical errors and management errors. The circus plays on. Baez goes from being effective for a few days to gas can Pedro in a flash. Buehler looked nothing like the kid he was last year. Just a terrible series to watch.


    1. This is who we are. I think we’re better than a 4 game sweep, but the hitting is always off and on and it has looked to me like the pitching just wasn’t ready from Day 1. This is a team that is preparing itself for the long haul and it’s doing so by not preparing itself for the short haul. The first half means little to these guys. They want to peak later.

      Am I the only one that is questioning Seager? Hit in the leg by an 85 mph slider and he leaves the game? I got hit 4 times in a MABL game, one was an 80 mph shot to the kidney. I was 50 and didn’t leave the game. F u buddy. I’m stealing second now and will score on a single. And I did just that. That’s the way it was AND WE LIKED IT!

      Ok, gonna take my meds now.


      1. Just saw an interview with Seager. Says he was going to sit out the rest of the season but after seeing your comment has told Doc to put him in the lineup tonight.
        I appreciate the tough love Scoop because Corey is going to get a walk-off hit to win it for us tonight.


    1. Hit my last home run in the playoffs that year. A shot over the scoreboard at Napa College. I’d like to say the scoreboard was in center, and some day I might say that. But it was down the line in left. Have the ball in my office.

      Liked by 1 person

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