Is Brad Miller The Dodgers’ 2019 Diamond in the Rough?

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Dodgers
(Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images)

Whether the Dodgers were lucky or saw something the rest of the majors didn’t, there is no denying that in the last two seasons they have struck gold with two players who were seemingly cast aside by other teams.  They did it in 2017 with Chris Taylor, and most recently in 2018 with Max Muncy.  Could Brad Miller be that for the Dodgers this season?

Miller was drafted in the amateur draft by the Seattle Mariners in the 2011 amateur draft. He’s spent parts of the last six seasons with the Mariners, Rays, and Brewers. His career year included hitting 30 home runs in 2016 with the Rays, when he played 152 games. He signed a minor league contract with the Dodgers, with an invitation to spring training.

We took an in-depth look at Miller not long after he arrived to camp.

Miller fits the type of player the Front Office is looking for—versatile.

“He’s interesting,” manager Dave Roberts said. “I’ve seen Brad for years on the other side with the Mariners (where he played from 2013–15). He plays with a lot of energy. For him, to show value for us, he’s obviously a left-hand hitter, can play all over the diamond. … the move around the diamond, the energy .. could be a good fit.”

So far this spring, Miller has impressed. He’s played in six games, batting .308 with one monster home run hit in last night’s game against the San Diego Padres. And even though he is mainly an infielder, he has been playing some games in the outfield. Now that he has completely healed from a hip labrum surgery he had last season, he feels like he can play anywhere.

“It’s unbelievable,” Miller said. “I don’t have that dark cloud over my head knowing there’s something structurally wrong.”

He also has expressed wanting to be on the field with his new Dodger teammates. He spoke about having to face Walker Buehler in batting practice

“That’s high octane,” Miller said of Buehler. “I was just battling for my life. I want to play behind that guy. He’s nasty. My first two pitches I took, I was being a wimp. Then I locked it in and hit the one up the middle and he locked it in and it became a battle and we all got something out of it. That made the game easy compared to Walker, nothing against those guys. That’s no joke. Walker was awesome.”

Being able to play all over the field is the key to making it on the Dodgers’ roster. Following in the footsteps of Taylor and Muncy, Miller will have to make the case with his bat to stay on the big league team.

A quick perusal of Twitter will show you that Miller may quickly become a fan favorite. Could the Dodgers get so lucky three years in a row?

Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “Is Brad Miller The Dodgers’ 2019 Diamond in the Rough?

  1. Do not see Miller making the team out of spring since he is a non roster guy, and the team will likely carry 13 pitchers which leaves no openings unless someone is injured. Muncy is shut down for a few days with forearm problems. But unless one of the position guys opens on the IL, Miller is just not going to make it.


  2. Or if Seager not ready for beginning of year. Otherwise you’re right bear gonna take an injury. But he is that cursed AF dumpster utility pickup tho!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He did that again yesterday as he signed LHP Andrew Faulkner to a minor league deal. Guy has some mlb time, but not much. Right now the one sleeper candidate to make the team is Jamie Schultz. He has been outstanding so far. He could unseat Chargois since I am of the mind that Garcia is going to make the team.


  3. I’d be astonished if Seager was ready by opening day but that would get Miller only a week or two before another decision would have to be made. Get the definite feeling Doc and AF would like him to be on the roster.


  4. Just checked the box. All or nothing offense in mid season form – 1 for 18 with 9 Ks through 6. Urias with 3 clean innings.


  5. And that game yesterday was vivid illustration of how the all or nothing approach works for this organization. 5 for 31 with 15 strikeouts and we score 8 and win. Bunt? We don’t need no stinking bunts. Bunting is for the milksop mamby pamby. Opposite field? Opposite this all you poltroon fraidy cats. The fences were put there for us to knock down. We’re the Dodgers. We got ballz az big az church bellz. (Jerry Caesar, Dragnet, 1987).


  6. But I feel Verdugo and Pollock are different and not that all or nothing type hitters. We have to be better hitters with risp this year


    1. It’s all in the two strike approach. I’ve said it before – you have strike one and strike two to come out of your shoes. That’s it. You miss on those two you are not to miss again. Get wood on strike three, even if it’s a duck fart that goes nowhere. Maybe von Skyhack feels the same way about it.

      Buehler pitches on Tuesday. That’s more or less on target for the 28th.


  7. Those are some weird looking numbers, how in the heck do you score eight while going 5 for 31, that’s rhetorical, I know how it’s done, I’m happy we scored 8, but 5 hits is kind of pathetic.
    Haven’t been watching any spring games, my spectrum box is on the blink, and haven’t had time to get it fixed. How is verdugo doin?


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