Dodgers Edge White Sox in Cactus League Opener


Joc Pederson hit the Dodgers‘ first home run of the spring and Russell Martin delivered a two-run double in his return to the team as the Dodgers held off the White Sox at Glendale on Saturday, 7-6.

Austin Barnes, suiting up at catcher while Martin took care of the DH duties, also stroked a double to right that scored Enrique Hernandez in the four-run first inning. The Dodgers extended their lead to six runs in the second frame when Hernandez lined a double of his own to left field, plating both Justin Turner and Max Muncy.

Pederson’s solo shot to right-center in the fourth inning rounded out the day’s scoring for Los Angeles.

In the third inning, Chicago got on the board for the first time when John Jay singled to center off Kevin Quackenbush, scoring Yolmer Sanchez.

D.J. Peterson and Chris Johnson each added two RBI for the White Sox.

Chicago made a game of it in the ninth inning when they loaded the bases on righty reliever Shea Spitzbarth. Left-hander Ben Holmes took over for Spitzbarth and promptly surrendered a two-run single to Johnson, cutting the lead to one run. Holmes hit Joel Booker in the following AB to re-load the bases, but Holmes was able to punchout Jameson Fisher looking to end the game.

On the pitching side of things, Rich Hill, Yimi Garcia, Jaime Schultz, Stetson Allie and Josh Sborz all threw perfect innings for the Dodgers.

On Sunday against the Angels, lefty Hyun-Jin Ryu is slated to start for the Dodgers.

Brock Stewart will start Monday’s game as the Dodgers face the Cubs at Glendale.

Sunday’s first pitch is scheduled for 12:05 PM Pacific time.


24 thoughts on “Dodgers Edge White Sox in Cactus League Opener

  1. This would be the perfect time to trade Joc. His value will never be higher. Think of what you could get in exchange for the league leader in homers.
    Really happy to see Stewart get the start on Monday. As I pointed out in a previous comment, Brock is on his way to replacing CK as the staff ace (thought I’d better say that before he actually takes the mound to pitch). Good luck Brock. This is your big chance.
    Dennis, it must feel good to do a game breakdown again. Looks like you’re already in mid-season shape.

    1. I didn’t even watch the game, unfortunately. I have a huge psychology test on Monday, and I’m trying to catch up on four weeks of material that I have ignored. You could probably see that when I pointed out that some dude named Starling was playing shortstop today.

      1. I could tell you what that Castro mistake means psychologically but it would just confuse you for your test. I can tell you that Orioles fans are masochists if that helps any.

      2. Apparently you went from seeing the name Castro in the lineup to Starling Castro to Starling Heredia, when you should have gone straight to Daniel Castro, do not pass Go, do not collect $200 (Monopoly reference for those of you who had no idea what I was referring to).

  2. I bet the White Sox are wishing they had traded for Joc now that they got stuffed on Machado. They need another power bat in their lineup. I hope we hang onto Joc though. It’s just a feeling but I have a hunch he puts it together and has a big year this season.

    1. People have high expectations for him every year. I don’t think there will be much of a change. If Friedman’s happy with a .235 average and an .800 OPS with 23 or so HR, then he’ll have himself a victory.

      1. I think having Verdugo up will light a fire under Joc knowing his job can be taken at any point. Competition usually brings the best out of people. I also think Ryu makes the allstar team this year. It’s a big prediction but I think the hefty lefty is going to bring it this year.

      2. If Ryu can remain injury-free, he’s definitely gonna get a decent payday, I think. Staying healthy is the key for any starting pitcher, but especially for him. Probably gonna determine how many years he gets. I’m definitely in his corner.

  3. Speaking of Verdugo. Only the first game, but he did not look ready at the plate. He was swinging at some bad pitches. They won’t trade Pederson now. Not with the cloud hanging over Toles. Who by the way if he does not report to camp soon will basically have relegated himself to beginning the year at OKC or with another team. Me, I would not fool around with him, he gets released immediately. He does not really have much trade value. Bellinger out for a few days with a back issue, Seager will be hitting on the backfields until he gets at least 50 at bats. No truth to the rumor that Jefe has been hired as a chief consultant to Dennis.

  4. Dennis, what are you doing hanging around with a bunch of old farts like us! The only tests we take now are covered by Medicare

  5. There’s no way you just release a guy with the talent that Toles has. It’s not like he’s out for some bad reason, the guy suffers from anxiety issues. I guess I’m sympathetic because I know what it’s like to get panic attacks but it seems the Dodgers are in his corner as well which tells me this is what the issue is with him. On pure talent alone Toles would be one of the 3 starting OF for this team. As far as Ryu goes I think the Dodgers would be wise to attempt to lock him up into a new 3 year deal while they can get a good price rather than have to get into a bidding war on the open market. Ryu loves LA and would probably come back at a reasonable price.

    1. There has been no reason given for Toles not being in camp other than he is dealing with personal issues. Based on what he has shown in prior camps, he would not be one of the starting 3 outfielders. That is just your opinion, even on the depth chart he is listed as #5 on that. And over the years plenty of guys with more talent than Toles has have been released. He is taking up a roster spot and not in camp. Anxiety? My son suffers from that and chronic depression. But he still has to go to work everyday and do his job, then come home and deal with those issues. Toles is under contract, the Dodgers have a very good medical staff. Is he on medication? Or is it simply a drug issue again. Yes, the Dodgers are being supportive and that;s great. But at some point it is put up or shut up. They can put him on the restricted list and that allows them to fill the roster spot with a healthy player. Or if it is a medical issue, put him on the 60 day IL. What ever the problem, there are ways to deal with it that do not affect his status as a Dodger, and there are ways to just get rid of the problem.

      1. In the end something has to be done with Toles. He’s not likely to get any playing time here. I think a release with a strong letter of recommendation would be the decent thing to do.

        One game. 2 innings really. After that the Dodgers got outscored 6-1. Only 4 runs earned. I see Verdugo played in center. So did DJ Peters. Wonder what the plan might be for Peters – OKC and work on contact?

      2. I think that would be about right. But right now he is on Tulsa’s roster. Perkins, Orlando, Carerra, Garlick and Peterson are on OKC’s roster, so it looks like AA unless one or more of those guys gets released.

  6. Not sure why you’re in such a rush to get rid of Toles Bear. It’s not exactly like we’re desperate to create another spot on the 40-man roster. Who needs to be added so urgently? Toles has performed well everywhere he’s been. Contrary to reports we’ve heard about Puig and Harper, Toles’ teammates seem to love him. I think that says something right there. I have no idea what his situation is, but I think we’re probably pretty close in guessing that it’s either anxiety or drugs. At this point, he’s reduced his trade value greatly so I’m in favor of what they are doing, that is to let it play out a while and then make a decision.

    1. No decision is needed immediately. Since we don’t know what is going on it’s impossible for we fans to predict a course of action. I’m just stating the obvious when I say I believe there is no fit here. Who’s place does he take on the 25? Maybe by March 28 a spot will open up but it certainly isn’t there now.

      1. Agreed, no 25-man spot open now but opening day is still a month away. Injuries happen. Trades happen. Also, if Toles is out for any length of time, and it seems like he will be, he would probably need some time at OKC even if he did make it back to L.A. at some point. My point was just that until we know exactly what his situation is, I see no reason to get rid of him now.

  7. As an employer I consider those that work for me as kind of a second family and not just assets used to,better my business. I appreciate hard work and loyalty and in times of trouble I’m there to support them. I think the Dodgers are to be commended for their care and compassion for Andrew during his time of struggle. He has an incredible story and I hope he comes back stronger than ever!

    1. I’ve read his story Rich and I find it ….. interesting, He’s an extremely gifted athlete from a family of athletes. His anxiety disorder, and to be honest I’ve read little regarding that diagnosis, is hopefully being dealt with professionally. We however have no real way of knowing what is going on with him.

      I think I know this much, the stories about him going from grocery clerk to the Major Leagues, though compelling on the surface don’t tell the entire story. He’s 26 and has made well over a million dollars playing baseball. He is making over a half million this year. His father was an NFL player for 4 years so his story is not a rags to riches one. For me, his story is one of being gifted with extremely rare talents and having them bridled by a mental illness. I would like to know more about that, but it would appear the lid is being secured on that narrative. I hope he is following his medical team’s advice, but I know from personal experience one can be on anxiety medications and still exhibit incredibly self destructive behaviors.

      Maybe this apologue has a happy ending. We all hope so. But his absence at this time does not bode well with him maintaining his station within this organization. He needs to play baseball somewhere. Perhaps a less competitive organization would suit him better. I really don’t know. But the Dodgers do know. Perhaps they will let us in on it soon.

      1. As a huge Dodger fan, a major Toles fan and a generally nosy person, I too would like to know the real and complete story behind Andrew Toles. That said, the Dodgers are doing exactly what they should by putting a lid on it. They have identified it as a personal matter. Therefore, we aren’t entitled to know the details until Andrew decides we should. The one exception would be if he broke a law. That information would be in the public domain.

  8. I always liked Toles and am not privy to rumors or hypothetical observations. The Dodger brass should know what the problem is and deal with it accordingly.

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