A Dodger Fan’s Christmas Wish


Dear Baseball Santa,

It’s us, your friendly Los Angeles Dodger fans. How are you? We hope this letter finds yourself, Mrs. Baseball Clause, and all the elves and ground crew happy and well.

We’ve been through a lot the last year. We endured a season where at many times, it didn’t even look like the team would make the playoffs, let alone return to the World Series. We watched our defacto team captain Justin Turner get hurt. We watched the Diamondbacks gloat about being in first place most of the season (okay, that one might’ve turned out alright). We may have said some curse words here or there over the course of the season. We might have been unkind in what we thought about the front office or coaching staff, but overall we were good boys and girls this year, and we have some Christmas wishes to make.

  • A year with fewer injuries would be nice, especially for Clayton Kershaw. May he find a way to regain his Cy Young status and be consistently good throughout the playoffs.
  • We fans recently had to endure one of the hardest things, and that is seeing one of our favorite players be traded to another team. The trade of Matt Kemp hurt the first time, and we were so happy to enjoy his amazing smile, and some incredible walk-offs in his surprise return to the team last year. We wish him, Alex Wood and Kyle Farmer all the best in Cincinnati. But Santa, losing our Wild Horse, our Cuban missile, our pure joy disguised as a right fielder, Yasiel Puig hurts a whole heck of a lot. We are very happy he’ll be able to be with familiar faces and his hitting coach Turner Ward, but man. We will miss him so. Maybe you could somehow engineer a way for him to come back to the team after the trade deadline…..?
  • Since we have to deal with the loss of those players, please let the front office have a plan to acquire top notch players to truly make the Dodgers team a powerhouse. Whether it be Corey Kluber, J.T. Realmuto, Bryce Harper, or dare we ask. all three, something needs to be done to make up for the loss of Puig and Co. This can’t be just a money dump, right Santa? Right?!?
  • But really, if we’re being honest, all we really want is for the Dodgers to win the World Series in 2019. That’s it. It’s been 31 years for goodness sake. That’s not asking too much, is it? So if you could just bring that delayed Christmas gift to us, Santa, we’ll be forever grateful. We promise to stop making fun of the Diamondbacks and picking on the Giants and second guessing the coaching staff. Well, we promise to do the best we can.

Merry Christmas Baseball Santa!


Dodger Fans Everywhere


19 thoughts on “A Dodger Fan’s Christmas Wish

      1. Just once on Friedman’s watch I would like to see them have the major stuff out of the way before Christmas. And have it all make sense. Right now the Dodgers are a muddled mess……


  1. I’m with Andy. Delayed gratification is better than no gratification at all. And as far as our stocking is concerned Bear, an empty stocking (temporarily) is better than coal in our stocking. We’ve been going back and forth (as good pot stirrers will do) as to timing of trades and signings, so I’ll see your bet and raise you. I think Andrew does something between Christmas and New Year’s. Merry Christmas everyone!

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    1. Delayed gratification sounds distinctly like premature something or another. I doubt your enthusiasm for Mr. Friedman brings you any gratification this week. After the new year, maybe..before spring training most definitely .


      1. I’m not concerned Bear. They have pills for everything these days. I’m doubling down on my bet that there is a Dodger transaction before January 1st. And it won’t be Harper. And it might not be Kluber or Realmuto. Does Quackenbush have a brother who plays ball? All kidding aside, Andrew will do something between Christmas and New Year’s. He told me. In a dream.

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      2. Only pills I take are for helping control my diabetes and gas……….And Andrew telling me anything in a dream would be a frippen nightmare!


  2. You’re asking Santa to help out with the baseball team? That fat bastard hasn’t delivered since 1953. I was 5 when I figured that out. My parents were lying to me. I’m still in therapy over that one. I think you’d have better luck with Easter Bunny.

    The Dodgers traded their right fielder and a LH starter, cleared payroll, dumping about 6 WAR in the process. Why? So they could put a rookie out there to lead us past the Red Sox? I don’t think so. Just a matter of time. We are getting Harper. And we are getting Kluber. Miami will continue to be bull headed about Realmuto and the gun will go off while still holstered, shooting themselves in the foot. They’re Miami. It’s who they are. It’s what they do. We can win with Barnes and Maldonado. Or, maybe more likely they get a LH hitter believing a platoon at that position is the answer. It isn’t.

    In case I forget – bah humbug everyone.

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    1. Bravo there Scoop……you have as much faith in the guy wearing the red suit as I do. But I did get 2 Dodgers in a Christmas package from my sis today…….actually 2 exe Dodgers. She sent me Kemp and Utley bobbleheads……


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