Happy Holidays from Think Blue Planning Committee


Happy holidays to all of our loyal readers! What a year 2017 has been, both for our blog and for our team. The season will be long remembered, even if the outcome wasn’t quite what we all had hoped. Still, there was a World Series in which the Dodgers appeared and that we celebrated.

Our blog has grown leaps and bounds this year, more than doubling our readership from last year. We welcomed the addition of Sarah Maninger to our writing staff as well as other guest contributors. In 2018, we look forward to bringing you more insight and information, as well as more round table discussions with other Dodgers blog writers.

I thought I’d ask some of our Twitter followers how they include the Dodgers in their holiday celebrations, and they didn’t disappoint. Many use a hat to top their trees –

And many more have some sort of ornament on their trees:

Or perhaps you have a whole tree dedicated to the Dodgers!

These labels are awesome, I’ve never seen them before!

No matter how you celebrate or what you celebrate, we are thankful for all of our loyal readers, and look forward to another great season of Dodger baseball in 2018!




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