Why Giancarlo Stanton Ending Up With Giants Shouldn’t Worry Dodgers Fans

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It’s all but official—Giancarlo Stanton is getting traded. This is a logical move by the Marlins, as new ownership looks to shake things up and lighten the payroll. In the past week, two teams have reportedly been linked to Stanton and are looking to complete a deal—the St. Lois Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants.

Even if the Giants trade for Stanton, the Dodgers are still the team to beat in the NL West.

Stanton could end up in Los Angeles—that has always been a possibility—but I don’t think it makes sense for the Dodgers. For starters, Yasiel Puig is an excellent everyday right fielder. The contract is also a concern, and in this case, I don’t think it’s a something the Dodgers should take on.

At this point, the defending National League Champions are not the front-runners to trade for Stanton, and that’s nothing to worry about in my opinion. Should the Giants trade for the Marlins slugger, that doesn’t mean the NL West has suddenly changed. Even without major roster additions this offseason, the Dodgers are the team to beat in the National League in 2018. In all likelihood, though, the Dodgers will re-sign current players as well as free agents from other teams.

Trading for Stanton would be big for the Giants, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be competing in 2018. The Dodgers are great right now, and in 2017, the Diamondbacks and Rockies proved that they are capable of playing well, too. The San Diego Padres, though still in the midst of a rebuild, have massive potential.

Basically, the NL West is wild, and there’s absolutely no way we can prepare ourselves for it.

Trading for Stanton makes the Giants stronger, but the Dodgers, the Rockies, and the Diamondbacks are going to be contending in 2018, and all of those teams are in the same division. The Giants need help in their bullpen, as well as their offense, and adding Stanton is just one change of many that could be made in San Francisco.

In my opinion, the Red Sox are the best fit for Stanton. Their outfield is great already, but they need another power bat in the lineup. Stanton could play in right when Mookie Betts gets a day off, and DH on the days in which he’s not on the field. This also gives Boston more flexibility should they need to trade a player currently on their roster at some point in the future.

Throughout all this, I truly believe the Dodgers are going to be perfectly fine, no matter the outcome. The Giants trading for Stanton would be good for their club, but it won’t flip the script completely. The priority for this Dodgers, at this point, should be focussing on re-signing Brandon Morrow and Tony Watson, as well a big name free agent, like Wade Davis or Jake Arrieta.

The Stanton trade shouldn’t affect the Dodgers too much, unless of course they are the team in which he ends up with. This is one of the most interesting narratives of the offseason, along with Shohei Otani, because both players are sure to make a big impact on their future team.

The offseason is often a prologue to a new season, and if that’s true, 2018 might just be one of the best seasons in the history of the game.



2 thoughts on “Why Giancarlo Stanton Ending Up With Giants Shouldn’t Worry Dodgers Fans

  1. Stanton should average 40 hrs per year in 500 at bats. The other outfielders may average 20 hrs per 500 at bats.
    They pay AGon 23 million for his expected 20 hrs. After Miami eating part of his contract the Dodgers would be left with 25/30 million for his 40 hrs plus or minus. Attendance and gate receipts would also increase. Dodgers would finally have a position player who would be a starting all star player year after year, and a future HOF er. Unloading Kazmir and McCarthy would cover his salary and then some.

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