Mama I’m Coming Home

“Times have changed and times are strange
Here I come but I ain’t the same
Mama I’m Coming Home”
~Ozzy Osbourne


Part of the fun of doing a weekly baseball column is that so many things vary from week to week. Last week I was looking for optimistic things to write about. This week is a bit easier. The Dodgers‘ offensive and bullpen woes are still there, but a winning road trip capped off with win on Mother’s Day is always cause for celebration.

Trayce Thompson’s homer still hasn’t landed — In the second inning of Tuesday’s game, Trayce Thompson unleashed a ball that if there had been no walls, it may have never come down. As it was, it landed in the C-ring catwalk at Tropicana Field. Thompson had a banner day driving in four of the teams 10 runs, while his homer earned him a shoutout from his brother Klay Thompson after his game with the Warriors. Thompson did misplay a ball in Sunday’s game that led to a run for the Blue Jays, but he will be a great asset as he continues to learn the nuances of the game.

Howie heating upHowie Kendrick deserved a little time to get things going. He started the season on the DL, and although a seasoned veteran, many do not realize the difficulty of overcoming a slump when you’re worried about fielding three different positions besides your regular one. Kendrick came into the road trip with an abysmal .143 BA. He went 7-for-20 on the road trip, with five runs and three RBI, including the go ahead run in Sunday’s game.

Clayton Kershaw and Chase Utley, same old, same old — I mean, ho hum. What else can I say? They just keep being the best, most consistent players on the team. Where would we be without them? No. Don’t want to go there.

#PuigIsFunYasiel Puig is without a doubt the best player to follow on social media. From welcoming new QB’s to fishing to casually hanging out on top of a very high tower, he’s the perfect follow. And although his offense has dropped off, his defense certainly has not. What I do wonder is why people continue to run on him. When will they learn?

Play of the week — Utley’s out-of-nowhere catch…

The next seven games are going to be tough, and a good test as to whether the Dodgers’ offense is starting to wake up or not. Four games against the Mets and three versus the Cardinals back home at Dodger Stadium, where the offense was less than fantastic the last home stretch. Facing the Mets’ stellar pitching is not a recipe for any offense to start doing really well. But, stranger things have happened; and, being married to a Mets fan, I am anxiously waiting for the bats to wake up.

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