Who Will Dodgers Offer a Contract Extension to Next?

The Los Angeles Dodgers signed Max Muncy to a one-year extension with a club option until 2024. His contract is worth $13.5 million for next season. Muncy struggled most of the year after an elbow injury that kept him off last year’s postseason.

Now, Muncy looks like he continues to dig out of that slump.

However, since Muncy joined the Dodgers in 2018, no one expected him to be an integral part of a championship-winning team. Muncy has become an All-Star with the Dodgers and stated there is no place he’d rather be than Los Angeles.

The extension got me thinking that there might be more coming. If so, who could it be?

The Dodgers do have quite the amount of free agents this offseason. Clayton Kershaw, Trea Turner, Justin Turner, Craig Kimbrel, Joey Gallo, Andrew Heaney, and Tyler Anderson, to name a few.

Those names have all contributed heavily to the team, and the Dodgers could look quite different next year if a few of them walk. At the top of every Dodger fan wishlist is probably Trea Turner; some fans have even joked the Dodgers should hand Turner a blank check and have him pick a number. But we’ll only find out what happens come off-season time.

Anderson and Heaney are exciting cases. Anderson is having the best season of his career and was named an All-Star for the first time. Yet, he is a free agent at the end of the season.

At the beginning of the season, Anderson wasn’t expected to have his role now. He has become one of the most consistent starters in the Dodger rotation due to injuries to Walker Buehler and Kershaw.

Heaney has enjoyed an excellent year, but to a lesser extent as he’s missed significant time due to injuries.

However, if one extension is done before the end of the season, two names only come to my mind, as much as the Turner extension is a dream scenario. My gut feeling is if that gets done, it’s an offseason thing.

The two names that come to mind are Justin Turner and Clayton Kershaw. The two have been the longest-tenured Dodgers, and it is hard to envision them finishing their careers elsewhere. While Turner will be 38 if he decides to play next season, there is a possibility he may retire. Kershaw would be 35 by the start of next season. He’s shown flashes of prime Kershaw at times this year, but the only thing standing in his way has been injuries like it has been the past couple of seasons.

The fans love Kershaw, and the Dodgers will have to face the same question again this offseason if they don’t sign him to an extension. The Dodger roster may look quite different when Opening Day rolls around next year.

10 thoughts on “Who Will Dodgers Offer a Contract Extension to Next?

  1. I don’t see JT as being ready to retire, although it may come down to a Dodger or nothing decision for him. I think AF would be willing to offer him a 1 year contract but don’t know if they would be able to agree on a dollar amount. I think it would have to be less than this year’s deal, but how much less I have no clue.

    I don’t expect Anderson back. I’m assuming someone would gladly offer him a 3 year deal and with all the young pitchers we have in the pipeline, I doubt that we would be high bidders.

    If Gallo continues his revival, I think some team would offer him a multi year contract but I wouldn’t expect that team to be the Dodgers.

    I think both Clayton and the Dodger brass would want to wait until the end of the season to determine their positions on whether he’ll be back. Here again, I would expect it to be the Dodgers or retirement.

    Kimbrel is gone for sure.

    Trea can probably come back if he wants to. I don’t think AF will be outbid, but as we’ve all discussed, we don’t know if TT would prefer the east coast.

  2. With the exception of Trey Turner and possibly Anderson, how could the rest possibly contribute to a team with a pile of prospects we should be giving a chance.

  3. Dodgers have a team option for JT at $16M for 2023. They could do the same thing they did with Muncy. Pick up the option and add a team option for 2024.

    1. The Dodgers might take the team option but JT’s issues this year may be the precursor to him slowing down. Dodgers should have Rios and Vargas that can play 3rd and DH. I think both of them barring a trade are sure bets for 23. Rumor has it T Turner wants the East Coast. If he goes do the Dodgers decide to move Lux or try Amaya at SS or sign another free agent? There are several SS on the market but I hope they don’t sign Correa if he opts out. Fun to speculate.
      I hope they can sign T Turner. Figure Buehler is gone for 18 months they might want to sign Anderson. Pepiot has improved every start and Stone and Miller were recently promoted. Urias, Gonsolin and May are a solid foundation. Should be an outstanding team for 23. And several prospects coming fast. Everyone is impressed with Anderson this year. Heaney I am not as sold on he has been fragile.

  4. I’ll be honest with you guys, I never expected Gonsolin to be as good as he is. I was expecting him to be another Strippling, spot start here and there, long man in the bullpen, traded by now. I’m so impressed with this guy, he does it without throwing 99. A real pitcher.

  5. I’d like to see us bring back Anderson, but I’m afraid some other team is going to throw a stupid contract at him. Trea Turner is a must, I’ll be deeply disappointed if he decides to go back east, or the Dodgers get out bid for him.

  6. With Buehler out next season, and Kersh, Anderson and Heaney free agents, next years core looks to be, Urias, May, Gonsolin, Pepiot and either one of their free agents, or someone else’s. I do not see any of the AAA guys except Pepiot breaking into the rotation next year. They might give Anderson another couple of years. Heaney at this point is too fragile in my eyes.

    1. I think Stone might be ready, although probably not at the beginning of the year. Miller is just too inconsistent to depend on at this point, despite his potential.

      You say we might give Anderson a couple of years but if he continues on his current path, I believe he’ll get a number of 3-year offers from other teams. Before the Buehler situation, I would have given pretty good odds that AF would let Anderson walk, but now I’m not so sure. The final determination might be whether Kershaw comes back next year.

      Heaney still has about six weeks to show the Dodgers that he can be counted on, but I agree that it’s unlikely they would depend on him to be one of 5 guys in their starting rotation. On the other hand, they might be willing to sign him to a 1 or 2 year contract as a swing man. Of course, he might very well prefer to go to another team who could assure him of a spot in the rotation.

      We have lots of prospects who could be used in trading for another starter or two if it comes to that.

  7. As stated here Urias, Gonsolin and May are under contract. Pepiot’s continued progress probably gets him a long look for 23. So then it’s down to Kershaw and Anderson. Watching Stone he has the control and swing and miss pitches to get a good look in 23. I agree Miller needs to learn control he is still too erratic. Heaney is fragile. Kasten talked about not trading top tier prospects and they held to that in 22. There are several guys at the Farm that are talented but will not crack the Dodger roster but would be great for a lot of teams so great trade bait. I suspect we will see Vargas and Busch in 23. Although he is older I have been very impressed with Thompson his defense is great and he has hit for power and average. They may sign him for a few years. I would not be surprised to see Stone on the roster in 23. Does Outman make it in 23? Are they able to sign T Turner? Amaya was promoted to OKC but has not hit while there. He is an excellent defensive SS according to reports. It will be very interesting to see the starting day roster in 23. It’s fun to speculate. I have been very impressed watching Stone he gets it done no matter the level.

    1. Part ( most) of the dodgers success has always been trading their top prospects without giving much up. They will trade some of these prospects for pitching or more likely just buy a Free agent. You guys make this way to complicated. Took miller 2 years to get out of double A at 23? Stone 3 leagues in 1 year. Pepoit? A little old. If you get one good pitcher every 4/5 years you are good. We always think we have 5 coming up next year. Just look at the numbers. We had the very same discussions for the past 10 years. Every year. Just different names. Where are they. Just enjoy the season and let AF worry about the details.
      Sorry. Bad say

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