Dodgers Return Home to Face Marlins

After posting a 4-3 record on their latest road trip, the Dodgers are finally back home, as they will begin a seven game homestand with a three game series against the Marlins.

At this point the Dodgers have a couple of things they need to focus on before the postseason. For one, it’s health. That has been the biggest factor in past seasons and figures to be that once again this year.

Dustin May will make his season debut this weekend, after being out with Tommy John surgery since early last year. Manager Dave Roberts, also announced that left hander Danny Duffy will not pitch this season. The Dodgers traded for Duffy at the 2021 trade deadline and it is likely he will end his career never stepping on the mound for the Dodgers.

Other players who are on the injured list but still are rehabbing are Brusdar Graterol, Blake Treinen, Edwin Rios, Tommy Kahnle, and Yency Almonte.

Besides that the division is pretty much wrapped up. Yes, it isn’t over until it’s over, but the Dodgers are 17 games ahead of the second place San Diego Padres. They also have the best record in the league at 81-36, so wrapping up the first seed may be what the Dodgers focus on from now on. The season has gone by in a flash as we are only weeks away from September baseball.

On this current homestand, the Dodgers will face the Marlins, then play the Brewers again. After that, they hit the road to play the Marlins and Mets to end this month. The series against the Mets is quite intriguing as it could be a preview of an October series.

Pitching matchups have been set for this weekend. For the Dodgers they will start Tyler Anderson, May and Ryan Pepiot.

The Marlins will start Jesus Luzardo, Braxton Garrett and Sandy Alcantara, who is a strong candidate to win the National League Cy Young this year.

It appears the Dodgers will get back that division crown, but there are still some tweaks that need to be added before the Dodgers hit the postseason.

It should be another fun ride through October.

15 thoughts on “Dodgers Return Home to Face Marlins

  1. Just a technicality but Rios is no longer on the IL. He’s back on the 40-man roster and has been optioned to OKC.

    I view Rios and Gallo as basically the same hitter, only difference is the position they play defensively. At this point we have more need for a lefty hitting outfielder than we do a third baseman, so Rios may not be back anytime soon, or he may become the 14th position player when rosters expand in Sept.

  2. Kersh is expected back if all goes well by the middle of September. That is a three week run up to the playoffs. Time for Trayce Thompson to be the everyday center fielder. He gives them the best chance to win.

  3. Long term Trayce is not the answer. He will be 32 next season and has a worse injury history than Cody, who will be 28. But Cody will not have to deal with the shift next season, which has cost him some hits this year. He also will be at full strength in the offseason, which means his workouts will be different. He will be over the “new dad” phase. He has all winter to retool his swing, which at this point is a necessity.

    1. Didn’t we say that 2 years ago and 1 year ago? But I agree about trace. I like him but he wasn’t very good when he was 25 and based on his career since then he’s worse now. Just pray he can continue what he’s doing for a while.

      1. Thompson according to interviews and results has changed his stance and his mental preparation and understanding. Most of the players that make it to the MLB have the talent. It is the mental flexibility to constantly adapt and willingness to change that allows a player to succeed. Lux is a great example. J Turner and Muncy are other examples. Unfortunately Bellinger has not either been willing or mentally locked up and not willing to change. Thompson is an excellent defender, he deserves more chances to succeed. Yes he is 32 but could have 2-3 good years left and act as a bridge for the Dodger young outfielders in the Minors. Bellinger and Muncy should be much improved next year once the shift is eliminated as they consistently pull the ball.

  4. I think we are going to see a quasi platoon in CF with Trace and Cody just like last night. Dominant lefty on the mound, Trace starts, lower end lefty, or a righty Cody gets the nod.

    1. That theory/strategy makes total sense, Keith, except for one thing.

      Belli’s batting average is about 10 points better than Trayce against lefties this year.

      And…………………………..Trayce’s batting average is about 115 (you read that correctly) points better than Belli’s against righties.

      1. Based on what I saw yesterday, Cody is back to choking up on the bat and, according to Joe, is using what seems to be a different bat. I’m hoping it’s a lighter one.

        I really wish he’d do something other than just stand there like a statue while waiting for the pitch. I don’t think it prepares him to attack the pitch and it also looks very unthreatening to the pitcher. Freddie and Trayce look like they’re going to do damage when they are at the plate, and I have to think that has an effect on the guy who is trying to get them out.

        They say you have to hit bottom before starting the climb upward. Maybe Mr. B. has finally reached that point.

  5. Did you guys see that Harris, from the Braves signed an eight year extension/contract for 72 mil. With club options for his ninth and tenth year? I don’t know who the agent is but I’ll bet the players union is not very happy with them. Braves have done the same thing with Acuna, and Albies. The Braves are going to be paying these guys about a quarter of their real worth.

    1. Unless their career takes a Bellinger-like dive, in which case they may be overpaying them.

      For guys who come from poor backgrounds (and I have no clue as to what Harris’ financial situation was growing up), 72 mil will set him and his family up for life, even if he winds up being dramatically underpaid. I think I might have made the same decision if given that choice. You never know when a bad injury can totally derail your career.

  6. I get that that is life changing money Jeff, but it bugs me that the Billionaire owners take advantage of these guys, especially the the international guys that probably come from a very poor living background. Acuna very well could have cost himself a couple of hundred million dollars over the life of his career. With the two team options Harris gave the team, he will not be able to be a free agent until his age 33 season, at that point he’ll be looking at a 1, 2, or maybe 3 year contract, so this contract he just signed is his big payday, for his whole career. In my opinion the agents aren’t doing their job to do what’s best for their clients. I bet we’ll never see a Boros client sign one of those extensions.

  7. I didn’t realize they both had reverse splits, pretty funny, sure blows up my theory. It shows that no one should listen to me, I don’t know what I’m talking about.😀

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