Dodgers Roster: Recapping the 2022 Trade Deadline

Another trade deadline has come and gone. The Dodgers, with an NL-best record of 69-33, were rumored to be interested in some huge names. Ultimately, they kept the farm system intact and didn’t make any significant trades.

Let’s look at each trade Andrew Freidman and company did today.

Mitch White to The Blue Jays

Right-handed pitcher Mitch White and minor league infielder Alex De Jesus were traded to Toronto for minor league pitchers Nick Frasso and Moises Brito. White is the biggest name in this trade; the righty had been up and down with the Dodgers all year until he was recently optioned to Triple-A. Ultimately, it came down to the Dodgers not having room on the MLB roster for White with so many players about to return from injury.

It sort of reminds me of the trade the Blue Jays swung for Ross Stripling in 2020. White will now get an opportunity to cement himself on an MLB pitching rotation. De Jesus was in A+ and was signed in 2018 by the Dodgers. Frasso made it as high as A-ball and is 25 years old. Brito is a 20-year left-handed pitcher out of the Dominican Republic and is currently in High A.

Jake Lamb to Seattle

Lamb signed with the Dodgers on a minor league contract with an invite to Spring Training this winter. He was called up in late June by the Dodgers, providing a nice left-handed bat off the bench. Lamb hit .239 with two homers in 67 at-bats for the Dodgers after his promotion.

Lamb was traded to the Mariners for a player to be named later. Once again, it just comes out to the Dodgers being a deep team. There aren’t enough spots, especially with the Dodgers players returning from the injured list.

Joey Gallo to the Dodgers

The only major leaguer headed to the Dodgers from today’s trades is outfielder Joey Gallo. Gallo’s struggles with the Yankees have been talked about widely since he was traded to New York in 2021, and it quite never panned out. The Dodgers hope they could add a few tweaks in his swing.

Gallo is currently hitting .159 with 12 homers and 24 RBI, and his OPS is at .621, similat to the low numbers of Max Muncy and Cody Bellinger.

Gallo was traded for right-handed pitching prospect Clayton Beeter. Beeter was an All-Star in the Dodgers minor league organization in 2021; however, the 23-year-old has struggled in Double-A this season, posting a 5.75 ERA.

The Dodgers also traded away left-handed reliever Garrett Cleavinger yesterday and Zach McKinstry on Sunday in exchange for right-handed reliever Chris Martin.

Martin made his Dodger debut yesterday, giving up a home run in one inning of work.

To end, the Padres made a flurry of moves, obviously trading for Juan Soto, in which the Dodgers were finalists. San Diego also added Josh Hader, Josh Bell, and Brandon Drury. It certainly makes them better, but they’re still 12 games back of the Dodgers. So the Dodgers are still in control and look to win another division title.

However, the Dodgers and Padres should be a fun series this weekend at Chavez Ravine.

13 thoughts on “Dodgers Roster: Recapping the 2022 Trade Deadline

  1. We don’t have a lot to worry about as far as winning the division, but the Padres will now be a far stronger team if we face them in the playoffs. In order to get to us, however, they’ll have to go through the Mets or Braves.

    There are going to be some very good teams in the post season this year.

  2. I don’t get the Gallo deal. Great power and defense, a lifetime .202 hitter and not close to that this year. A roster crunch is coming, so he will push Thompson or Outman or Rios back to minors. Beeter still had good potential. I don’t like the deal.
    I hope Mitch White gets a bigger opportunity than the Dodgers gave him. He was up and down to AAA, so much he can put elevator operator on his resume. Kind of reminds me of the Ross Stripling deal a few years ago. Good luck to Mitch.

  3. Yes good luck to Mitch he is a solid pitcher. I hope he gets an opportunity to be a starter. Good luck to Zmac and Lamb also. All guys that were good clubhouse guys and solid baseball players. The Gallo trade blows my mind…Why?

    1. You’ve written off Gallo already? Why? It will give you one more person to add to your Belliinger, Muncy, Roberts list of daily dislikes. Did you ever think that the Dodgers’ front office, analytics, coaches, and manager may know more than you? The Dodgers have an 11.5 game lead and .600+ winning percentage with this team. The Dodgers have the ability to build a dynamo team using the aggregate of player abilities. It’s like money ball. All the pieces don’t have to be perfect if the aggregate output accomplishes the goal. That’s smart baseball.

      1. Gee Waldo. How many championships have we got, not counting the 60 game pretend season? You don’t think we might be a bit more successful without Muncy, bellinger, Robert’s? And I think Gallo does possibly raise a few question marks.

      2. I do not appreciate Bellinger because if you listen to comments made by the Dodgers they are all frustrated as most of us are with his unwillingness to make contact. Unlike Lux that had the epiphany as Nomar keeps stating if you make contact everything else follows. I am not upset with Muncy as he has been impacted by his injury. I am frustrated that the Dodgers continue to put him out there to strike out and his defense is below average. Bellinger is a gold Glove fielder. The Dodgers did not have any options besides Taylor.
        yes I am thrilled with the Dodgers and their record. However the regular season is not the concern. The problem is when they are in the playoffs and they play teams at the same talent level. All of the top teams are now better. The Dodgers have pitchers coming back that will make them significantly stronger in pitching. Gallo when he was hitting well with the Rangers was not contact hitter. The right field fence should have been a real help for him. Dodger stadium is harder to hit the ball out of.
        Frankly I am not on this to please you. If you are upset deal with it… I frankly do not care.

      3. It would be great to have a resurgence by Gallo but unfortunately in his case that is barely hitting.200. Yes he can and will hit HRs and he plays good defense. But the numbers don’t lie. This year he is hitting.159 with a 38.8% K rate. .201 career average. His career OPS is .801 due to a decent walk rate and all those homers.

      4. Preller has been trying to get Gallo for years. And the Rangers management loved him when they had him. I never understood all the love, but maybe we’ll be able to unlock something. If not, no big deal. We gave up a pitcher who was pretty far down on our depth chart to get him.

  4. I was so impressed by white this year but he is still a 27 year old career minor leaguer and had no place on this team as the injured start returning. He’s now going to a contender where he will have an opportunity to prove himself. You have to be realistic, Beeter is low level, Thompson and Outman have no long term prospe to here. What’s really interesting is with 5 or 6 players return from the injury list who gets dfa’d because they’re not on the big 40. Stay tuned I guess.

  5. “I am not on this to please you. If you are upset deal with it”
    No, your purpose is to complain about Roberts, Muncie, Bellinger every day, all season long. We get the same message from you over and over. Do you know you are continually repeating yourself in exactly the same way? It wears thin after a while.
    How many times this year have you called Roberts an idiot? How many times last season. As I said before, it’s gotten to the point that theres something you don’t like about Roberts beyond his managing ability.

    1. If you don’t like what I write don’t read it. Why are you upset…. Roberts is a great Family guy. Everything I read he is a wonderful person. I simply believe he is a terrible strategist. An example is benching players when they are red hot. Outman can’t miss a ball and he sits him down. Did you see Outmans’s exit velocities? He was mashing the ball!!! Most of us have played sports I played in CC. Sometimes you are in a zone and see the ball and can’t miss. It makes no sense to bench someone in the zone. Please don’t read my stuff I don’t want to stroke out some grumpy old guy…LOL

      1. You keep justifying by saying you played baseball post high school. That’s part of the problem. You are old school thinking where decisions are made by the manager in a vacuum. The Dodgers are one of the most perfectly integrated sports operations. Upper management, middle management, analytics dept, coaches, and manager are on the same page. That’s what gets the players to accept the innovative and aggresive roster manipulation. Roberts doesn’t make any roster decisions that don’t fit the information fed to him.
        You don’t know what the Dodgers know. The Dodgers sent Outman down while you were saying he should stay in the starting lineup because he was on a hitting tear. That’s not Roberts decision. They literally sent down the guy you think should be in the starting lineup. Who do you think has more information to make roster decisions at any level? You or the Dodgers. You just don’ know enough to second guess anything about the Dodgers.

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