Dodgers Begin Nine-Game Road Trip in Cincinnati

It’s been a whirlwind for the Los Angeles Dodgers these past few days, as the team put Mookie Betts on the injured list with cracked ribs while losing two out of three to the Cleveland Guardians at home without their best player Jose Ramirez. In addition, Los Angeles acquired outfielder Trayce Thompson from the Detroit Tigers for his second stint with the team.

The Dodgers wanted some depth in the outfield with Betts going down. For the last couple of seasons, depth has been the Dodger’s strength, but now it’s getting tested.

With all that, the Dodgers begin a nine-game road trip, tied for first place in the National League West with the San Diego Padres. Pitching has carried this team all year; if it wasn’t for Tyler Anderson and Tony Gonsolin, who knows where this team would be, as the offense has been dormant at times.

However, despite all the Dodger struggles, they’re still 15 games over .500 and post a 40-25 record. During this road trip, the Dodgers will play Cincinnati, Atlanta, and Colorado.

The Dodgers swept the Reds in a four-game series earlier this year when the Reds had a dreadful start to the season. Since then, the Reds have improved but still post a record 20 games under .500 at 23-43. However, the Dodgers are only 5-5 in their last ten games.

Pitching matchups have been set for the game series in Cincinnati. The Dodgers will use Gonsolin, Anderson, and Clayton Kershaw. The Reds will counter with right-handers Tyler Mahle, Luis Castillo, and Hunter Greene.

Mahle and Castillo are presumed trade candidates the Dodgers can target since Walker Buehler went down. Mahle is 2-5 with a 4.446 ERA, and Castillo is 2-4 with a 3.33 ERA.

So, as the Dodgers get a better look at these two pitchers, it might help the team further assess some of the arms available on the market.

Gonsolin will start the first game, and depending on his start, he can move back to having the lowest ERA in the majors. He is 8-0 with a 1.42 ERA. In his last start against the Angels, he went six ⅓ innings, only allowing one hit.

Perhaps a tight pennant race will get the Dodgers going again. It has been a tough month of June after a fantastic month of May. With Betts going down, the team will have to respond promptly.

They surely want to take care of business against the Reds, as the Braves are currently one of the hottest clubs in the majors.

Tuesday’s first pitch against the Reds is at 3:40 p.m. Pacific.

13 thoughts on “Dodgers Begin Nine-Game Road Trip in Cincinnati

  1. Yep more Robert’s idiocy/ He is so stubborn if you question him he doubles down. Alvarez is a great athlete but inexperienced in the outfield and is hitting like many of the LA Mendoza’s” Right at 200 his OBP and his slugging are also at? 200. Yep typical Roberts pick.
    McKinstry is there what is Roberts thinking?
    A good manager puts people in a position to succeed. You don’t put people in positions they are not familiar with so that they fail.
    The problem with the Dodgers has been bullpen and situational hitting especially with RISP. Starting pitching has not been an issue. They need shutdown bullpen guys instead of a starter.
    Why should they trade for Casatillo unless they can get him for guys that are not going to make the team? I would not trade, Vargas, Cartaya, Pepiot, Stone, Miller or Bruns for certain. Leonard and some of the young infielders can be traded along with the rest of the guys they saved from Rule 5 last year.

    1. Roberts has this thing about putting a guy back out there if he’s failed at something. Wants to show confidence in him.
      The way to get benched on this team is to go 5-5.

      Castillo would cost us at least some of the guys you wouldn’t trade. For the past month, Mahle has once again become the pitcher he seemed to be last year, after a very poor start this season. He’d also cost less than Castillo, if AF really thinks he needs another good starter.

      Hey, anyone know if Trayce can pitch?

  2. We’re 8-9 in June. 17 hits last night, Muncy, Bellinger, Turner 3 for 14, Turner with 2 of those hits.

    It’s Cincinnati. Everybody hits there. Well, maybe not everybody.

    I think I saw Thompson briefly. 1 at bat. 1 strikeout. He an Alvarez a combined 0 for 3 with 3 Ks. With Bellinger’s 0 for 5, those 3 were 0 for 8 with 4 Ks. The rest of the team was 17 for 31. Yay them.

    1. Alvarez at least had a sacrifice that moved Turner into scoring position so he could score on Lux’s fly out. Andrew did it again because today, they are activating Stephan Romero to take Alberto’s place while he is on paternity leave. And T, bringing Alvarez up was the front offices decision, Playing him in right over McKinstry was Roberts idea. Not very bright. In my humble opinion, Max and Alvarez do not belong in the majors right now. Muncy could not hit my grandmother and she is dead. Muncy has zero confidence right now. He consistently is in the hole, as is Bellinger, who’s only saving grace is superior defense. Mookie needs a flak vest.

      1. Romero will be making a quick trip to the 40-man and then the DFA list, within the next three or four days. If he passes through waivers I suppose they’ll outright him. Otherwise he’ll be a free agent. He was a hot Mariner prospect a million years ago and then ultimately had some decent success in Asia.

        Yes, Alvarez coming was a front office decision but I think they have also had input with Doc about how and where to play him. I think those of you who are saying Eddy is a total waste of time here haven’t given him much of a chance. He’s only had a few at bats. Not saying he’s a future All Star but I’d give him a little more time before banishing him. He hustles, is obviously a good athlete, and took full responsibility for his troubles in right field the other day, even though he had basically no previous experience there and even veterans comment on how hard it is to play there during day games.

        On the other hand, bringing Zmac here to cool his rear end on the bench is totally ridiculous. He should be starting instead of Max or JT for the next week.

      2. I like Eddy. Well, I like his story. But he’s not a rookie, he’s been up and down a few times and if the Marlins have no use for him, why would we?

        That said, ok, hit him 8th and leave him there until something good happens, or, do the same with McKinstry. I think I’d prefer to do that with an experienced bat, Lamb, or, better yet, do it with a highly rated prospect.

      3. “I like Eddy. Well, I like his story. But he’s not a rookie, he’s been up and down a few times and if the Marlins have no use for him, why would we?”

        Once, we could have said “I like Max Muncy. Well, I like his story. But he’s not a rookie, he’s been up and down a few times and if the A’s have no use for him, why would we?”

        Another time we could have said “I like Chris Taylor. Well, I like his story. But he’s not a rookie, he’s been up and down a few times and if the Mariners have no use for him, why would we?”

        I get everyone’s frustration with Eddy and we probably all have at least one or two guys we think should be here instead of him, but the Andrew Friedman front office made those decisions on JT and CT3, so maybe they know better than we do…………………………………or maybe they don’t.

        One thing I do know and that is if Eddy continues to start and goes 1 for the next 2 weeks as a hitter, that no matter how versatile he is, he’ll probably find the letters DFA placed after his name on the roster.

      4. That’s funny Jefe. Comparing Alvarez to Muncy.

        You might want pump the brakes on that nonsense. Alvarez was 31 when Miami gave up on him after 2 less than seasons. Muncy and Taylor are 31 now.

        Hey, maybe he suddenly finds it. Go Eddy.

      5. I’m a contrarian by nature. If everyone was onboard with Eddy, I’d be the one who said he didn’t deserve to be here.

        One thing, for sure. McKinstry will be in the starting lineup tomorrow. Lots of people who are playing tonight could use a rest day. Of course he hasn’t faced live pitching in quite a while, so if that’s his one day in the lineup………………..

      6. I think Muncy is late on everything because he’s wearing larger pants, and hanging over them. Lay off the donuts Max.

        It would appear we can score enough against the weaker teams to maintain a .500 record for a while. If Turner, Bellinger and Muncy continue this through the summer, something will be done or we can expect to get bounced early.

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