Dodgers Set to Face Minnesota Twins in Interleague Play

After dropping two out of three games to the Rockies in Denver, the Dodgers will now take part in some early interleague play in Minnesota. The series in Colorado wasn’t pretty in the least, but is still very early in the season.

The Dodgers will get starts from the back end of the rotation for this quick two-game set. Left hander Andrew Heaney, who was signed this offseason will get the first start on Tuesday, while veteran Clayton Kershaw will start the second games of the series. Part of the reason Kershaw was pushed to the fifth spot was to give him a full ramp up for the season.

With it being only a two game series, you certainly at the least will want to grab a split. A sweep by the Twins would have the Dodgers going 1-4 into their home opener on Thursday against the Cincinnati Reds.

For the Twins, veteran right hander Chris Archer will get the first start. Archer is looking to cement himself back on a MLB roster after only pitching in six games last year due to injury. His start will be followed by right hander Chris Paddack on Wednesday, who the Dodgers are quite familiar. Paddack was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Minnesota Twins just before the season.

There is rain in the forecast for Tuesday and possibly Wednesday’s game, so with that being the case it is possible the Dodgers push back Kershaw to start the home opener on Thursday, according to manager Dave Roberts. The forecast for tonight is 90% of rain at game time, so that certainly does put the game in jeopardy. Regarding the weather, we may be looking at a possible double header tomorrow.

The beginning of the season wasn’t pretty to the Dodgers having to begin in Colorado, and now the club may have to face similar conditions with the cold of Minnesota.

The last time the Dodgers played in Minnesota was back in 2014. They probably won’t have to wait that long again due to MLB implementing a balanced schedule in which every team will see each other at least once starting next season.

Throughout spring training, some fans mentioned it may have been the worst Dodger showing in recent memory. However, that was taken with a grain of salt due to it being spring.

Yes, the Dodgers lineup on paper is among some of best ever, but unfortunately the games are not played on paper. The offense will have to try to find a rhythm, as it is a long season and these types of slumps are bound to happen.

While the Dodgers lost the Opening Series of 2022, the Twins split a four game set with the Seattle Mariners. The Dodgers will also face public enemy number one in Carlos Correa.

Correa signed a three-year, $105 million dollar contract with the Twins in the offseason. Dodger pitchers will certainly have their hands full against this lineup that features players such as Byron Buxton, Correa, Luis Arraez, and Jorge Polanco.

A short spring is tough to overcome, but the Dodgers aren’t the only team to be faced with such a task. However, the new additions and player exits will take some time for this team to gel together.

5 thoughts on “Dodgers Set to Face Minnesota Twins in Interleague Play

  1. Why isn’t there a roof on that stadium? Wisconsin knows better.

    I think the Dodgers set the snooze for May. Clearly this is a summer team. And why wouldn’t they be? Baseball is a summer sport.

    Checking the box scores I see several places where attendance is down. Weather issues? Could be. But not in Florida or Southern California. 7500 in Tampa. 16,000 in Anaheim.

  2. Well, that short series in frigid Minneapolis couldn’t have turned out any better, except maybe if CK had actually completed the perfecto. Even he said afterwards that it was the right decision and that his slider was starting to lose its bite at the end. All in all, a great couple of days for the Boys in Blue. Homeward Bound!

    1. We are supposed to beat teams like Minnesota, and fortunately we did. They aren’t as bad as the Dodgers made the them look, but I see them as an 82 win team. Kershaw was outstanding but for me the big moment in that game was Bellinger’s shot. Hopefully that will turn him around.

      1. He also managed to get himself a double today. I think his 6 total bases in the game put him 3 ahead of his entire 2021 production.

        Meanwhile Babe Barnes leads the team in homers and batting average from the 9th spot in the order.

        We’re one game out and ready to start our stretch run (of 157 games).

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