MLB Sets Deadline For Lockout Agreement, Latest Dodger Notes

Only 15 minutes, that’s how long the latest meeting lasted between the MLB Owners and MLBPA to resolve the lockout. Throughout the baseball world, that looked quite discouraging if fans had hoped to start the season on time.

MLB has set a deadline for February 28 to come to an agreement to end the lockout for the season to start on time.

Even if they reach an agreement on that deadline, MLB will still be walking a tight rope. With free agents such as Freddie Freeman, Carlos Correa and Clayton Kershaw still out there, teams will need a negotiation period to make roster adjustments.

One rule that was proposed could affect the Dodgers dearly. The proposed rule will limit the times a team can option a player. With such a deep farm system and the injury problems over the past couple seasons, the Dodgers have mastered this loophole.

Over the past couple seasons, the Dodgers have used the injured list and optioning players back and forth quite well. I’d even say it helped them to so many playoff appearances. The number of options will decrease to four times. With the injury luck the Dodgers had the past couple seasons it can make things a bit complicated.

If you’re convinced that the lockout will not end soon you are not alone. Our very own Dave Roberts is on that side as well.

“Just talked with Dave Roberts. He thinks the lockout will continue for a while and agrees with me that both sides are trying to improve their images in public relations.” said former play-by -play announcer Ross Porter in his latest interview with Roberts.

Roberts due to the lockout has not been able to communicate with any of his players, which is quite crazy for nearly a full offseason a manager can not speak to his players.

It is looking like a costly Spring Training this year for the MLB. I’m no negotiator, but I am sure why they couldn’t get this sooner.

Also what has gone a bit under the radar is players who are recovering injuries not being able to use team facilities. The Dodgers have Dustin May and Caleb Ferguson both coming off Tommy
John surgery, so they have to get creative to be able to rehab without the team facilities.

Ultimately, Dave Roberts, Dodger fans and all baseball fans are hoping this lockout comes to an end soon. Whether it gets done by the deadline or not will be interesting to see; but if I were a betting man I’d say the odds are not looking favorable

7 thoughts on “MLB Sets Deadline For Lockout Agreement, Latest Dodger Notes

  1. I read where various ballplayers and owners will be in NY for the negotiations next week. I’m assuming that includes a number of people who haven’t participated up until this point.

    I’m hoping there are a couple of voices from each side that get in the face of the people who have represented them so far and read them the riot act. Both sides have been acting like petulant children and it’s time for someone to step up and be the parent. It’s been like two little kids in the sandbox throwing sand at each other, neither of whom is willing to make up with the other one.

  2. I am confident the Dodgers organization is doing everything possible to support the rehabbing players such as May, Rios, Ferguson, etc. There is always a way to bend the rules. It is in no one’s interest to have a player reinjure themselves.

  3. They are supposed to have multiple meetings scheduled for the next week. Spring training has been delayed until March 5th at least.

      1. Interesting question.
        What’s your definition of a blink? A major concession? A moderate concession?
        And I assume it has to be on a major issue such as the Competitive Balance Tax, arbitration, etc.

  4. I think if owners offer $50MM bonus pool for pre-arb players players would accept but not necessarily happen if players made that offer. On that issue the owners would have blinked first.

    Your turn

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