Lockout Looms Over Spring Training, Latest Dodger Notes

The latest news is that the MLB Players Association rejected the MLB’s attempt to use a federal mediator to end the lockout.

I’m not sure what exactly is going on behind closed doors; but, at this point, it honestly wouldn’t hurt the MLB to live stream the meetings or offer some type of coverage. It’s hard to envision the season starting on time at this point.

Right now, it’s quite hard to talk about anything else in the baseball world due to the lockout, as everything comes back to it.

In my mind, it looks like we’ll get a shortened season for the second time in three years. While it’s probably not going to be 60 games like in 2020, both sides should aim to lose no longer than a month of games at this point.

We’re also not taking in the fact the time players are going to need to prepare, especially when considering how many big names are still on the free agency market.

The Dodgers might be one of those clubs who end up with several key players added before Opening Day, whenever that may be..

Even with the departures of Corey Seager and Max Scherzer, the Dodgers are still predicted by many MLB pundits to have the best record in the National League.

Even though the Dodgers have one of the better rosters at the Major league level, their farm system is not to be overlooked. The Dodgers have had one of the best farm systems easily over the last decade in the Majors.

Baseball America has ranked the current Dodgers farm system at No. 8. The Dodgers have parted ways with some prospects in some big trades throughout the last couple of years, but still manage to have a great farm system, with 20-year-old Diego Cartaya leading the current rankings.

Dustin May also looks to be on his way back, as the 24-year-old right-hander had Tommy John surgery last year. Recently, he posted a video on social media of him throwing. As we know due to the lockout, the players can not use the team facilities for rehab or practice.

I really hope MLB can end the lockout soon, for the benefit of everyone. Things are starting to get dicey to the point in which it most certainly will affect the season at least to some degree.

2 thoughts on “Lockout Looms Over Spring Training, Latest Dodger Notes

  1. May looks great, nice to see him throwing as hard as he is already. Way to go Dustin.

    The players had to turn the mediator down, and the owners knew that before they even made the offer. The players can’t afford to mess this contract up, they’ve regretted the last contract right after they signed it, so they can’t let a mediator meddle in their business. This was all about the owners making themselves look good, and the reason they need to make themselves look good is because all their offers have been freaking garbage (trying not to curse here). So don’t fall for the owners propaganda machine, the owners want to make the players look like they don’t want a fair negotiation, when the exact opposite is what’s truly happening.

    Tmax, that was a good post on Thursday, about the one percenters.

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