Matt Beaty and Chris Taylor Give Back at the Holidays

We’ve arrived at the Winter Solstice, and from now on the days will slowly start to get a little longer, and inch us a little closer to baseball. Hopefully, Major League Baseball and The Players Union also start to work towards a new CBA so baseball doesn’t continue to stay out of our reach.

As we have finished with Hanukkah and are moving into the Christmas season, as few Dodgers have made it their mission to help those in need this holiday season.

Matt Beaty and his wife Jesica are helping out the victims of the terrible tornadoes that ravaged the Tennessee and Kentucky areas earlier in the month. An EF5 tornado tore through those states, causing billions of dollars in damage. But worse, they took close to 100 human lives, and ruined the holidays and lives of thousand more, leveling houses, businesses, and destroying towns and infrastructure.

The childhood homes of both of the Beatys were leveled in Dresden, Tennessee, as were most of the small, family owned businesses and countless other homes.

The Beatys had started the Matt Beaty Foundation in 2019, and are now able to better help people in need through that foundation. So far, the couple’s foundation has raised over $6500 towards efforts on the ground to help the residents of Dresden.

Chris Taylor also continues to show why Dodgers fans are thrilled to have him return to the team, for his actions on and off the field.

On Tuesday, CT3 and his partner Mary Keller spoke to children at Children’s Hospital LA, including a huge Dodger fan who was very happy that the super-utility man had re-signed with the Dodgers. CHLA sent out a video of Chris and Mary speaking with young Christian, who had a lot to tell the Dodger player.

“I wanted to say thank you for signing with the Dodgers again,” Christian said. “We needed you. We need you. You’re one of the big players on the team, so thank you for that. It means a lot.” Christian also went on to tell CT3 that he was at the game in which Taylor hit his first walk-off home run.

MLB players are not allowed to represent the team during this lockout period, but Chris and Mary took it upon themselves to appear virtually with the children on the inpatient floor of the Cancer and Blood Disease Institute.

You can find the video here.

Wishing all of you that celebrate a very Merry Christmas!

12 thoughts on “Matt Beaty and Chris Taylor Give Back at the Holidays

  1. Always nice to see ballplayers give not only from their wallet but also of their time. That young kid will never forget his conversation with CT3.

    Happy Holidays everyone. Let’s hope 2022 proves to be more positive for the world than this year was.

    1. Yeah, grumpy grizzly is alive and well and wet in rainy Carson California. I wish all of you a very Dodger Christmas.

  2. Well it looks like this SoCal rain is going to let me start my Xmas vacation a little early, can’t pour concrete in the rain, so I’m officially off work until next Monday, not that I do much anymore, anyway.

  3. I’m usually pro player when it comes to money battles between players, and owner, but even I’m surprised Cody got a $900,000 raise, now 17 mil, after the year he had in 2021.

    1. Most of the year his shoulder was not healthy yet from the surgery. The way he looked at the end of the season and the playoffs if he keeps that up he’ll be worth every Penny

  4. Hope you’re right Andy, because it was tough to watch, a player that I like so much, Struggle like that.

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