More Thoughts About Gavin Lux Playing Third Base

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For those who weren’t following Triple-A Oklahoma City’s dramatic 11-10 win against Albuquerque on Tuesday night, you missed Gavin Lux’s professional debut at third base.

Lux went 2-for-4 on the night with a pair of singles and a run scored, and he fielded a clean third base. Tuesday was Lux’s third game as part of a rehab assignment for his hamstring. So far for OKC, he has appeared at both second and third base, in addition to pinch hitting on Monday.

Over those three games, Lux has gone 3-for-8 with three singles.

Skipper Dave Roberts mentioned on Tuesday the move to third isn’t necessarily anything permanent for Lux, as it is a safety precaution prompted by Justin Turner’s latest groin injury.

Chris Taylor started at third for the big-league squad on Tuesday in Turner’s absence and will play there again on Wednesday.

Lux playing third is interesting because it provides some food for thought about his future and how the Dodgers might proceed with their infield plans for 2022. In the meantime, with both Trea Turner and Corey Seager in the present picture, fans wonder if Lux will even be recalled to the majors at all before rosters expand to 28 players next month.

Third base has been a spot of concern for the Dodgers in recent years, even after JT was re-signed to his latest deal. Turner is signed through 2022 with a club option for 2023, but it remains to be seen how long he’ll be able to handle the defensive duties at third base.

Lux is still under team control for the foreseeable future, but the end of the 2021 season will see the contracts of both Seager and Taylor expire.

Some feel there’s no chance the team even makes a run to sign Seager, as the newly acquired Trea Turner will handle the everyday duties at shortstop.

Regardless, in the present day, with Albert Pujols making the occasional start at first base and Max Muncy having the flexibility to field both second and third, there might not be room for Lux on the active roster, particularly if JT is healthy.

Of course, injuries have played a huge role in the makeup of the Los Angeles active roster all year. With Mookie Betts heading to the injured list on Wednesday, it could be beneficial to have Lux on the bench as a potential pinch hitter or replacement, even though he’s hitting just .227/.307/.349 over 313 plate appearances this season.

Anyway, as the Los Angeles roster carousel continues to spin, so too will we keep a watchful eye.

6 thoughts on “More Thoughts About Gavin Lux Playing Third Base

  1. Is Rios thought to be available next year? If you throw out his dismal performance early this year while attempting to deal with a bad shoulder before he was forced to have surgery he has played and hit well and has the power that is expected from a third baseman.
    I am now watching some MILB games, thank you Dennis for the information, and I really like Vargas but he is probably a year or two away.
    If Lux continues not to be able to hit left-handers and breaking pitches in general he will have trouble sticking in the MLB. Lux is young and may be able to figure it out. His Minor League numbers were amazing so he has the ability.
    I will be very surprised if the Dodgers re-sign Seager. I wonder if the Dodgers will re-sign Pujos for 2022. Pujos has certainly been a bright spot in the Clubhouse and at-bat. I love being able to watch a guaranteed HOF first-ballot player.

  2. The Dodgers are not going to give up on Lux this early in his career, especially with the potential loss of both Seager and Taylor. If JT follows Betts to the I!, one of Seager or Lux to fill in as Taylor is now needed in the OF. McKinney has looked good defensively, but he hasn’t figured out how to hit either and neither Reks or Raley have hit during their opportunities either.

    1. I agree Lux is too young to give up on but the Dodgers are in the last quarter of a pennant race. They need to win. I think the Dodgers will and must sign Taylor. Seager unless he comes at a reasonable price and as Boras is his agent that is probably not happening I doubt they sign him. Seager and his wife have mentioned they would like to play close to Home which is NC. Plenty of clubs in the East could use him. Plus Seager has been hurt every year and is a below-average defensive SS according to most metrics;.
      McKinney, Reks, & Raley certainly have not taken advantage of their opportunity. IF JT is out for more than a few days the Dodgers may need to bring Lux back. Even if JT is out the Dodgers have the ability to make up the slot with Beaty, Taylor, and Muncy. Has Smith ever played 3rd? He would be a great right-handed bat to get in the line-up and have Barnes catch.

      1. I wonder if they are letting him do any helmet-tapping or finger-wiggling at OKC. Pretty sure he was one of the guys who started all of it for the big league club.

      2. Since Gavin hasn’t played in a while, he got the helmet tapping and finger wiggling confused and helmet tapped with his finger. Looks like he may need Tommy John on his right index finger but we hope to have him back by September 2022.

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