Who Is Dodgers’ MVP for First Half of 2021?

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

With a little over two weeks until the 2021 All-Star break, teams will look to prepare for the second half of the season. So far this year, the Los Angeles Dodgers are 48-31 and two and a half games back behind the San Francisco Giants, who currently have the best record in the majors.

Since getting no-hit by the Chicago Cubs on Thursday, the Dodgers have won four straight contests. Due to the injury carousel the Dodgers have experienced, the team has seen many different players significantly contribute.

We will be taking a look at who the Dodgers first-half MVP might be. This can change in the next coming games as the first half still needs to wrap up. But a broad idea at this point of players who are in that mix could be assumed.

Obviously big names who’ve struggled with injuries such as Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger will be excluded from the list. If they were fully healthy, they would have made this list harder than it already is.

For pitchers, it is quite tougher, as most of the rotation and relief crew has done well. But with them taking the field every other day it makes them tougher to place on the list. Certainly, Walker Buehler, Clayton Kershaw, and Trevor Bauer could be in the mix.

For myself, really it’s really between three names — Justin Turner, Max Muncy, and Chris Taylor. You can’t really go wrong picking any of them as the first-half team MVP. But picking just one of these three is quite tough. They are the Top 3 in batting average on the team, as Turner leads at .288, followed by Taylor and Muncy both at .262.

All three have progressed to the final round of All-Star Game voting.

Muncy leads the team in homers with 16, with Turner at second with 12 homers and Taylor is tied a third with ten homers. These three arguably have been the best hitters all year long, even though they have been out of the lineup at times.

Once again, in RBIs they are in the Top 3. Turner leads the pack with 40 RBI and Muncy and Taylor are right behind with 37 apiece. This one is close, but ultimately I would give it to Turner. The fact there was a possibility he wouldn’t be back this offseason after winning the World Series was high. There were even fans who wanted to replace him via trading for Nolan Arenado or somebody else.

Turner leads the team in average and RBI and is second in homers. He’s also one of the veteran leaders in the clubhouse and has been a staple on this Dodger team for nearly a decade now.

This can change based on performance in the next week or two, but I’d give my vote to Turner as of now. Overall, though, the three players I’ve mentioned should be in that mix of Dodgers first-half MVP..

The Dodgers Tuesday look to sweep this two-game mini-series against the Giants. It will not be easy as they will face Kevin Gausman, who is 8-1 with a 1.49 ERA and arguably one of the best pitchers in the league. Buehler will take the mound for the Dodgers; he is 7-1 with a 2.51 ERA.

The first pitch is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. Pacific.

18 thoughts on “Who Is Dodgers’ MVP for First Half of 2021?

  1. The question is “Who is the Dodgers’ most valuable first half player”, not “the best first half player”. With that in mind, my vote goes to CT3. As you point out, Jose, his hitting numbers are right up there with JT and Max but his ability and availability to play umpteen positions and move around on a daily basis while continuing to hit and drive in runs make him the most valuable player in my mind.

    I think AF should try and lock him up for the next 3-4 years before he even reaches free agency. We need to keep him around.

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    1. Darn I hate to agree with you jeff but you are right on.His Versatility among these under achieving players has held this team together.

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  2. Muncy and Taylor, news from yahoo news is that Bauer is under investigation for an assault charge filed by a woman with the Pasadena police. They are investigating the claims. TMZ reported it first. Bauer has denied the charges and is cooperating with the police.


    1. I just read what the lawyers are saying. One or both are lying of course but it could get ugly. It will be looked into then go to the DA’s office. He got set up, in which case he’s an idiot but won’t be charged, or he’s guilty of assault. I sure hope this goes away quickly.


  3. The versatility of Taylor gives him the nod. Muncy and Turner have been outstanding but the incredible versatility of CT3 makes him the MVP for me. I hope Friedman gives him a contract soon. I would take Taylor over Seager as Taylor stays on the field whereas Seager is very injury-prone and not a great defender where Taylor is a very good defender no matter the position he plays. Taylor amazes me in that he can move position and it has not impacted his offense which is not the case with many players.


      1. And he might be our next Pederson/Kiké. Pederson got $10 million from the Cubs, a $5.5 million raise, and Kiké got 2 years and an extra $8 million from the Red Sox. Taylor is making $7.8m this year. Somebody is goin to offer multiple years at more than that. We’ve got McKinstry, Beaty, Rios, Neuse, Reks, Raley, Busch, Vargas, Burns… see anyone who can step into that role?

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      2. I would gladly pay Taylor what he’s worth rather than hope one of the guys you mentioned would actually be able to fill in over multiple years and multiple positions the way Taylor has.
        Most people would classify him as a utility player, yet he leads the team in games played. Anywhere they put him he’s an average to above average fielder. I say, pay the man. He’s rarely injured and has the body type which will age well. I would have no problem giving him something like 3/33 or 4/40.
        Since McKinstry has a lot of control remaining, he’ll be cheap for the next few years so to have each of those guys available would be great. But Zmac is not as good a fielder as CT3 and even one good year doesn’t mean he’s proven himself (assuming he has a good 2021 for the rest of the year). I’d like to have both those guys going forward.

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  4. With Bauer as he has had several harassment complaints in the past, it appears he can be a real idiot as this is not the first complaint. Hopefully, this is a set-up and not an assault situation. Sad…

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    1. I agree Tmax. But will any of us be surprised if he’s indicted?

      Can’t argue Taylor’s winning the MVP vote here. Great choice. He gets my Leatherman Award, and has more runs scored and RBI’s, but Muncy is up to 4 War now. Who would be missed more? By the way, tonight’s game is the halfway point.

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      1. Joc is getting 4.5 this season with a mutual option for next season of 10 million, if option is not picked up he gets a 2.5 million buyout which makes this season’s salary 7 mil.

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      2. Thanks for that correction Bear. I don’t know what happened with Joc. He showed so much promise and had a few decent years, and has an outstanding post season record. Peaked at 27. Doesn’t seem to care that much. Unless he goes off in the second half I don’t see the Cubs exercising that option.

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