Dodgers Make Flurry of Roster Moves Ahead of Cincinnati Series

(Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers)

The Los Angeles Dodgers made a series of moves ahead of the opener against the Reds on Monday, activating infielder Gavin Lux and right-handed pitcher Dennis Santana from the injured list. The team also recalled right-handed pitcher Mitch White from the alternate site.

To make room on the active roster, the Dodgers optioned left-handed pitcher Garrett Cleavinger and outfielder DJ Peters back to the alternate site. David Price was placed on the 10-day injured list with a right hamstring strain.

Hopes are the additions of Santana and White bolster a bullpen that saw an extremely heavy workload in the recent series against the Padres.

The 23-year-old Lux returns after missing 10 days with right wrist soreness. He has appeared in 13 games this season, batting .220 with two triples and five RBI. In parts of three seasons with the Dodgers, the lefty-hitting Lux has notched six doubles, three triples, five homers and 22 RBI.

Santana, 25, has made five relief appearances for the Dodgers so far this season, allowing four runs in 4.2 innings with three strikeouts. He has pitched parts of four seasons for the Dodgers, posting a 2-2 record with a 6.82 ERA (23 ER/30.1 IP) and 31 strikeouts.

The 25-year-old White will be recalled for his first stint with the club this year after making two appearances in 2020. The former second rounder out of Santa Clara University is 1-0 with three scoreless frames in his Major League career. In four minor league seasons with the Dodgers, he went 14-15 with a 3.97 ERA and 311 strikeouts in 75 games, 67 which were starts.

Cleavinger, 27, made his Dodger debut on Sunday in the series finale against the Padres, suffering the loss and allowing an unearned run while striking out one. The southpaw was recalled prior to Saturday’s game in hopes of boosting the squad’s depleted relief crew. Cleavinger was acquired from the Philadelphia Phillies in the three-team trade with the Tampa Bay Rays last December.

The 25-year-old Peters made his MLB debut over the weekend after being recalled on Friday. He went 0-for-5 in his three-game stint with the club. Peters has been with the organization since being drafted in the fourth round of the 2016 MLB draft out of Western Nevada College. In four minor league seasons, he has hit .269 (461-for-1714) with 92 homers and 271 RBI. In 2019, he split the season between Double-A Tulsa and Triple-A Oklahoma City, tallying a combined 23 homers and driving in 81 runs in 125 games.

Price, 35, appeared in seven games for the Dodgers, recording a 1-0 mark and a 5.59 ERA with one save. His first career regular season save came on Jackie Robinson Day on April 15 in a 7-5 win against the Rockies.

Monday’s lineup vs. righty Mahle, Reds at Dodger Stadium:


First pitch is slated for 7:10 p.m. Pacific time.

(Juan Dorado furnished some information provided in this report)

30 thoughts on “Dodgers Make Flurry of Roster Moves Ahead of Cincinnati Series

  1. This is Mitch White’s time to shine. With the bullpen in the condition it’s in, Mitch should have some opportunity to show what he’s got. I know they’ve always liked him but he can’t seem to stay healthy. Hopefully that won’t be a problem this time.

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    1. Very Glad Mitch White is getting a shot as you say he has had health issues. When healthy he reportedly has a good curve and movement. I love that the Dodgers are giving a young pitcher like White a shot. Not that they have a lot of choices Nelson has not impressed. Pepiot, Knack, Jackson perhaps to debut this year also. Let’s see what they guys are made of! There are a few people that thrive under pressure.


      1. I agree. Why keep fooling around with 25/27 year olds. Give the young guys a chance to show what they got. If you’re not here by the time you’re 25 you’re not gonna make this team. We leave them until its too late. If you look real close this is not a good bullpen. Too many reclamation projects or has beens.


      2. That’s precisely what confuses me Gordon. They have a great organization geared to turning out major league talent. White, Gray, Jackson, Uceta, Carrillo, Grove, Pepiot, etc are supposedly highly talented and rated. Why fool around with Nelson etc? Are these young arms not as promising as the hype? The Dodgers have had young guys come up like May, Gonsolin, and Gonzalez are they the only pitchers with enough talent to make the roster? The Dodgers put Jackson, White, etc on the roster last year so what gives?


  2. I’ve suspected for a long time that they hype these players up, then realize they are not going to be major leaguers, thus all the reclamation projects and all the 25 year olds getting called up. I keep saying if you are 25 years old ,you’re not a prospect you’re a career minor leaguer. So every time someone talks about a player being a few years away ( rios for example) I think oh oh. Different story if they are 20 or 21 but right now the league is full of 21/22 year old players.


    1. Yep like Bellinger, brought up from AA. They brought Lux up early also at 22. The rest just might be career minor leaguers. There are exceptions like McKinstry but they are rare. Some guys figure it out later like Turner or Muncy but not often. The Dodgers are trying to capture the same magic with Neuse I think.
      Peters after the hype of working with him all year at the alternative site still has a huge hole in his swing. Raley looks average at best. Rios looks clueless. Rios has had some good appearances in the last year or so. Is he just out of whack mechanically or have the pitchers figured him out and he cannot adjust? Beaty same thing…How deep are they? The sky isn’t falling but you wonder about their farm system if they keep picking up and promoting retreads from other teams.


  3. Glad to see Peters sent down. Is White ready? Guess we’ll see.

    And we start off tonight where we left off the Padre Series. After 1 we are 0 for 2 WRISP, 3 LOB. Technically only 2 I guess, bases loaded double play erases one. Sigh.

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    1. White is 26 he is either ready or should figure he needs to find a new hobby. Although teams like the Angels would give him a shot as they have a problem with pitching as usual.


      1. Watching this lineup struggle is frustrating and I ask myself what would I do to help kick start the offense. The answer is simple, hope like hell Bellinger gets back at 100%, and Betts, Smith, Muncy, Seager and Pollock can remember how to hit. We are 4 for our last 27 with runners in scoring position. That is laughably absurd. Pick out a strike and lean on it.

        Our pitching is dinged up but good enough. If this team doesn’t hit, this team doesn’t win.

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  4. White, Gray, Green, Black, Peters, Rios, Beeter, Uceta and one of our catchers for Ohtani.

    I’ll have a cup of coffee now then see if what I just wrote makes any sense.


    1. Lol. That would be ohtani for UH nothing!. No reason cali wouldn’t go for that. Probably improve their farm system.


  5. No matter the reason it’s another failure for Jansen…Rios, 2K’s, looks clueless out there. Raley had 3 K’s. Perhaps they should try another of the outfielders Reks perhaps? Bring up Pages or Vogel what are they gonna do strikeout? Do they have any players in the minors that can make contact? That would be a help!


    1. “Do they have any players in the minors that can make contact?”
      Yes, Ruiz, but where would we play him?
      Everyone on this team seems pretty laid back. We need a guy who can create some emotion in the dugout. Along with all of his other positives, that’s what Tatis does for the Padres.

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      1. McKinstry so far has been a spark. He is a gritty player that advances the runner. He makes the right baseball move and is excited to be there!


      2. I just traded Ruiz, White, Green, Black and Gray for Ohtani. I shall go down in history with that one.


    2. Tmaxster you clearly don’t know to much about baseball. Roberts just said he thought Jansen pitched well in the loss last night. Or maybe I got that backwards.

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      1. I know! I feel chastised. Jansen is throwing GREAT! He walked another batter by the way. If you watch the catchers target Jansen’s control is spotty at best. Probably helps against guys like Tatis!!


    1. That will change when Bellinger gets back. And when Mookie feels better. When Muncy stops walking to first and instead jogs around the bases. When Smith and Pollock remember how to hit. And Seager. Rios. Lux.

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      1. Roberts quoted as saying Rios is just in a little slump. The man is hitting .095 and is 0 for god only knows, He is obviously pressing as he is now swinging at pitches he can only hear. They should pull him back to the alternate site have him breathe and then work on his mechanics and approach. And yes I read the interview where he says Jansen is throwing great…
        It is not a panic situation but reality has to be addressed. Raley hit .306 in his last year in the Minors for Minnesota so maybe he has a clue? But he doesn’t look like it so far. I say bring up Pages. What the heck maybe he will be able to at least make contact!
        Whatever Roberts is taking he should share the Happy…


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